Guardian Angels – They Stay with Us in the Spirit World too

Beautiful-Angel-angels-24919961-1024-768Guardian Angels, the mere word conveys a warm feeling to your body; as if your favorite cozy blanket was covering you on a cold day, bringing warmth and comfort.   We do in fact have a guardian angel, a mentor who guides us in our path to improvement.  Spiritism notifies us that we are always watched, viewed with love and kindness … sometimes from afar and other times very close and intimate.

The spirit Zabdiel, communicated with the Rev. G Vale Owen in 1913 about his spirit guide. At first the presence of a guardian angel for one who is in heaven seems out-of-place. But that type of thinking is self-centered for us here on earth. We are spirits, encased in a physical body. The majority of our immortal existence will be in the spirit world. Our goal is to ascend up the levels of heaven, to one day, become a pure spirit. Hence, we require mentors to assist our quest. Not only when we are on the physical plane but also in the spirit realm.

Zabdiel describes the time when he was standing on high mountains, at the upper limits of the tenthcouple-hike level of heaven. He was peering across a valley to the mountains that were the beginnings of the eleventh level of heaven.

He liked to go there to meditate and to feel the presence of his sphere and the sphere above him. From that vantage point he could feel the all-embracing love of the Divine’s universe. Zabdiel tells G. Vale Owen what happened:

“Once I stood thus, with face turned towards my future home, and closed my eyes, for the intensity of light as it moved before me was more than I could bear continuously. It was there I first was permitted to see and speak to my guide and guardian.

He stood upon the summit over against me opposite; and the valley was between. When I opened my eyes I saw him there, as if he had suddenly taken on a visible form for me, that I might see him the more plainly. And so it was indeed, and he smiled on me, and stood there watching me in my perplexity.

He was clad of glittering silk-like tunic to the knees, and round his middle was a belt of silver. His arms and legs below were bare of covering, and seemed to glow and give forth light of his holiness and purity of heart; and his face was the brightest of all. He wore a cap of blue upon his hair which was like silver just turning into gold; and in the cap shone the jewel of his order. I had not seen one of this kind before. It was a brown stone and emitted a brown light, very beautiful and glowing with the life which was all about us.

At last, ‘Come over to me,’ he said; and I was thereupon afraid, but not with any terror, but rather abashed of awe. In that way I feared, not else.”[1]

Zabdiel, who resided in the tenth level of heaven, had never, until now, come face to face with his guardian angel. Imagine traveling through life after life, sensing a benign presence, a compassionate celestrial-cityfriend but never quite grasping the image and form of that companion. Now, finally, Zabdiel was only a valley away from his mentor.

Zabdiel stood in awe, not because he felt small or inferior, but of meeting a spirit that has accomplished what Zabdiel has dreamt of attaining. Not acquiring by luck or by who he knows (for that is impossible in the spirit world), but a spirit that has risen through his own dedication and discipline. As in our fascination with athletes, whom we admire, not because they are famous, but we look up to because we understand the work they put into their profession, day in and day out, to achieve the status they have attained. We stand in awe because we too, would like to match their work ethic and self-control.

Next, Zabdiel, shaking off his astonishment said:

“So I said, ‘I know you for my guide, sir, for my heart tells me this much. And I delight to look upon you thus; for it is very lovely and sweet to me. In presence you have been with me often on my heavenly road, but always just before, that I have not been able to overtake you. And now that I am given to see you thus in visible form I am glad to thank you for all your love and tending. But, my lord and guardian, I fear to come to you. For, while I descend into the valley, the brightness of your sphere will dazzle me and make my feet unsure. And when I should ascend to you I think I should faint by reason of the greater glory which is about you. Even here I, from this distance, feel it scare to be borne for long.”[2]

As spirits move on higher in the stages of heaven, they and the surrounding environment, become brighter, more energy and less material, more of the all-encompassing love from God is reflected from their ethereal bodies. Hence, an inferior spirit, sees only white light and is unable to make out features and is uncomfortable in such surroundings.

Hence, in order to physically meet his guardian angel, Zabdiel will require assistance. His mentor supplies the solution:

“’Yes, for this time,’ he replied, ‘I will be your strength, as many times before I have been, not always of your knowledge; and at times again when you have known me near but only in part. We have been so much together that I am able now to give you more than hitherto. Only be strong, and with all your courage to the fore; for no harm shall fall upon you. It is to this same end that I have impressed you to come to this place, as often I have come to you.”[3]

Zabdiel, thought that he wanted to walk to his favorite place to meditate and ponder about his future, was actually motivated to be at the exact place and time determined by his guide. If Zabdielimmortal4 was easily manipulated by a higher spirit, examine how easily we, on earth, must perform deeds or come up with ideas that we thought were our own, but actually were implanted in us by our guardian spirits.

Don’t doubt, even for a moment, that many of our actions, we believe that come from ourselves alone, are covertly placed in our minds by higher powers. Yes, we still have free will to make important choices, but we are led to certain episodes in our life according to our life’s plan.

Zabdiel’s spirit guide then begins to construct how he and Zabdiel will meet in person for the first time:

“Then I saw him or awhile stand very still indeed, as he might have been a statue very well. But presently his form took on another aspect. He seem to be in tension as to the muscles of his arms and legs; and I could see, beneath the thin gossamer-like garment, that his body there was in like manner exerting its every power. His hands were hanging at his side, and turned outward a little, and his eyes were closed. Then a strange thing happened.

From beneath his feet there came a cloud of blue and pink mingled; and it moved across from him to me until it was a bridge between the two summits, and spanned the valley below. It was in height little more than that of a man, and in breadth a little broader. This gradually came upon me and enveloped me, and when I looked I could see him through the mist, and he seemed very near.

Then he said, ‘Now come to me, my friend. Tread firmly forward to me, and you shall have not hurt.’

So I began to walk to him through the shaft of luminous cloud which was all about me, and, although as I went it was elastic beneath my feet, like very thick velvet, yet I did not sink through the floor of it into the valley, but continued my way uplifted with great joy. For he looked on me and smiled as I went to him.

But although he seemed so near, yet I did not reach him, and yet again, he stood still and did not retreat from me.

But at last he held out his hand to me and, in a few steps more. I had it in mine, and he drew me on to firmer footing.

Then the shaft of light faded and I found I stood on the further side of the valley, and looked across on my own sphere. For I had crossed over by that bridge of heavenly light and power.”[4]

Zabdiel’s guardian angel, through the force of his mind, created a bridge across a deep and wide valley. The higher the spirit the more they are able to conjure from their will. This, in essence, it why spirits, and ourselves, strive to improve.

The more disciplined one becomes, by following the Doctrine of Spiritism, to be loving, kind, fraternal, charitable to all in all circumstances, yet exercising authority will gentle calmness, the capabilities a spirit possesses increase. Whereupon, billions of years from now, a spirit on earth in an immature state, will someday lead the destiny of a planet in the same manner as Jesus leads us. We too, just like Jesus, could become the governor of a planet or planets, to help millions of young spirits rise and become working members of the spirit community.

The entire organization of the spirit realm revolves around promoting spirits to their utmost Nossa-lar-topviewcapabilities. To enable them to weld great power for the benefit of others. To achieve that goal, spirits must be rigorously trained to never violate the Divine Laws and to always allow spirits their free-will.

We live in a just universe. It doesn’t appear to us on earth, trapped amongst corrupt officials and criminals, but this is for our own good. Only by living with the results of the lack of love and brotherhood can we see for ourselves the tragedies that occur. The philosophy is the same as allowing your children to occasionally make their own mistakes, so they will know … since you realize they believe they know better than you … the results of their ill-considered actions. We are no different.

Talking with His Guardian Angel

Zabdiel, having reach the side of his mentor, now, for the first time, has the opportunity to speak directly with the unseen hand, that has for so long, been steering him to the correct path. We are told:

“Then we sat down and communed together of many things. He called to my mind past endeavors, and showed me where I might have done my task in better ways; and sometimes he commended me, and sometimes did not commend, but never blamed, but only advised andtelepathy instructed with love and kindliness. And when he told me something of the sphere on the borderland of which I then was; and of some of its glories; and how the better to sense his presence, as I went about my task to which I should presently return to finish it.

And so he talked, and I felt very good fettle of strength and delight, and of greater courage for the way. So did he give me of his larger strength, and of his higher holiness, and I understood a little more than hitherto of man’s potential greatness, in humility, to server his Master the Christ, and God through Him.”[5]

The past accomplishments of Zabdiel were discussed in a sympathetic and caring manner, with gentle suggestions of how to perform better next time. We have seen the same consideration and kindness from spirits in stories by people who have had near death experiences.

James’ Life Review

A good example is the NDE of James. When James’ heart stopped, a woman spirit approached him and led him out of our world to the spirit world. Where, as many others before him have noted, the flowers and trees shined as if lit from within.

James then describes where his life would be reviewed:

“I was led by the lady through the forest. I asked where we were, what had happened to me, where were we going. I was told everything was fine and my questions would be answered soon. I didn’t feel concerned in fact I felt calm and Peaceful. I was led by the lady to a clearing in the forest in the middle of which was a large wooded oval table with 10 or 11 people seated around it and one chair empty which I was indicated to sit at. Then the lady left. The people at the table seemed very familiar, but in an ‘other’ worldly way and also had the same young but old looking qualities. I was warmly welcomed and told that I had left my physical body, and the purpose ofpremonitions-on-death-and-dying-e1372699931412 the council was to decide if I should stay or return to it, and that a review would take place to determine this. The review consisted of a screen which appeared above the table in the center which began to play a ‘film’ of my life from the moment I was born. Members of the council paused the film at different parts and we looked at the circumstances surrounding specific events, sometimes from the different perspectives of the other people involved, but mostly they were interested in how the experiences had affected me, and my feelings about things.” [6]

As on earth, in the spirit world we all have our group of friends. Friends who have been with us since we were in school and who have always been concerned with our welfare; constantly checking on our progress, with the noble aim of assisting us in our major life challenges. We have our friends in the spirit world, who are all the more special because sometimes they watch over us and other times they reincarnate to share our trials together.

Additionally, as in the case of Zabdiel, we have our guardians as well as mentors, more mature and wiser spirits who we look for advice and guidance. The group that worked with James is most probably made up of friends and mentors, souls that he has intimately known before, but due to his recent separation from his body, his memory before the commencement of his current physical life is hazy. Hence, he seems to know them and feels comfortable in their presence.

Next, James’ life is reviewed. And not just his actions, but the emotional affect he had upon others and the motivations that caused his actions are analyzed. This is one of the central tenets of Spiritism, our thoughts are actions, for with thoughts all begins and actions are merely the completion of a plan. It gets more complex, for our very thoughts influence events and others around us. We are all like radio towers, beaming our innermost musings and emotional highs and lows to all around us. The spirit world tells us we have a responsibility to control the waves emanating from our brains.

This all sounds extremely difficult to perform, but think about why this must be so for a moment. As we progress and become higher and pure spirits, the power of our minds also increase in force. Therefore, to ascend in the ranks of the spirits, we must learn to control that which shall, in the future, possess great power.

James then tells us about the analysis of his life to date:

“The experience was uncomfortable at times, I had to see myself warts and all, I saw the best and the worst in myself. But never at any time did I feel I was being judged by anyone present. We reached my present circumstances and I saw that my lung condition had been created by myself to give me an exit opportunity. We had a long debate after the film about my life blueprint and whether or not I had fulfilled my chosen experiences which were mostly linked to previous lifetimes and spiritual ‘baggage’ that needed to be cleared and healed. I felt that I needed more time on earth and this was agreed by the council, who also told me that I would need to go back more spiritually awake to accomplish this.”[7]

James understands completely the reason for his life on earth when he writes the words, “life blueprint”. All of us follow a trajectory planned by the spirit world for our educational benefit. immortal3Zabdiel, has been on both sides of the equation. When he was an incarnate, he too was on a pre-programmed path, so he could pay for his past wrongs and learn what he required. All the while, watched over by his guardian angel.

Parting with His Guardian

We are always in view of someone superior in the spirit realm, whether we are in physical form or in spirit, there are higher spirits evaluating our performance, not with malice but with kindness and caring. For, as stated earlier, the goal of the spirit realm is the successful promotion of souls, so they too, can contribute to others.

Zabdiel tells us of his parting:

“He came back with me by way of the valley, with his arm about my shoulder to help me with his power; and we talked all the way down and across, and then, as the ascent of the hill on the other side began, we slowly fell to silence. Instead of words we communed in thought and, when a little way up returning I looked upon him, I noticed that I could not see him quite so plainly; and beganangel1 to be sad at that. But he smiled and said, ‘All is well my brother. Always it I well between you and me. Remember that.’

Still he grew more faint to my sight, and I was minded to turn back again for that reason. But he impelled me gently and, as we ascended, he surely faded away from my sight. I did not see him again. But I knew him now as I did not till that time. I felt him in touch with me all the time I lingered on that summit. I turned and looked into the brightness of his sphere across the valley, but I did not see him on the other side.”[8]

Our lives are precious and our time here on earth shouldn’t be squandered by stress over temporary material pleasures. Our current society lays a very alluring trap for us, advertising happiness is within our grasp, if we just earn a few dollars more. To the seller of the goods or services, it doesn’t matter how the money is earned, via licit or illicit means; only that is ends up in someone’s coffers.

None of the products, homes, and toys acquired will accompany you to the spirit world. Only the sum total of your deeds. Your guardian angel attempts to tell you that whenever you pause from the daily grind to listen.

Pause a little more in your life. Stop, pray, and meditate … allow those you really have your best interest at heart guide you. When you sit calmly, ask for guidance from heaven; it will be given.

Life in the spirit world is worth sacrificing that one more purchase you wished to make. Live your life, so you can be proud that you have never knowingly hurt another, of if you had, try to find the means to atone is the greatest victory you could possibly have in this life. Feel free to reward yourself on earth with whatever you have earned through honest dealings, for your life’s plan may entail a comfortable living.

Live according to the Golden Rule and while your friends may believe you are a bit gullible and not very successful, you and your guardian angel will know that your life on earth has not been in vain. In fact, just the opposite, while others grasped for the golden ring, trampling over whoever stood in their way, you meekly (in the true sense of the word as meant by Jesus, acting honestly, with focus and determination) pursued a life with a minimum of regrets; will exit this incarnation richer than you 7Tenets-Front-smallbelieve possible, into a bright light of love and ready for an even higher ascent the next time.

To see how we are enveloped by the spirit realm read my book about my personal experiences, 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life. You will be surprised at the involvement into the smallest details in our lives by our spirit guardians.

Explore the spirit realm in depth, read the first book of a series of three about the numerous revelations spirits told the Rev. G. Vale Owen in England in the early 1900’s. What you will discover will change your outlook on life – Heaven and Below – Book 1 of Spiritism – The Spirit World Revealed to an Anglican Vicar.


Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at

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Thank you, you have answered many guestions that I ask myself daily.I pray for my guardian angel daily and ask him to tell me his name.I know he is with me but I still fell there’s some distance between use.


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