Capital City on the 5th Level of Heaven

heaven-city“The Great Gate of this Palace is of liquid stone. That is quite literally to be read. The stone was not solid, but in flux; and the colors of the gate changed from moment to moment, affected both by what went forward within the House, and also by what was agait upon the Plain before it. It also was affected from the Watchtowers on the Plain; but only by those on this side, not by others on the other side of the City, which were in touch with stations on the other sides of the Palace. It was very beautiful to look at, that gateway, massive on either side and blending into the wall of the main structure, solid above the square arch, and changing in beauty as the colors changed. One part only was constant, and that was the great keystone, in the middle above, which always and ever shone red for love.”[i]

So reports the spirit Zabdiel in the book Life Beyond the Veil, in The Highlands of Heaven section. It was a communication to the Rev G. Vale Owen describing the capital city on the fifth sphere of heaven above the earth. Zabdiel, who resides on the tenth level, was sent on a mission to a sphere he knew well; having lived there during his time after rising from the fourth and before he was promoted to the sixth sphere.

Edifices created beyond our capabilities, and superior to our imagination … all made possible by higher spirits who possess the skill to create with thought. Groups of skilled spirits cooperate in planning and building towers, palaces, lakes, and parks; everything that is desired and needed for life in the spirit realm. Hence, the architecture is only limited by the creative powers of the artists who were given the task to conjure the requested object.

Zabdiel describes his entry into the city:

“We passed within and found many roomy chambers about the gateway, in which were recorders who read the messages and influences coming at the Gate, divided them into their own proper groups, and sent them whither they should go. They had expected our coming, and two youths were waiting in the roadway beyond the Gate to lead us to the Angel Lord.

We passed down the broad street, whereon went people happy of face, as ever people are hereabout. I simply write it down for you who sometimes and often do not smile for contentment within. For us it is as we should tell you the sky today is blue in Egypt in the summertime.”[ii]

Imagine living contentedly day after day; the stress of coping with normal life, negative thoughts from others, danger lurking in whatever decision you make is all erased. Imagine being surrounded by positive feelings, by beauty, by animals who are well treated and love their job. No sickness, no aging, no death. Where your day is full of work for the benefit of others, educational pursuits, and community. This is the scene being described by Zabdiel. This is life in the capital city in the fifth sphere of heaven. People are smiling.

Zabdiel had business to perform in the Palace of the Chief Lord of the city. He described the palace:

“We ascended the steps before it and passed beneath a porch which ran along its front, andNossaLar-city through a door into the central hall. It was also square, built with high pillars of liquid stone, like the Gate: and these were also changing continuously in hue, but did not all wear the tint of color at any one moment as the Gat did. They were diverse. There were twenty and two of them, and each was different. Seldom were two of them of the same color at one time; and this gave a very pleasant aspect to that hall. They were also made to blend together their beauties in the large dome of crystal above, and that was a sight even more lovely, and you must try to imagine, for it is beyond my power to describe.”[iii]

Three Chief Cities

Next Zabdiel tells the Rev. G. Vale Owen, that there is usually one “City in Chief”; one major metropolis that is responsible for governing all other cities and villages in their sphere. But in sphere five there are three Chief Lords, all who rule over separate areas of the fifth sphere. He tells us why:

“The reason of this threefold domination is found in that this Sphere stands at that altitude, which having attained, a choice has to be made as to the particular way to be followed thereafter. It is a kind of sorting-room, as one would say, wherein are the inhabitants, in the course of their sojourn there, classified into their proper groups, and proceed onward in that special branch of service for which they most properly are fitted.”[iv]

I have not found any more information on what the three choices entail. I surmise there must be Nossa-lar-topviewsome fit into a combination of what a spirit wishes and the talent and capabilities of a spirit which would point them in a certain direction. An analogy would be a technical organization, where there is a career path for those who desire to stay technical and a parallel path for those who desire to rise in management.

Next, Zabdiel describes the locations of the three cities:

“These three Cities stand each near the borderland of a very large flat continent, and a line drawn through them would form an equilateral triangle. For this reason the broad roads of each City spread out from the largest square, where stands the House, fanlike through the City and onward in right lines across the open country. These communicate with the other two Chief Cities and the settlements of the plain. But in the middle of the triangle there is a Temple of Worship and Offering, which stands within a large circular glade in the midst of a forest. With this Temple all the roads are linked up by other crossroads, and hither, at certain times and seasons, come deputies from the Three Cities and settlement under their charge, to combine their worship of God.

Thousands, and tens of thousands, come at one time from all quarters of that sphere, and it is a very wonderful sight to see. They come in parties, and meet together in the glade, which is a large plain of grassland. There they mingle together, and all the different colors of that sphere, mingling also, make a pretty show to behold.”[v]

One can detect the spirit world works to promote solidarity and cooperation amongst all of its inhabitants. The structure of the heavens circling earth is ring after ring of ever-increasing support of the levels below it and the regions around and under the earth.

There is an army of helpers watching us and waiting to assist. We only have to meditate and pray for guidance and it will be provided. The same care for the populace of the fifth sphere of heaven is also afforded us; even more, for we are in the middle of great and arduous tests.

Zabdiel reminds us of the tight bonds between spirits and foreshadows what life will be like in the spirit world when we arrive there:

“But more lovely than these is the sense of unity in diversity. Some are beginning to progressExplore-Small-front-cover onward in one direction, and some in another; but over, in and throughout that vast assembly the one vibrant note of deep love pulsates; and all know that this is enduring, and, whatever be their future destination, can enable them to come at one another in whatever part of God’s large domain they be forever. So there is no foreboding of coming separation. We know not any such here. For where love is what you know as separation, and its sorrow, cannot come. Even on the earth this would be so now had not man sinned, and so gone away from the right path of development. It will be hard for them to regain this now; but it is possible, for the faculty remains, it is sleep unawakened, except in very few.”[vi]

Love is the overriding constant in the spirit realm, it infuses everything. With love comes understanding, calmness and an absence of fear; since there is no anxiety no stress when one is BookCover-Reincarnationsurrounded by love.

Learn more about the spirit realm and what it means to us. The first place is to learn what the basic tenets of Spiritism are and how your life is planned so you can improve. You can begin by reading The Spirits Book, by Allan Kardec, or you can read my books, one on reincarnation, The Case for Reincarnation – Your Path to Perfection, the other about the spirit realm, and how we fit into it, Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Predetermined. You will find out why you are on this planet and where you are destined to be.


Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at

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