Angelic Ministry – Helping Discarnates into Heaven

guardian_angelWe, in physical form, on earth, forget the multitude of souls who are trapped in a narrow band on or near the surface. These are spirits who wander the Lower Zone. They haven’t the spiritual fortitude to understand how to ascend to the first level of heaven, where they will be safe and supported. Instead, they are subjected to cruelties and injustices that stretch our imagination.

Jesus doesn’t forget these souls, all are his children. He sends spiritual workers out to recover as many as possible. Those who are ready to follow the light will receive assistance.

The Reverend Owen’s mother, who communicated to him in his book, which is a collection of four of his books, Life Beyond the Veil, in The Lowlands of Heaven section, talks about one such rescue operation. She tells us:

“We received a message a short time ago of the arrival of a sister at the Bridge, who had come over from the further side where lie the regions of gloom, and I and another were sent to conduct her to this Home. We went quickly and found our charge awaiting us. She was quite alone, for her attendants had left her thus in order that she might profit by a quiet period of meditation and reflection before beginning her further advance.”[1]

One can detect the extent of the spirit organization. First there are guides who find a willing soul inumbral the Lower Zone, then others are notified to pick up a spirit at a specified place to finish the trip from just inside the Bridge to a colony where she could receive treatment.

The Bridge is a gateway from the Lower Zones to heaven. There are many such portals. Each one is guarded, so as to not allow unrepentant spirits entry. Only those who have demonstrated a true desire to change are allowed.

Next, the group finds their woman:

“She was seated on a slope of grass under a tree whose branches spread like a canopy over her. Her eyes were closed, and we stood before her waiting. When she opened them she looked at us for some time in an inquiring manner. As she did not speak, I at last addressed her ‘Sister’. At that word she looked at us hesitatingly, and then her eyes begin to fill with tears, and she put her face in her hands, bowed her head upon her knees, and wept bitterly.

So I went to her and laid my hand upon her head and said, ‘You are our sister now, dear, and as we do not weep, so neither must you.’

‘How do you know who or what I am?’ she replied, as she raised her face and tried to force back her tears, while there was just a touch of defiance in her voice.

‘We do not know who you are,’ I answered.

‘What you were we do know. We know that you were always a child of our Father, and so, always our sisters. Now you are our sister in a fuller sense. What else you are lies with you. You are either one whose face is set toward the Sunshine of His Presence, or one who, fearing the task before you in that direction, will turn back again across the Bridge.’

She was silent for a while, and then said, ‘I dare not. It is all too horrible over there.’

‘But,’ I urged, ‘you must choose; for you cannot remain where you are. And you will come the upward way, will you not? – and we will lend you a sister’s hand and give you a sister’s love to help you on the way.’

‘Oh, I wonder how much you know of what lies yonder,’ she said, and there was agony in her voice. ‘There they called me sister, too; they called me sister in mockery, while they heaped upon me infamy and torture and – oh, I must not think of it or it will drive me mad again. But I don’t know how I shall proceed; I am so stained and vile and weak.’”[2]

The group helped the woman stand up and make her way toward their destination. A place where the poor soul could recover in peace. But as she made progress, the group could discern that something was holding her back.

psychic-power-of-8-300x288They found out that when she was detected near the opening of the Bridge, a spirit worker went out to help her. Since the spirit worker was at a higher level, she couldn’t see her, but felt a presence. Being afraid, she shouted out, “May you be cursed if you touch me!”[3]

After that she blacked out and awoke on the other side of the Bridge, awaiting the group that came to help her. She felt terrible about the curse she made, to one who had come to assist her.

For us, on earth, the mere speaking of words in fear or anger, would be quickly forgotten. But, in the spirit world, where thought is action, such negative announcements have real meaning.

Vale Owen’s mother takes us through the reasoning:

“She had cursed one of God’s ministers, and she was afraid of the light because the words were evil. Truly, she did not know whom she had cursed; but a curse is a curse against whomever directed, and it lay upon her heart.”[4]

The group headed back to the gate, where the kind spirit, a high spirit, knew of her desire for forgiveness waited for them. With love in his heart, he smiled and blessed the unfortunate woman.

Then, once more, the group made their way to the house where she would be allowed to recuperate from her ordeal.

7Tenets-Front-smallI have written about the constant guidance and love that we walk in every day in my book, 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life. We are not cast off onto a strange planet with an uncertain future without support. We are watched over and subtlety pushed forward to finish our assigned trials. Whereupon, if we have tried with all of our might and treated most people with respect and honor, we too shall enter that narrow gate to heaven.


Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at

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