Death Bed Agony – It may not be what it seems

We have all witnessed, in movies at least, the scenes of an agonizing death, one that we wished could be cut short for the poor person experiencing horrible last minutes on earth. But we are told, this is the absolute wrong course to take. The last minutes are important and should not be curtailed.

sex+destinyIn the book, Sex and Destiny, by the Spirit Andre Luiz, and psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier, there is a plot about two families and their complicated relationships between themselves and discarnate spirits. There is one scene, where a young lady who in the despair of a bad love affair, ran out in traffic and was severely injured. She was dying a slow death in a hospital bed. During the end of her suffering, which went on for days, this passage was in the book. It was not part of the story, but a message to all of us;


Fortunate inhabitants of earth! When you pass by the beds of those who are going through a prolonged death, banish from your mind the idea of hastening it!

Around those mangled bodies and behind those sealed lips, benefactors from the spirit planedeathbed are taking measures, performing noble tasks, saying prayers or holding our friendly arms.

Until now, you have not known the value of a few minutes of reconsideration for earthly travelers who, before returning to the shelter of the home, aspire to evaluate the paths they have trod.

If you do not feel capable of offering them a word of consolation or the support of a prayer, just let them be! … Their tears are pearls of hope with which the lights of other dawns moisten their faces! … Those groans coming from their chests and reaching their lips, as if they were sobs imprisoned inside the heart, are nearly always songs of joy before the immortality that shines on them from the Beyond!

Comrades of the world – you whose sight is still limited by the cage of flesh – in the name of your dearest sentiments offer consolation and silence, sympathy and veneration to those who are approaching he grave! They are not the tormented mummies that your eyes see, destined for the tombstone that will decay into dust … They are children of heaven, preparing to return to their homeland, about to cross the river of Truth, whose banks you, too shall reach one day!…

***” [Sex and Destiny, Francisco C. Xavier, 2013, p. 266]

A very explicit message from the Spirit world, one that we should analyze and take to heart. I have never seen a message like that before in a book written by Andre Luiz, although I have not read all of his books, since there are still some that have not been translated into English.

However, a recurring theme in his books is the amount of work the spirit world does for us, not only in our daily life, but the extra care during our last days. Andre Luiz emphasizes our obligation, during Spirit-101-Front-smallthese times, if we are present, to think clear, positive thoughts, do not dwell of past wrongs by the person in need and to silently pray for the persons transition into heaven.

Understanding more about how the spirit world helps and guides, read my introduction to Spiritism, Spiritism 101 – The Third Revelation. Find out that we are immortal souls who travel through multiple lives in our quest to become pure spirits.



i wud like to know ifvthis applies to eauthanization of suffering animals too.. we often have to do that, i wd like to know if that interferes wth their karmic train as well, similar to wht you describe fr humans.


    Good question – I do not know for certain, but this is my thought – Animals do have souls, but they live on their instincts, they don’t have free-will in their life. Therefore, they don’t go through trials in their life like we do. Hence it is acceptable to allow an animal to pass away if it is in pain. Also, I have heard from other Spiritist, that when an animal dies, it is taken and place right away in another body. These are just my thoughts on the matter.

    Nevertheless, we love and cherish our animals. There is a story when Chico Xavier (the great Brazilian Medium) was sitting next to a lady, who had a dog on her lap, he asked her, “Do you know how long you have had that dog?”. She answered, “For three years”, he told her, “You have had that dog for over 500 years, in one life after the next.”


      Thankyou so much for the reply.
      If u don’t mind me asking another question, i’d like to ask if u connect wth the spirit world and if they cud tell us if animals are born due to past karma, though i understand they may not incur new karma in this life as they wrk according to instincts(especially dogs that suffer, also sometimes horses nd other domestic animals. i had a case, where a bitch ‘ hind and fore legs were tied and ws brutally beatn, left bleeding on the road jst coz she mated nd ws,carrying pups inside. here in many parts people aren’t aware of spaying nd animals suffer miserably😢)
      But do some animals suffer due to past karma?
      I have been desparately searching fr these answers as i am constantly working with rescue animals and if only seeing is so painful, its imaginable to think how painful it must be fr them.


      This is a good question. I have not read where animals have karma, mostly I believe because they survive on their instinct and they do not have freewill so they don’t have to pay for past wrongs in past lives. But the law of God allows them to develop into more superior animals. The second part of the question, why animals must suffer, is a test for the humans coming into contact with the animals. These people who harm animals are being tested to determine if they can treat other animals and humans like they should. These people will have to answer for their actions. This is my opinion, based on what I have read. If I read any communication from spirits concerning this subject I will let you know.


Both my parents died in my arms. My Dad 23 months ago, and my mother 5 weeks ago. I sang to them, told them our family was waiting for them and I will see them when my chores are through. My mother asked me to not allow her to be kept going by fluids and oxygen. I lowered her oxygen level as I promised I would do, held her, and played her favorite song. She died as she lived on her terms, with peace on her face listening to Moonriver with Andy Williams. They are not far and I hear them and feel them when they are communicating to me.
As for animals, thank you for your post. Having them part of my soul family that travels through each life with me is beautiful to know and hear.


I was wondering about your thoughts on Hospice Care. They help by administering lots of pain medications to alleviate some of the suffering of those in the end stages of their lives. Would that be considered interfering with a soul’s end of life transition?


    I believe Hospice care is not an interference with the end of life. The spirit world has the ability to communicate with the dying spirit while they are asleep and even groggy. Hence, the last days, hours, or minutes of a person’s life on earth are not violated. The spirit world takes into account the current state of medicine when they plan out a person’s life, therefore the use of Hospice Care is factored in. Thanks for your question!


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