Have You Been Told you are Unique? We really are!

By Brian Foster


telepathyA favorite saying is that “we are all unique”. Sounds like an empty expression that is supposed to make us feel good about ourselves. But according to the Spirit world, we really are unique; we each have a radiation signature that is not the same of anyone else in the universe.


In the RealmsIn the books dictated to Francisco C. Xavier, by the spirit author Andre Luiz, there are always nuggets of startling new information. As soon as I started reading In the Realms of Mediumship, published in 1955, I noticed an unusual introduction by the spirit Emmanuel, who usually writes moral exhortations. He began the introduction, titled, “Rays, Waves, Mediums, Minds…” by surveying the history of science in what makes up our universe. He started with Leucippus, about 500 years before Christ, who theorized that everything was composed of atoms. Surveying others, including the Curies, who discovered radium. Finally mentioning Bohrs, Planck, and Einstein, where he writes;

“The vehicle of flesh, the human body, is now nothing more than an electric vortex governed by consciousness.

Each tangible body is a bundle of concentrated energy. Matter is transformed into energy, and energy disappears to give way to matter.

Raised to the status of investigators of the truth, chemist and physicists, geometricians and mathematicians have become today’s priest of the spirit without desiring it. Due to their ongoing studies, materialism and atheism will be compelled to vanish for lack of matter, the base that had ensured their negativistic speculations.

Laboratories are temples in which intelligence is driven to serve God; and even when intellectual activity is misguided, temporarily subordinated to the political hegemony that generates wars, the progress of science as a divine conquest continues to exalt the good and is bound for a glorious future.

That future belongs to the spirit!”[1]

I believe he is telling us, that no matter what a scientist believes as regards to a higher power, he or she is working toward the day, when the existence of the spirit world can’t be doubted. Which, even The Spirits Book, by Allan Kardec, tells us will occur one day. Now for the new information;

“Through the sentiments that characterize their inner life, all individuals emit specific rays andimmortal4 live within the spiritual wave with which they identify themselves.

Such truths cannot remain semi-hidden in our sanctuaries of faith; they will radiate from the temples of science like mathematical equations.”[2]

Hence we all have a unique identification, the same as a RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chip, which is used to track packages and even help you check out goods from a store. It is a chip with a low-level energy transmitter that is attached to each individual good so computer systems will instantly know the location, price, and description of the object.

What Does This Mean to Us?

In many religious books, there are always stories of people having their prayers answered. Have you ever wondered how does the spirit world discern our prayers and calls for help amongst the Spiritismenormous background noise of billions of thoughts emanating from humans every minute? The same principle of the internet, where each message you transmit from your laptop, iPad, or cell phone, has your unique, in the entire world, IP (Internet Protocol) address, which shows, to the knowledgeable, your country of origin, the time sent and even the operating system software you are using to send the message. Therefore, our every thought must be tagged with our spirit ID! As our brain is active, thinking and sending out its transmissions, there is an immense facility out in the universe gathering, categorizing, and analyzing the information received. Hence, by the virtue of having our individual spiritual wave, we are instantly recognized, no matter what the circumstances are, by the spirit world. In other words, God is always watching us.

Not only Emmanuel tells us, but a lecturer, Instructor Alberio, at the Ministry of Communications at Nosso Lar, explains to us;

“So, we comprise a vast group of intelligences that are attuned to the same vibratory pattern of perception. We are part of a Whole made up of billions of being that form, so to speak earthly humankind.

Thus, as only a humble family in the infinite concert of cosmic life, in which each world harbors only one specific family of Universal Humanity, we know for the time being merely those expressions of life that most closely speak to us, limited as we are in the degree of knowledge wePageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00061] have acquired so far.”[3]

Therefore, we humans are a separate branch of the Universal Humanity; we have our own class of emanating wavelengths. If we reincarnate on another world, our appearance may change, our pattern of radiation may alter slightly, but we always retain our spirit ID.

The Psychoscope

Since we all radiate a unique signature, it seems reasonable that a device could be created to read our signature and the state of our mind. The spirit world has a device and it is called a Psychoscope. Aulus, who the is person taking Andre Luiz and his companion Hilario to visit a Spiritual center, describes the device;

“It’s an apparatus that an illustrious student of spirit phenomenology intuitively referred to at the end of the last century. It’s design to probe the soul. It has the power to define the soul’s vibrations and the ability to make diverse observations regarding the subject.” Aulus explained with a smile. “We hope that in the future it will be available to human beings. It runs on electricity and magnetism, utilizing radiant elements similar in essence to gamma rays. It is composed of lenses for observation that can also be used for microphotography.”[4]

Andre asks if the Psychoscope can be used on spirits; Aulus replies;

“Certainly,” Aulus answered good-naturedly. “We are all subject to being probed by the higher planes, just as we currently investigate the planes situated below ours. If the spectroscope enables a person to investigate the nature of the chemical elements found at enormous distances by analyzing the light waves they emit, we can much more easily discern the qualities of a person by the rays he or she emits. Morality, sentiments, education and character are clearly discernible through a brief inspection.”[5]

Get ready for the day when we are all an open book. Nothing is hidden from the psychoscope. Ifmind-reading2 you want to rent an apartment, first you must pass the psychoscope. Want a job? Well, step up and present yourself to the psychoscope. Sounds frightening? Only because we are worried about our own flawed behavior.

The spirit world, where they live everyday banded together by the Law of Affinity, where like-minded spirits are attracted to each other, already live in system of constant selection based upon their character. We, on the other hand, may congregate in housing projects, exclusive cities, or slums as the case may be, but for most of our waking day we exist in a mass honest, dis-honest and all flavors in-between.

The spirit world sees the positive possibilities;

“The psychoscope itself is a motive for important considerations. Just think of a human society that could expose the inner life of its members! It would save an enormous amount of time in the solution of numerous psychological problems.”[6]

Yes, it could be wonderful for certain situations, but how will people in power use this device? I can only hope that by the time it is invented on earth, we have advanced enough to use it wisely.

What Does the Psychoscope Show?

What does one see when looking through the scope? Andre Luiz has a try and here is what he perceives;

“Without any mental effort, I noticed that all the expressions of physical matter took on a different appearance, especially the matter from our place.

The roof, the walls, and other commonplace objects revealed themselves to be formed of currents of energy emitting a hazy glow.

I turned around to contemplate the incarnates. They now appeared to be more closely associated with one another by means of broad radiant circles that hovered over their heads in opal-like splendor.

I had the impression of seeing a corona of solar light around the opaque block of semi-dark mass to which the table had been reduced. The corona was comprised of ten individual points. The center of each one of them projected the spiritual faces of the praying incarnates.

From that chain of golden focal points, a wide band of violet light extended outward. This bandmindwaves appeared to be contained within another band of orangey light overflowing in diverse tones, which I couldn’t identify, because my attention was fixed on the circle of illuminated faces visibly united like ten tiny suns all connected to each other. I noticed that above each of them was a halo of nearly-vertical shiny, moving beams of light that looked like small antennae of smoldering gold. These halos differed from one incarnated to the next, and abundant clusters of stellar luminosity fell on each from On High. When they touched the heads of those gathered there, they seemed like soft currents of energy that turned into microscopic petals that flickered with light and then went out in myriads of delicate and whimsical forms, gravitating momentarily around the brains where they were produced, like short-lived satellites swirling around the vital forms from which they emanated.

Spirit mentors guarded the assembly, each one radiating his or her own light.”[7]

Each of us a transmitting tower and a receiving station, where information is passed back and forth in constant motion, all deciphered by our active brain and perispirit. Aulus tells Andre and Hilario, “Don’t you know that an incarnate individual is a generator of electromagnetic power, with one oscillation per second registered by the heart? Are you by chance unaware of the fact that all living substances on earth emit energies, framed in the bands of ultraviolet radiations?”[8] Hence, we are always on, always participating in a world around us, that we can’t see or touch, but our soul knows, understands, and acts on these messages.

Aulus then goes on to explain “vital rays”, which are mental rays that are projected and received and play an important part in our life. Aulus states, “All individual have them, however, and emit them at a frequency that varies with each individual, according to the tasks that their Life Plan has assigned to them.”[9]

In addition to our spirit ID, we have our time code. A code that denotes the stage of our Life Plan that we are currently in and maybe even transmitting the grade we are receiving for our performance.

Explore-Small-front-coverYour life has more meaning and complexities than you realize. There are levels of the spirit world that helps us and hinders us. To understand how your individual fate is determined, tracked, and evaluated please read my book, Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Predetermined.

I apologize for the scope of this article, it started out that we are all unique individuals and you were probably expecting a homily on how wonderful we all are. Instead, you have been presented with the specter of all of us being completely exposed, tracked, graded, and analyzed in a minute by minute basis. Plus, the promise of a future where even other humans will be able to see right through us. A bit daunting, yes. But, at least you know and now have the opportunity to internalize the significance of learning to become a better person. For there is no alternative, only longer periods of training, to our quest to grow into pure spirits.

Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at http://www.nwspiritism.com.

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What I just read is amazing and intriguing and I just wanted to read more and learn more about who I am spiritually in the eyes of above. I know I am a sensitive, strong, caring and loving spirit but I do know I also have a selfish side and I struggle w/anger at times. I have my demons. But overall I acknowledge how I can be bc of how I choose to feel when I’m at my weakest. I know I can be and that I want to be a happier, better, stronger and kinder version of myself. I struggle daily. I struggle with my present and with my past. I do know there are others who have been thru worse and that are going thru worse than me. But there are ppl that have been thru what I have been thru and their are ppl going thru similar issues as am I. I do believe that we all share the same feelings&emotions. And that no one is better than anyone else. Over all the only one other than myself that I want to make happy, is God. And when I let Him down I let myself down. Everyday we all have the chance to rewrite our own history while we are on this planet. We shouldn’t pick and choose who we are going to be kind to and who we aren’t going to be kind to, muchless at all. We should all choose to naturally be kind to one another bc we are all in this together. And with that realization why isn’t it that easy?!? Why do we choose to spew hate, to hurt and to spite others.Why do ppl teach their children to hate and to hurt animals and one another?!? I have learned so many things in my life the hard way. When I think about why I chose to learn the hard way…I could blame those things on my mother, my father, or just on being born and as well as all the bad shit that’s happened to me. But realistically I am the only one that can accept responsibility for my shitty and hindering choices I’ve made. And once again as a result of “my choices”, I’m now experiencing immense feelings of being more stuck and more confused than I ever expected or thought I would or could ever feel in my life. I just keep telling myself the only logical explanation I can concieve. Which is “this is where I am supposed to be” right now. And whether I truly believe that or not this is where all of my decisions (the ones I could control and the ones I couldn’t control as well) have landed me. I am not where I want to be but it’s where I am. One thing I do know and feel for certain and that is God knows my heart.


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