Presence of God in the Spirit World

greekgodsWe have a picture in our minds of God, an image of a Zeus-like entity overseeing the heavens. With Jesus at his side reigning over the multitudes of the Celestial Empire. This is what we expect when we pass over.

In the Reverend Owen’s book, which is a collection of four of his books, Life Beyond the Veil, in The Lowlands of Heaven section, where his mother tells him about her life and work in the first level of heaven, there is a message where she speaks about the presence of God:

“Not every one who comes over here is able to understand that one of the elementary truths which it is necessary to assimilate in order to progress is that God is no more visibly present here than He is in the earth life. They expect to see Him bodily, and are much disappointed when they are told that that is a quite mistaken idea of the way of His dealing with us. His life and beauty are quite apparent on earth to those who can look deeper than the externals of nature. And so it is here, with this modification: that life here is more tangible, and easier to lay hold of and use by those who study its nature, and it pulsates all around us, and we, being in a more sensitive state, are more able to feel it than when we were in the earth life.”[1]

Hence, we feel the magic, we sense the connection with the universe, and we experience the unseen hand of superior planes guiding our path, when we return to the other side. The reality that thought is action is undeniable when witnessed firsthand. Therefore, by the obvious fact of the Divine Laws, spirits know of the Divine Intelligence.

This doesn’t mean that grand displays of the Spirituality never occur. G, Vale Owen’s mother tells us that upon certain occasions “manifestation of the Divine Presence are given to us.”[2] She speaks of a time when a vast number of spirits were called, people who originated from different countries, creeds, and religions all together in a vast track of open country. Even a group who had just finished their trek in the Lower Zones helping unfortunate souls reach the first level of heaven.

The crowd gathered, waiting expectantly, when they noticed a bright light in the sky. The apparition coalesced into a vision of a cross with Jesus in the middle of the stem, while angels filled out the rest of the lines. From the vertical line a column appeared headed for the crowd.

The hovered about the multitude and sang a hymn. The crowd at first, was silent, but then began to sing with them. Vale Owen’s mother tells us the rest:

“And as we sang there arose between us and the mountain a mist of bluish tint which had a very curious effect. It seemed to act like a telescopic lens, and brought the vision of Him nearer until we could see the expression on His face. It also acted similarly in the forms of those who stood just below Him. But we had no eyes for them only for His gracious face and form, I cannot describe the expression. It was a blend of things which words can only tell in small part. There were blended love and pity and joy and majesty, and I felt that life was a very sacred thing when it held Him and us in one bond. I think others felt somethings like this too, but we did not speak to one another, all our attention being taken up with the sight of Him.”[3]

What G. Vale Owen’s mother experienced aptly illustrates the power of Jesus to radiate love and to permeate every fiber of our being with his shining presence. Seeing His effect on others in the spirit world shows us how much He must have moved the populace during His time on earth.

In the book, Memoirs of a Suicide, a spirit, who in one of his previous lives, was one of the children welcomed by Jesus when, he said, “Let the little children come to me, because the kingdom of heaven is theirs…”, tells us what really happened during Jesus’ sermons. The spirit’s name who witness the scenes two thousand years ago, is Anibal, he is introduced with the following interesting piece of information;

“He says that when the Lord preached his gentle Doctrine of Love, marvelously precise, elucidating images appeared unexpectedly before the eyes of the listeners of goodwill, enlightening them in an unmistakable manner and imprinting never to be forgotten illustrations on the folds of their being! That is why the great Envoy, preaching in unshakeable serenity, could hold the attention of famished multitudes for hours on end, control turbulent mobs, enraptured listeners, and convince hearts that would either prostrate themselves, fearful and dazed, when he passed by, or adhere, faithful and enchanted, to His Doctrine. The impious, however, those whose rebellious minds were in discord with the divine vibrations, perceived nothing.”[4]

Small wonder that a humble carpenter, without riches, armies, or a mind bent on violent overthrow could have been so effective and remembered after such a short stay with us. While on earth, people Explore-Small-front-covercould sense the presence of God through Jesus, it is the same in the celestial spheres around the earth. Spirits detect the hand of God through the majesty and love of Jesus.

The spirit world is complex in its immensity, yet simple in its dedication to our welfare. Learn where we fit and how we are expected to perform in my book, Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Pre-determined.


Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at

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Hey Brian. I am reading your book and I’d like to share a tought. I’ve being thinking about this since I read Memoirs of a suicide some time ago. For the future you should consider to have an illustrated version in order to make the subject more attractive to young people. Would be awesome to see a graphic image of Shonar. In fact, as all things in our physical plan are merely raw copies of what we see on the spiritual world it might well be that fantasy characters created by artists are also small pieces of memories they bring from the other side. In the hands of a skilled artist this could be a blast. Let me know your thoughts. Wish you all the best.


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