How we are assisted during our Trials by the Spirit World


guardian-23The spirit world is concerned with each and every one of us. Our guardian angels take no pleasure seeing us struggle, since they have all been there before. Even though, they comprehend that most times we need the suffering presented to us. But within the confines of letting us survive and learn from our trials, the spirit world actively guides and helps us.


During and after birth we are looked after by the spirit world. In the book, Missionaries of the Light, another Andre Luiz inspired book, psychographed by Chico Xavier, we are told of the constant care we receive after birth;

“Friends, Herculano will remain at Segismundo’s side for seven years in his new reincarnation, at which time the reincarnation process will have been completed. After that period, his work as a friend and guide will be eased, for he will follow our brother at a distance.”[1]

The spirit Herculano, who assisted during the conception and birth of Segismundo, shall stay constantly at his side for seven years. Did you ever wonder how babies can seemly survive so many dangers in their young life? Or how when young toddlers walk, looking backwards or anywhere but in front of them, why don’t they bump into more objects? Because they are influenced to avoid hazards by their spirit guardian.

As to the time period of seven years, that is explained to Andre Luiz by his mentor;

“You are aware that the human body has its vegetative activities per se, but you may not yet know that the perispiritual body, which gives form to the cellular elements, is strongly rooted in the blood. In the fetal guardianAngelorganization, the blood elements are a gift from the mother’s body. Soon after rebirth, a period of a different assimilation of organic energies takes place, where the reincarnated ‘self’ rehearses the consolidation of its new experiences. In this new cycle of physical life, it is only at age seven that it can begin to preside on its own over the blood formation process, which is the basic element for the equilibrium of the perispiritual body or pre-existent form. Blood, therefore, can be regarded as the divine fluid that underpins our activities on the physical plane, and through its continual flow within the physiological organism, it furnishes us with a symbol of the eternal movement of the sublime energies of the Infinite Creation.”[2]

The process of reincarnation, even after birth, is complex. For our spirit body to be connected to our physical body via the perispirit is a seven-year long process. Not only does the child have the full-time attention of their mother and father, but the spirit world supplies an invisible sentry. Continuously protecting the young child. Life is more precious than we could ever imagine.

How we are assisted as Adults

Not only children require support from the spirit world, we do too. Again, in the book, Missionaries of the Light, a young woman, with small children lost her husband and was inconsolable. To supply her closure with her dead husband, the spirit world arranged a visit with him, during her sleep, when she could leave the bounds of her body. She was able to talk to him and find out that he was safe in the spirit world.

telepathySince, our spirits can communicate directly with other spirits during our slumber, we learn many valuable lessons and have various conversations with other spirits, spirits who could reside in the spirit world or other incarnates, who had left their body. We are unable to retain exact memories of these encounters. But we do awaken with general ideas and feelings. Just like the widow did from her sleep, when her aunt asked her if she actually believed she visited her husband in a dream the night before;

“Why not?” replied the widow without blinking, “I still have the feeling of his hands on mine, and I know that God granted me such grace so that I could find my strength again to work. Today I woke up totally refreshed and happy! I can face the future with new hope! I will make an effort and I shall be victorious.”
“Oh Mommy, how your words console us!” exclaimed one of the little ones with bright eyes. “How I wish I could have been with you to listen to Daddy in that wonderful dream!”[3]

When you arise in the morning from a satisfying sleep and you feel good for no apparent reason, this could be a residue from a nocturnal encounter you had. Or when you leap out of bed ready to tackle that problem which had been bothering you for days, this could be the result of you finding out the solution while talking with your friends or guides in the spirit world.

If we search for the answer it will come. The spirit world wishes to supply us with all of the tools and inspirations required to prosper while we live on earth. They fully realize the day-to-day problems we encounter, complications which hinder our ability to absorb the lessons we should learn. Therefore, like any good teacher, who wishes their students to be successful, the spirit world gently pushes us to the correct solution. We have to listen to our conscience, that governor of our behavior, with years of experience in many lives, and perform our deeds with moral clarity.

Favors Returned

guardianangel2When we perform good deeds, the resulting wave of our charity rolls back toward us. People who we have aided think caring thoughts about us, spirits who assist the ones we materially help also notice our benevolence. A good example of this is found in the book, Action and Reaction, a spirit, a young man who died and is now watching over his mother, asks for a favor;

“My dear Assistant, our Adelino is having financial problems … Because he helps others so much, he has been neglecting his own needs. He is always helping my poor incarnate mother, so I would ask for your help on his behalf. Just last week, my widowed mother didn’t have the means to get medical treatment for my two sick brothers, so I went to him in tears and mentally begged him to help us out. He didn’t hesitate for a second. Believing he was obeying his own impulses, he visited our house and gave my poor mother the money she needed … Dear Assistant! For the love of Jesus, I beg you! Don’t forsake someone who has helped us out so much!”[4]

Sacrifices on our part for others, should be seen as opportunities to spread goodwill. The more goodwill we radiate, the more it will bounce back to us, enabling us to give even more. Doing well is not a zero sum game, I give and you take, no it’s a positive feedback loop, with a rising crescendo of light and joy that shall surround us.

The young man is answered by the Assistant;

“Don’t worry, Adelino is in a web of fraternal affinity that he has woven for himself. A lot of friends are supplying him with the resources he needs to faithfully carry out his caring task. Circumstances of a material nature will come together in his favor as a consequence of acquired merit.”[5]

As you can ascertain, the little things that happen in our life, a coincidence here, a random event there that brings us unexpected joy, or the break to find a job that we always desired, could all be in response to the charity we have spread before. We are truly cared for by the spirit world. When we exhibit good behavior, our mentors wish to reward us to continue to do so.

Before we reincarnate, we realize that we have much ground to cover to become better souls. Each little victory is one step closer to achieving our level of purity.

The Spirit World Knows our Grades

While it may seem that random conversations among spirits affect the level of assistance we receive, the truth is more revealing. Once again, our old concept of Heaven as an Elysian field of bliss and comfort, mustclassroom-elementary be replaced by processes that are all too familiar to us. Why should we expect heaven to be so different than on earth? Yes, everything is better and more alive with energy, but spirits are still the same after death. Once a person dies, they do not transform into a wise benevolent saint, no they are the same as before, with more intelligence and composed of different matter, but thinking along the same lines as always. Hence, the processes of watching over us and tracking our progress is the same as if we were in school.

In one of the specialized colonies in the spirit world, Almas Irmas (Spirit Sisters), they educate spirits and help them prepare for their next reincarnation. In the book, Sex and Destiny, another Andre Luiz inspired tome, he is told how the students who were reborn are followed;

“All reincarnate individualities connected with Almas Irmas have files containing the entire history of what they are accomplishing during their reincarnation. These files indicate not only the balance of the credits earned but also the debts acquired. This balance can be examined at any time so as to provide them with the help they deserve, depending on the loyalty they demonstrate in keeping the obligations they undertook and according to their willingness to contribute to the general good.”[6]

Oh! That word “deserve”, I always hated that growing up. Listening to my parents telling me that I didn’t deserve something. I wanted to just get what I craved, without having to earn it. How unjust the world is! To my little mind, of course.

I am hardly better now, with my longing for objects or events that I have in no way served my time in earning them. We can’t escape the fact that we must work for what we receive. This is the mundane secret of the heaven awaiting us. Processes, such as earning your living, don’t disappear with death, they are just altered. Not to say, they aren’t changed for the spectacularly better, where we work in our desired vocation, not just to survive. Nevertheless, we can’t escape the concept of debit and credit.

Hence, to receive you must give, for as Jesus said it is always better to give than to receive, he knew what he was talking about. This wasn’t just some remote ideal to make us better souls. It was 7Tenets-Front-smallpractical advice on how to be successful in the spirit world.

Learn how to live with the spirit world guiding and helping you along the path of your life by reading, 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life. I tell you how the spirit world plans out our destiny and how they give us signs and signals to warn us of danger ahead.

End of Life Assistance

For those of us that have accumulated a bounty of love along the path of our life, the spirit world lends us and our family a hand in our final passage. In the book, Workers of the Life Eternal, Andre Luiz is a member of a team that assist people to leave their physical bodies to return to life in the spirit world. The discarnated father of the old man dying with his family around him asks the other spirits to work with him to make his son’s, Fabio, last hours pleasant. He asks the team;

“I know that Fabio’s liberation will require a great deal of effort. However, I would like to help him with the last home worship in which he will physically participate at his family’s side. As a general rule, a dying person’s last words are more affectionately recorded in the memory of those who remain behind. For that reason, I would really like to help him say a few words of advice and encouragement to his wife.”[7]

The team of spirits applied length-wise passes over Fabio’s whole body, giving him the strength to participate at his last family gathering. Fabio tells his wife that he will always love her and that she should find comfort with another if that is her wish. He tells her that he will help her all he can while in the spirit realm.
Fabio’s father put his hand on Fabio’s forehead and inspires Fabio to say;

“I’m happy to have this opportunity to exchange ideas with you alone according to the faith we share. Significant is the absence of our old friends, who, for so many years, have accompanied us in our family prayers. There is a reason for that. We must talk about our needs, full of courage but never forgetting about the upcoming farewell. These words of the Apostle to the Gentiles are symbolic for our currentdeathbed death-bed situation. Just as there are mortal bodies, there are also spiritual bodies. And we can’t ignore the fact that my mortal body will soon be returned to the welcoming earth, the common mother of the perishable forms in which we move about on the face of the globe. Something deep down tells me that this will perhaps be the last night that I will meet with you in this material body … At times when sleep blesses me, I feel that I am on the verge of the great deliverance … I can see that enlightened friends have been preparing my soul, and I am sure I will leave at the first opportunity. I believe all the necessary measures have already been taken to ensure our tranquility during these moments before the separation. In fact, I’m not leaving you any money but I find comfort in knowing that we have built the spiritual home of our sublime union, and it will be an indelible source of reference for our everlasting happiness …”[8]

Fabio dies peacefully later that night, while his loving family is consoled and deeply touched by hisPageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00061] last words. What better ending to a physical life than what Fabio and his spirit helpers were able to construct. He gave spiritual advice, joy, and hope in his final moments. There would be no need to second guessing from his family about the end. No regrets of not saying the final farewell.

For the last words are not about saying goodbye forever, but a message of see you soon. For at some point of time in the future, all shall be reunited in the real world, the domain of the spirits. The universe where we actually live the vast majority of the time, for as we gain purity, we reincarnate less and less. Until, we come to the junction where to reincarnate is a choice, a mission gladly undertaken to help others as others have supported us before.

Explore-Small-front-coverYour life has more meaning and complexities than you realize. There are levels of the spirit world that helps us and hinders us. To understand how your individual fate is determined, tracked, and evaluated please read my book, Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Predetermined.


Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at

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First of all, sorry for my bad english.

I’m reading your articles which are very good and interesting, I learned a lot even though I’m in the beginning to understand spiritism and I read some books about it but there are many things I find to be…unclear.

“Did you ever wonder how babies can seemly survive so many dangers in their young life?”

There can be many examples of babies who really survive many dangers but there are the ones who doesn’t. How can you explain that?

In your another article where it’s not allowed to leave a comment but I’m very interested in your opinion and answer so sorry I have to put it here and it is somehow similar question to the question I left above:

“We are being told that many spirits deliberately chose to block potential avenues to commit offenses and to force a lesson they so sorely need.”

Ok and it makes sense in many ways but there are people who are so rich, they become murders, thieves, prostitutes…or there are the ones who commit suicide. Why should somebody “like” to do that? I mean, it seems that some of us can constrain ourselves in many ways to our benefit and it seems that others aren’t protected at all. That’s their choice?

Thank you.


    Thank you for writing. All children under the age of seven are assigned a constant guardian angel. They are watched over and protected. Spirits steer them away from trouble. It must be a full time job!

    As to the second question, why would a person who is rich do something so foolish or evil? Being rich is one of the most difficult trials. Plus, having money doesn’t mean you are an advanced spirit, you could still have primitive urges and desires of hate and revenge. Spirits are given trials and how they act will determine their next set of trials in their next life.

    I hope this helps.


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