A Glimpse into the Higher Levels of Heaven


According to Zabdiel, above the tenth level is where spirits start to actively participate in the creative process to lead and effect changes in our planet and any other locations a spirit may be sent to. Only after, many lifetimes of trials on earth, and multiple demonstrations of being able to fulfill missions of importance, would a spirit be able to graduate to such an exalted pinnacle.

In the books by the Rev. G. Vale Owen, different groups of spirits talk to him about life in heaven. Using a system to help us understand that, as Jesus said, “My father’s house has many rooms” (John 14:2), heaven has many levels; spirits communicated with G. Vale Owen using a number system. Each successive stage implies a higher level of spiritual knowledge and expertise. Hence, they used from one to ten to denote the first ten levels of heaven above the earth.

In The Life Beyond the Veil; which is a series of four books, the spirit Zabdiel talks about the tenthbeyondTheVeil level of heaven and below. The Rev. G. Vale Owen’s mother, spoke to him about the lower levels of heaven. Each higher sphere has its own cities, colleges, and governing organization. Each has its own particular landmarks and course of knowledge which spirits must master in order to rise to the next level.

Zabdiel on a visit to the upper regions of the tenth level is allowed to look up and beyond. He was invited to the roof of a ten-sided tower. A facility which processes the requests from the tenth level of heaven and below. Each side concentrated on a separate sphere.

From his high vantage point he could make out:

“Below me I saw the woodlands by which I had ascended. Further away stretched range on range of high mountains, all bathed in the high celestial light, and glittering like jewels of many colors. About some of those peaks there played a shimmering beauty which reached them from the Eleventh Sphere; and there they seemed to be alive and responsive to the presence of high beings whose nature was of a degree so refined that their forms were just beyond the circumference of visibility to one, like myself, of the Tenth Sphere.

Yet I knew that these were come over from their own brighter region, and were on some work of love engaged in this my own. At that I rejoiced very much for the knowledge of the love and power beneficent all about me, and my only speech was silence, which spoke more eloquent words of mine could do.”[1]

As he stood in silence, the guide who let him onto the roof, approached him and ask if he would like to see further afield. The guide told Zabdiel, that on occasion, he was allowed to enable those of the tenth sphere, to peer beyond their natural boundary, so they could examine what lays ahead.

The spirit world allows souls to catch a glimpse of the life above, so they will motivate themselves to strive for advancement. We too are encouraged. People on earth are given dreams, visions, near death experiences, and other stimuli to cause them to think about the spiritual world and what it offers. We are presented with our future, if we place materialism in its proper priority, and live loving and honest lives.

Zabdiel has heard that Jesus is reported to reside in the fifteenth level of heaven. Therefore he is anxious to glimpse into the spheres above him. While he hesitates, he thinks about the immense rays of love and wisdom that shine from the higher spheres. Therefore he accepts the gift. Zabdiel describes what happened next:

“Presently he came forth, and he was changed greatly; for his robe was not upon him, but he stood naked before me but for a circlet of flashing gems upon his brow. How beautiful he was as he stood there bathed in that soft penetrating light which intensified about him and moved and lived, until his body was like liquid glass and gold, and shone forth increasingly till I looked downwards and shaded my eyes from his exceeding brightness.

immortal4Then he spoke to me and told me to stand before him, while he kept to my rearward, using his power upon me, but not blinding me with his radiance. Thus we stood, his hands upon my shoulders, and the light from him enveloping me also, and, streaming forth on either side of me, it shone far out blending into the distance with those other lights far away about the peaks. Thus a lane appeared in front of me where I stood, its either side bordered with a wall of light, and the space between not dim but of lesser brightness.

I could not penetrate those walls with my vision, as they swept away across the deeps and heights of the mountaintops, opening out as they went, on either side in such-wise that, while I stood, as it might be, in the angle where the two walls of living flame met just behind me, yet in front it was a space of great breadth between the walls where I could see them far away.

Then he spoke again and told me to watch this space. I did so, and there grew a vision very wonderful upon my gaze, so that I who have beheld many beauties and marvels have never seen aught so entrancing as this.”[2]

Imagine the power required to open a portal from one sphere, operating according to specific Divine Laws to another, with a more refined set. As if a mathematician went from solving a simple Bayesian probability problem to a hundred indeterminate polynomial. A spirit must be educated and gifted increased abilities to travel upwards. Each successive leap alters their basic composition. So much so, that when a spirit journeys downward, they must transform themselves to fit in whatever sphere they landed.

Hence, Zabdiel’s guide had to create a special lens – powerful enough to not only magnify but to translate higher order reality into lower. All for Zabdiel to comprehend what he was seeing. Nothing is by chance in the spirit realm. Zabdiel was shown this vision, so he could dictate what he had seen to the Rev G. Vale Owen in the early 1900s. Then from there to you in the twenty-first century. This is what he witnessed:

“The two rays struck one on either side a mountain peak which rose into the sky, a sharp needle with lesser spurs about it below. As I looked it began to change, and I saw a Temple emerge into my view, and about it were a host of high angels in robes of light, moving here and there. There was a high porch and upon it stood a great Angel who held a cross aloft, as if he showed that symbol to some congregation of people in some other far-away sphere. On each arm of the cross stood a child, one in rose-pink garments, the other in green and brown. They sang some song I could not understand, and then, as they ended, each laid his hands upon his breast and bowed his head in worship.”[3]

Zabdiel saw a glimpse of a higher spiritual plane. He was able to see a group in worship. I have noticed in other communications from spirits to the R. G. Vale Owen, there are mentions of children (or the images of children) playing important symbolic roles. When Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 19:14), His small parable strikes at the heart of attaining spiritual ascension. One must be child-like in their humbleness, lack of pre-dispositions, and honest love to accept the tenets of Spiritism. Past preconceptions must be thrown away and love extended to all in order to fully comprehend the message and the pathway to the light.

Next, Zabdiel was requested to turn his attention to another location:

“But my guide now turned me about to the right and another vista came into my range of vision. Upon a hillside far away I saw a Throne. It was of light and fire mingled, and there sat upon it a woman who looked in silence into the far, far distance unmoving. She was clad in gossamer which sparkled like silver as her body shone through it; but over her head was a robe of violet-colored light which fell upon her shoulders and behind her, framing her beauty in such-wise that I thought of a pearl hung against a velvet curtain.

About her, but below her Throne, were her attendants, both men and women. They stood there before the Throne and on either side, silent and waiting. They were all of much more brightness Mary-mother-of-jesusthan I, but none was so radiant as she who sat there serene in all her loveliness. I noted her face. It was full of that carefulness which is born of love and pity, but her eyes were dark in their depth of high wisdom and power. She rested her two arms upon the arms of the Throne, and I noted further that all her limbs told of strength, but such strength as is mingled with the gentleness of motherhood.

Then suddenly she stirred, pointed with her hand here, beckoned there, waved to others, as she issued, in no haste, but briskly and incisively, her commands.

All suddenly the crowd was in movement. I saw one party rise and fly off like a flash of lightning into the distance. Another went in the other direction. And other troops I saw bring forth horses, mount and ride away into space. Some wore flowing robes, and some were girt with what looked like plated armor. Some were parties of men, others of women, and others of men and women both. In, as it were, a moment’s time, the sky was dotted with diamonds and rubies and emeralds, as there appeared flashing on their heavenly way: and the dominating color of the group shone back to me, as I stood to gaze in awe and silence.”[4]

Great forces at her command, a flip of the wrist sent legions of angels off to some great task. Men and horses arrived and left with a nod and an unspoken thought. Zabdiel could have been describing ancient men’s vision of the house of the gods, where the great Hera ordered lesser gods to fulfill her wishes. With no hesitation from her troops, all would immediately respond.

Zabdiel uses words like troops, and described others as wearing armor; which leads to the question are there forces that are like an army or police force in heaven? In the book Memoirs of a Suicide, by Yvonne A. Pereira, the spirit Camilo Branco, writes about his time in the Lower Zones, or the Umbral Camilo Candido Botelhoin Portuguese. Camilo committed suicide and was destined to spend the years from his death at his own hands to the time of his natural, or pre-planned demise, in an undesirable location, with other suicides.

He and a group of forsaken souls, spent what seemed to be an eternity together, housed in caves along the walls of a valley. Periodically, they would see a caravan, led by a banner labeled “Legion of the Servants of Mary”, that would travel through the valley and summon those souls who time was up and would be taken to a hospital, another facility ran by Mary of Nazareth, to recover and to learn how to avoid suicide in their next life. Camilo describes what he saw from his perch on the side of the mountain:

“The column was led by a small platoon of lancers to open the way, while other lancers flanked it to provide a security barrier, making it very clear that they were very well protected against any hostilities that might come from the outside. The commander held up a white banner with his right hand, and on it we could read, written in sky-blue letters, this extraordinary inscription, which had the effect of infusing us with uncontainable and singular awe: ‘Legion of the Servants of Mary’.

The lancers, shield and lance in hand, had a tanned complexion and were dressed frugally, recalling the Egyptian warriors of antiquity. Heading the expedition was a venerable-looking man wearing a white physician’s coat and badge.”[5]

The woman on the Throne, wearing gossamer which sparkled like silver, could have been Mary, or one of her assistants, commanding her great armies of mercy, to recover lost souls, who had left their agreed upon course of life too early and were suffering in the lower reaches of the spirit realm. She may have been directing her attendants for this or that task of mercy. As she received pleas of assistance, she ordered her staff, complete with unspoken instructions, to perform their duty.

Zabdiel continued scanning the horizon:

“Thus the lane of light was moved from place to place the whole horizon round and, at each pause, something new to me I saw. Each scene was diverse in character, but of equal beauty with the rest. In such manner I saw some of those who were of higher degree than any I yet beheld at work in the service of the Father. And when I saw, by changing the light, that my friend had Spiritismwithdrawn, once more into the Sanctuary behind me, I sighed for bliss too great, and sank down overcome with the glory of the service of God as I had seen it in operation among those who watched us as we, too, worked, and took account of our needs.

It was thus I came to understand, as never before, how that all the inferior spheres are included within those above, and lying sharply defined, away each from its fellows. This Tenth Sphere included in itself all those below and was, in its turn included in those above, together with the others below the Tenth. This is well understood here, up to our own degree. But as we advance, this inclusion of spheres becomes more complex and wonderful, and there are things to understand in it which are unfolded but little by little. This I have come to see, and am all agape for the further advance when I am ripe for it.”[6]

As the earth and its surrounding spheres reach up to an unknown height, consider the intersecting spheres from other planets and the spiritual sphere enveloping our solar system … all interconnected, all actions affecting the others, all managed by spirits higher than Zabdiel could possible see from his relatively low vantage point.

God has not created a simple universe, with one planet of humans waiting to be angels merged together with an unending heaven circling above. On the contrary, there are multiple planets, of varying degrees, heavens above each, and heavens on top of heavens. With a cascading control structure overseen by spirits of indescribable power.

The immensity of it all strikes Zabdiel with force – he had thought, but didn’t fully comprehend the structure of the spirit universe that God created, until he peered out from the roof-top of the watchtower. He lets us inside his thinking:

“Oh, the wonder and beauty and wisdom of God! If what I know be but a little of His scheme of love, then what must the whole be like, and how tremendous! Veiled are even the lower glories of the Heavenly Lands from mortal eyes, which strain to see them. Brother, be content to go slowly in these things. Such things are veiled in love and mercy. For, could they burst upon you in their fullness, your mind would give way before it all, and you would for long, long ages fear to go ahead lest worse befall you. I see it now as once I could no. It is wise and good – all wise and altogether good. And he is Love indeed.”[7]

Like a small child watching his brothers and sisters go to school, only knowing that they take a backpack and a lunch, but beyond that, little else. We too, are but babes in the woods, living woefully with our own misconceptions. The major being is that we don’t need to strive to enter heaven only just be.

We confuse unconditional love with the freedom to enter heaven in any state of development. Zabdiel provided us with his illustrations of heaven to motivate us. The scenes painted by Zabdiel are on the mantel, waiting to be taken hold of … but only if we work for them.

Our efforts must be turned inward. First, improve our inner self. Lower the priority of adding material possessions and raise the hours spent on building character. Add to your capacity for love, charity, Explore-Small-front-coverfraternity, and honesty, in every situation. Make this your path and you too will one day view the highlands of heaven.

Understand the spirit realm and your place within it, for you are an immortal spirit and you have come to earth many times. Learn your place in the broader scheme of things, read my book Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Predetermined. You will have many of your deep questions answered.


Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at www.nwspiritism.com.

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One Comment

We can imagine all the inferior worlds and describe with detail but we cannot even have a glimpse about superior worlds because we have no idea how they look like, said a superior Spirit in Kardec’s study. Infinite gratitude to Allan Kardec’s work! He opened up a whole new perspective of life in other dimensions and assured humanity that we can achieve higher worlds with our effort in become better spirits .
Great article Brian Foster and thank you for your great work!


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