A Speech to those Spirits Who are No Longer Allowed to Reincarnate on Earth

paulofTarusThere is a series of messages from the Apostle Paul in this website. The entire content is interesting and should be read. But, one of the saddest, is when Paul recounts how he listened to a speech given to a group of spirits who would no longer be allowed to incarnate on earth, due to their adverse actions and attitudes. Here is the text:


I will now describe a fact which took place in a world inhabited by thousands of spirits who had been removed from more evolved worlds, some of whom had already lived on this small terrestrial sphere. Since they could no longer continue to live in their worlds as a result of their moral disarray, their spiritual guides conducted them to this less evolved world for being the most compatible with their tendencies. However, before they could begin their new evolutionary effort in this physical world, they gathered together so that their spiritual guides could wish farewell to them. Being present at such meeting with other entities of my plane of life, I became deeply touched by what I saw. Although many of them could not understand the reason for such gathering due to their inconsistence and moral degradation, these “banished spirits” heard a farewell from their leader as follows:

 “Dear children who are here to begin a new life; my heart feels as if broken as I say farewell to you, for we separate today probably forever. When you were incarnated, you chose not to heed our warnings. And when you were in your spiritual plane as spirits, you also chose not to heed our repeated warnings. Regrettably, evil temptations seemed stronger than good temptations as you chose to incur infractions to the laws of love rather than follow the luminous path that leads to happiness. Before you were condemned, you were granted numerous opportunities to change and follow the good path.

 But since you always chose the evil path of violence and injustice against your journey companions, youburning-at-the-stake have totally exhausted your time and opportunities. For either refusing or completely ignoring advice, appeals and warnings, you can no longer continue to live in your worlds. Your removal was necessary so that your brothers and sisters can strive to become good children of God with tranquility. Now you come to this physical plane where less evolved brothers and sisters struggle and suffer as they try to refine their best qualities.

 You will find life conditions here to be quite more painful than those in your worlds, and you will have to withstand them the way a jewel withstands the lapidating process. Due to the fact that the predominating cavemenlaw here is the Law of the Fittest, to which everyone is subject, you will need to resort constantly to physical force to obtain the things that you need, food included. You may recall that in your worlds the animals leave their newly-born offspring on their own, thus forcing them to fend for themselves. The same thing happens on this sphere as the inhabitants fight over food, homes, tranquility and other necessary things.

I suggest that you use your intelligence in order to implant better life conditions here, my beloved. This planet’s progress can be hastened by the technical knowledge that many of you possess. Since every detail of life must be improved and refined, your efforts towards such endeavor could be transformed into luminosity for your spirits. I want to transmit to your hearts that, although in your planet you were recruited among the bad elements, you can become wise here and use your creative faculty to implant various types of improvements, thus drawing recognition from your new journey companions.”

 Tears ran down the face of the majority of such brothers during the pause that followed, indicative perhaps of some sort of late regret as they now seemed to understand their new situation. Many of them displayed visible signs of the criminal acts which they committed in the recent past, such as dreadful hand spots caused by the blood they shed. The visibly emotional spiritual entity concluded with a prayer for these poor recalcitrant infringers of the laws of love:

 “My beloved, here you will find numerous opportunities to prove and apply the teachings that you received in your past lives. Therefore, apply them, certain that each good deed will mean one less day on this dwelling place. Try then to teach them the good things you heard about but refused to apply in your worlds. But above all, I want to make one last recommendation, which is for you to implant the saintly name of God in your hearts. Keep the only perfect name in the entire universe alive in your minds. With God in your hearts and minds, you shall be able to overcome half of your sentences. May God bless and protect you in your new life, my beloved. Farewell.”

 Such words profoundly touched the hearts of those transmigrated spirits. They all shared the emotion contained in the words of the leader of their former spiritual guides and protectors. I shall never forget this heart-breaking event.

[Channeled Spiritual Messages from the Apostle Paul]

 No matter how bad people think things are on earth, can you imagine constantly fighting for food, shelter, and your life, even as a child. The spirits who were exiled off the planet earth must be traveling to a primitive planet, where all of us have once resided.

The apocalypse isn’t something that shall happen one day, the chaff is being separated from the wheat on a regular basis … in fact it will accelerate as we collectively more from a planet of atonement to a planet of regeneration. Those who ignore the need to be more loving, fraternal, and honest will not be allowed to stay with the rest of us.

Jesus and the spirit realm doesn’t require us to become religious fanatics, or even have a belief in God (although it will certainly make the transition from the physical to the spiritual world easier), we only need to start living according to the Golden Rule. If we would just treat others like we wish to be treated the entire world would be different overnight.

Paul tells us to start trying; change our attitude toward the spiritual and to modify our thoughts to rid ourselves of negative emotions, such as hate, envy, or revenge. All of this isn’t asking much, it is more 7Tenets-Front-smallof not hurting other people in a quest for material pleasure. It is to be satisfied with our life as we are dealt it and to realize a much better future lies ahead, that is incomparably better than the most luxurious life on earth.

Learn how we are loved and guided by the spiritual world in my book,  7 Tenets of Spiritism: How They Impact Your Daily Life to determine for yourself how the spirit realm is a constant positive influence in our lives.

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