Fate, Destiny, Determinism

fate-destinyFate, Destiny, Determinism – None of That – You are Just Going to the School of Earth

By: Brian Foster


Attempting to determine what is fate and what is freewill is difficult when exploring Spiritism. This article explains the areas of your life that must occur and the areas where you have a choice.

What is Our Plan?

Discovering Spiritism leads one to the feeling that you are on a roller coaster and are unable to get off. The more you read, the more questions you have, then you try and find where they could be rollercoasteranswered, but at the end you have a larger set of questions than when you started. The numerous questions could be separated into major categories. One of the most significant set of inquiries concerns the matter of your personal destiny. The discussion of the plan for your life on earth is scattered throughout Kardec’s books and in psychographed books by mediums, such as Francisco C. Xavier. This article pulls together different sources to present to you an introduction of the basic principles and concepts that have dictated your life’s plan.

In Allan Kardec’s The Gospel According to Spiritism, the starting point for understanding your trials is in this paragraph, “Christ said, ‘Blessed are the afflicted, for they shall be comforted’. But how can we bless suffering if we don’t know why we suffer? Spiritism shows that the cause lies in previous existences and in the destiny of earth, where humans expiate their past. It shows them the purpose of their suffering as being salutary which lead to healing and which are the purification that ensures happiness in future existences. Humans understand that they deserve to suffer and they find suffering to be just. They know that this suffering aids their progress and they accept it without complaining, just as workers accept the work that will ensure their wages.”[1]

Allan Kardec

Allan Kardec

Why is it important to understand our place in our destiny? According to the quote above, we should gladly accept whatever is thrown at us with a smile and work our butts off to get through it. Well, except for the few of us that possess that perfect attitude of accepting all of life’s vicissitudes, we need to first comprehend what is occurring so we can meditate on it and try to mold our attitude so we may survive the ordeal the best that we can.

First the good news. We do have freewill. Although, I believe it is less than what is advertised. Why, because the Spirit world wants all of us charging ahead in life as well as we are able. And after all, you want to keep the troops motivated, don’t you? The other news is that you will be learning the lessons you didn’t quite fulfill from your past lives; there is no escaping that fact. So here is the hard part, how do you combine the expiation of your sins with making free-will choices and doing what you desire in your life?

In the book, Missionaries of Light, psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier, where Andre Luiz (the spirit author of the book) is discussing the imminent birth of a spirit (Segismundo), who will undergo trials for his past sins. Andre asks about the plan for the spirit’s life, Alexandre, Andre’s teacher at the moment, replies, “Notice that I said benefit and not destiny. Many people confuse a constructive plan with fatalism. Both Segismundo and our brother Herculano have the information we are talking about, because nobody enters a school for a more or less long period without a specific purpose and without knowing the rules that he or she should obey”.[2]

Chico Xavier

Chico Xavier

We are all assigned a curriculum, a course of study in the college campus that suits our needs for our present life. A learning institution that is intended to move us to a higher level. A higher level only if 7Tenets-Front-smallwe are able to accumulate enough credits, or we may be required to repeat.

Learn how the spirit world affects our daily lives in my book, 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life. The spirit realm helps us in our trials and wishes us to succeed in the quest to become pure spirits.

Andre probes deeper into the contours of the plan for Segismundo. Andre wishes to know how the trials are matched up with the past sins in Segismundo’s future life and receives further information from Alexandre, “For that reason the diagram of useful trials is drawn up beforehand, much like a student’s work book at a regular school. In view of this, the diagram corresponding to Segismundo has been duly drawn up, taking in consideration the physiological cooperation of his parents, the domestic backdrop and the fraternal assistance that will be given to him by countless friends from this side. So, imagine our friend returning to a school – earth – and in doing so fulfilling a purpose; to acquire new qualities. In order to do this, he will have to submit to the rules of the school, renouncing up to a point the great freedom he used to enjoy in our environment.”[3]

Hearing this, Andre is confused, he believes Alexandre’s description implies a fixed destiny, since a detailed plan is formulated and all external events seemingly factored into the plan. Alexandre corrects him, “Don’t fall into the error assumed by many people. That would imply an obligatory form of spiritual conduct. Of course, individuals are reborn with a relative independence and are sometimes subjected to certain harsher conditions for educational purposes, but such imperative never suppresses the free impulse of the soul in its aim toward advancement, stagnation or fall into lower conditions. There is a plan of spiritually edifying tasks to be fulfilled by spirits who reincarnate, where their guides set the approximate quota of eternal qualities that they are prone to acquire during their transitory existence. The spirit who is returning to the physical realm can either improve this quota and surpass its superior’s predictions by means of its own intensive efforts or it can fall short and go further into debt to its neighbor, scorning the holy opportunities that had been granted it.”[4]

Therefore, we should think of our life like we are at school, a school we can’t possibly escape until we graduate. In that school, we have classes we like and others that we either would rather skip altogether or find extremely boring. In most cases we sit and dread the possibility of being called to answer something. Like all things, the bell eventually rings and we move on to the next class. We don’t have the freedom to leave the school or the classroom for the time allocated to the subject. But we do have the freedom to either raise our hand and answer correctly, with enthusiasm or slink in the back and mutter something, hoping to escape that moment of terror. Guess which one gets you the better grade?

What Can You Do About It?

How should you handle difficult times? Periods of life where nothing seemingly works and there are no ladders to escape? Again, Alexandre gives the answer, “Every plan that is drawn up in the higher spheres has the good and ascension as its basic objectives, and every soul that reincarnates, even one that finds itself in apparent desperate conditions, has resources to continue to improve.”[5] Therefore, first feel certain that you do have the means to successively climb out of whatever problem you are in.

There are two important actions you can accomplish, in any situation, one is to remember the golden rule, the basis of Spiritism, “Do unto others and you would have them do unto you”; in fact go further and actively help others if at all possible. The second is to maintain a positive attitude. In the book, Action and Reaction, again inspired by the spirit Andre Luiz, psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier, Andre wishes to know how an utterly bad spirit has any chance to improve themselves while they are in a difficult trial on earth. He receives this answer, “Let’s imagine a monstrous criminal who has been segregated in a prison. Accused of many crimes, he has been deprived of any of the freedom he would experience in an ordinary cell. Even in this condition, if he were to use his time in prison to willingly work for the well-being of the authorities and his fellow inmates, accepting with humility and respect the decisions of the law that is used to correct him – such attitude being the result of his free will to help or harm himself – in a short time this prisoner would begin to attract the sympathy of those about him, thus advancing surely toward self-regeneration”.[6]

By the Spirit Andre Luiz

By the Spirit Andre Luiz

What we are being told is that the constraints of our fate is of our own making. Certain events and trials we must live through, our only freedom is our attitude and love for others during these times. The less we have to pay for past wrongs, the more freedom we gain to make choices to improve our souls.

For those in the midst of painful trials, pray for help and forgiveness, but above all else maintain a positive outlook and love and care for others. By this you will have paid your debt and exceeded the expectations of those that created your plan.

How to Prepare for Future Trials

How do you build up the required strength to survive future trials? As in school, where there are periods between classes, there are periods between trials. These are the times to learn about Spiritism, participate in charity work and ponder on why you have gone through the occurrences of your life so far. In the book, Action and Reaction, Andre learns about a man who at forty committed suicide. He learns that after years of suffering in the Spirit world, the man is reincarnated. Andre is told that as part of the man’s trials he will have an “overwhelming temptation to commit suicide again at the exact age in which he forsook his responsibilities the previous time”.[7]

So, think carefully when you have great events in your life. Contemplate about how you must have made the wrong decision in a previous existence and what steps you can take to improve. Andre asks how can this unfortunate man resist the lure the second time? He learns that, “If this man has not saved up renewing and educational resources through learning and the practice of fraternity so as to overcome the inevitable crisis, it will be very hard for him to avoid committing suicide again because, despite being reinforced from the outside, temptations have their starting point within us and they feed on what is already there”.[8]

This is not a new trial, but a chance for a retest. If you have studied hard and learned to live with others as you should, you will pass the test. After you live through it, rejoice in the knowledge that you won’t have to live through this type of event ever again.

Our destiny, our course of study in our school on earth, is not supposed to be tranquil, if it was you wouldn’t be able to advance. Take comfort that which you believe are tough lessons are nothing compared to what truly failed spirits must experience. Pray for those who are in the middle of justly difficult lessons and learn to travel through yours with a positive outlook. Graduation from the school of life is indeed shedding of your physical body, which if you fully passed all of your classes could mean you are finished with earthly universities, but at least the reward for good grades in most classes is an even more fascinating life the next time and an exciting and fulfilling job in the Spirit world before its back to the campus.

Explore-Small-front-coverYour life has more meaning and complexities than you realize. There are levels of the spirit world that helps us and hinders us. To understand how your individual fate is determined, tracked, and evaluated please read my book, Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Predetermined.

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It is nice to see people diciminateing the teachings of the spirits and or of the people of other dimensions. I kinda believe we are just teenagers spirits that’s why I suspect our free will on reality is limited. That is my personal belief. Thank u for your work my dear friend. May peace b with you.


    I agree with you that we are like teenage spirits. According to Spiritism, we live in a world of atonement, where we are paying for our misdeeds and learning to become better spirits. Sounds a lot like teenage life to me!


I am curious about the idea that our suffering in this life is restitution for sins committed in a previous life, or trials chosen for spiritual advancement. I have read similar ideas in Vedanta or A Course in Miracles, but the principles have never made much sense to me.

If a person is mauled by a bear or shark, is the reason that they did something in a previous life which would require that they be ripped apart by a wild beast? I know a woman who was brutally raped and murdered. According to Spiritism was this act of violence punishment for a sin committed long ago in a previous life. Did she chose for this to happen to her? If this event was planned in the Spirit World– either as penance for a previous sin or a spiritual experience– wouldn’t this necessarily cause another spirit to commit a terrible sin that he must now pay for? If that is the case, it seems like trapping spirits into situations in which they are forced to do evil.

Please don’t take this post as argumentative or attacking your beliefs… I have a sincere desire to try to understand. I have had some experience with Spiritism and find it very interesting, I just can’t wrap my mind around the pre-planning aspect of our existence.


    This is a very good question. It is a bit difficult to answer in a few paragraphs. You really need to read all of the Andre Luiz series of book to truly comprehend the extent of planning that goes on for our lives.

    Let’s take the example of a woman who was murdered. The spirit would wouldn’t plan or encourage a person to murder another just to fulfill the payment of past debts. But they would use the person who will be committing murder as a vehicle as a way to pay past debts. The spirit world is able to peer into the future, the higher the spirit the more ability to see ahead. The spirit world would use the free-will action of the murderer and it may plan the life of the woman in such a way for her to come in contact with the criminal. And yes, the criminal will have to pay for their crime, since they did it with their own free-will.

    One has to look at the relative maturity of the spirits. A more immature or primitive spirit is more apt to commit crimes. That immature spirit is on earth to learn not to do these things and will learn through successive lives. The woman who was murdered, is probably more mature and is paying for her crimes and learning never to commit this action again.

    The spirit world is slowly moving the earth from a planet of atonement to a planet of regeneration, where there are more good than primitive spirits, so this type of thing will become very rare in the far future. On a planet of regeneration, there is much less envy, hatred, no wars between countries.

    I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions.


    you seem like a very thoughtful and intelligent person.
    i hope you find you answers.


Consider our spirit universe as an Onion, or spherical layers of spirit consciousness, with our unblemished soul held hostage by all the outer layers of the mind. Our soul is in the core, or center of the Sphere. Our soul’s Journey is to progress from deep material bondage through the various layers of consciousness, to our True Home that we once ventured away from, before our material exploration. Consider, there are three Planes, or Realms of exploration for spirit/souls, with the first, where most of us reside, being mostly dense material creations of our Creator. There is only enough spirit here, to keep us conscious, during our awakeful state. The second Plane, or Realm, is majority material, but much more spiritual, where the bonds of our spirit may be loosened, if we find the Keys to unlock our prison doors, to enter the Star Gate to the Third Plane, or Realm, which contains majority spirit, and very residual dense material containers there for consciousness to manifest. The final Star Gate from this Spirit material Plane/Realm is where “The Kingdom Within” that Jesus taught exists. The Three Planes of Consciousness vary, depending on the School followed, but one of my favorates teaches that each of the Three Planes have Six levels, or rings in the Onion/Sphere, so consider there could be 6×3 =18 levels of consciousness to explore before finally arriving at our Goal, i.e. Our Spiritual Home we once left, eons ago. I belive Allan Kardec’s Spirits Books are PROOF that all spirit/souls survive the death of their physical bodies, and gives us comfort that we are Eternal Souls having materal experiences while occupying material containers, but I also believe Spiritism is entry level Initiation for the progression and Journey of all spirit/souls. Regards, Jim Sutherland, reporting from some where off the Coast of New Zealand.


“First the good news. We do have freewill.” – Bible says we are guided by destiny. Bible also says – “What you sow is what you reap”. That means your present reap is controlled by your past sow. Similarly that past sow is the result of a reap from another previous past. Thus you are always controlled by your past, you do not have freewill at present moment, and therefore destiny is the ruler.

Important proof is that destiny can always be predicted by any high level yogi. The famous western palmist, Cheiro, examined the hands of Mark Twain in 1895, when he was bankrupt and $94,000 in debt. Cheiro predicted that he would suddenly become rich in his 68th year (1903). It came true and he signed a contract. Twain wrote – “They guarantee me $25,000 a year for five years, but they will yield twice as much as that for many a year, if intelligently handled.” Cheiro was a high level yogi by birth.

For more take a look at the destiny chapter in the free book at https://theoryofsouls.wordpress.com/ The book has a chapter on high level yogis.


Thank you so much for this. I have been struggling with life lately and this was exactly what I needed to hear. Blessings🙏


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