Communication Between Spirits of Different Levels

mind-reading2There is a short three paragraph description of how spirits communicate with other spirits at different levels, by the spirit Zabdiel, who resided in the tenth level of heaven, when he communicated to the Rev. G. Vale Owen in 1910.  The passage lacks details, but the central theme is the need to condition oneself spiritually to speak with spirits superior to oneself.

Zabdiel, at first, describes how when spirits from any level of heaven descend to the earthly plane they must transform themselves in order to be able to make contact with incarnates. Here is how he introduces the subject of communication between spirits of different levels:

“When a spirit from one of these spheres descends to your earth, it is necessary, in order that he may make contact with you who dwell there, to condition himself in like manner, and this in more or less degree. So it is here between the higher and lower conditions obtaining in the spheres of various quality and elevation.”[i]

The necessity of spirits making themselves denser to be able to be seen by inferior spirits is amply documented in the series of book psychographed by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, under the influence of the spirit Andre Luiz. In one occurrence, in the book Liberation, Andre Luiz journeyed to the Abyss, also known as purgatory, a region below the crust of the earth, where he is instructed to concentrate and increase the material component of his body so he may be detected by the low spirits living intelepathy the dark regions.

Hence, for example, when a spirit in the tenth level travels downward to the seventh level, they must take on the characteristics of a spirit living on that stage of heaven. They must decrease their brightness and take on more matter, since residents below them have a higher ratio of matter to energy than spirits on a superior plane.

Next Zabdiel exposes the fact that all spirits on a certain level are not equal in the ease of communication, including humans on earth. He tells us:

“But it is easier for us to commune with some of you than with others, and that according to your degree of advancement spiritually. So again, is it here in the spirit land. There are those in the Third Sphere who know of the presence of those of the Fourth or Fifth or even higher spheres, by reason of their advancement spiritually beyond their fellows. If to these latter such visitors wish to become visible and audible they must the more completely condition themselves to the environment of that sphere, and this they do.”[ii]

Zabdiel’s statement lets us peer into what is required for us to advance. Not only do we need to encompass the path of light, to create a foundation of love, charity, fraternity for all of God’s creatures, but we must acquire capabilities which are important to spirits in higher spheres.

I have written about education in different spheres, where spirits learn different disciplines. There is an entire organization of schools and paths to higher universities within each level of heaven. Hence, every spirit requires to improve their spirituality as well as their acquired knowledge. Both are prerequisites in order to be promoted to a higher level.

Zabdiel leaves us with his observation on what he has just presented:

“This description is in outline, and you will see that what seems at first to complicate life here really serves to its orderly arrangement. The leading principles which govern the communion of saints on earth with those passed higher are produced hither, and continued on into the higher places upward in orderly sequence. And if you wish to know what regulates our own communion with those above us, then reason it out by analogy, and you will have as fair knowledge of it as is possible to you while still on earth incarnate.”[iii]

The spirit realm is contiguous and symmetrical, like the rings of a tree or the marvelous structure of the chambers of a sea shell, one sphere melds into another, all connected. How communication flows down follows the same pattern up. Spirits who wish to speak with higher spirits must possess the correct qualifications to open a channel through the boundaries from one level to the next. The attributes are always the same, only the degree for each level and the variances between them differ. Spirituality is the key to talk, summon assistance, request favors, and learn from those who have superior knowledge.

For us on earth, as we increase our knowledge and prove our dedication more roads will be open for us to receive messages and assistance from our spirit mentors. While it may take time to understand what is being said to us, the meaning will become clear, with more study, and closer observation.

Explore-Small-front-coverLearn more about the spirit realm and what it means to us. The first place is to learnReincarnationBook-Small-3d what the basic tenets of Spiritism are and how your life is planned so you can improve. You can begin by reading The Spirits Book, by Allan Kardec, or you can read my books, one on reincarnation, The Case for Reincarnation – Your Path to Perfection, the other about the spirit realm, and how we fit into it, Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Predetermined. You will find out why you are on this planet and where you are destined to be.


Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at

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