Jealously – Covering the White Light with a Dark Gray Cloud

jealousy_965822In the book Liberation, by Chico Xavier, our beloved spirit author Andre Luiz, was impressed by the work of a medium, Dona Isaura Silva. When she was working, she displayed beautiful radiations. After she finished the sessions, she was surrounded by a dark gray substance.

Andre wished to know how she could change so quickly. Sidonio, the team leader for the medium group explained;

“The poor thing is caught up in a veritable tempest of malignant fluids sent by low order spirits, whom she has inadvertently tuned in to through the dark wires of jealousy. As long as she is under our direct influence, particularly during spiritual endeavors of a collective nature, in which she acts as a receiving valve for the assistants’ energies, she is happy and in a good mood. A medium is always a source that both gives and receives during his or her work involving the two realms. When Isaura’s work ends, however, she falls back into her unfortunate condition.” [Liberation, 2013, p. 205]

Isaura, who is a wonderful medium, allowed herself to be guided by a base emotion. She let jealousy permeate her being. So much so, when she sleeps, she immediately goes out and searches for low spirits who encourage her in low passions.

Andre asks if there is anything they can do to help her. He is told;

“Our sister is a precious coworker with appreciable and invaluable qualities, but she has not let go of her jealousy regarding her husband. It is through that breach that violent vibrations of anger get in, causing her to lose excellent opportunities to serve and grow spiritually. Today she had one of her worse days, completely handling herself over to such inner flagellation. She needs our help tonight because whenever a servant, awakened to the good, endures a wave of inferior vibrations throughout the day, he or she is setting up a visit with the beings and forces that populate the night.” [Liberation, 2013, p. 206]

Therefore, controlling your emotions is extremely important. By losing your temper or dwelling 7Tenets-Front-smallon negative thoughts you are opening yourself up to bad influences. The hole you are digging will have many inferior spirits helping you to make it deeper.

Learn to live with love and kindness in your heart. Read about the 7 Tenets of Spiritism, to discover how the spirit world loves and guides us in our daily struggles.

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