Prophecy by Chico – Aliens in our Future? Or Complete Destruction?

DataLimite2019There is a program, in Portuguese, but with English subtitles, detailing one of the prophecies for earth by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier. You can see it here. (only if you wish to view the original Portuguese version).

My Portuguese is horrible, but luckily I am able to drive my wife crazy by stopping the video and asking her, what did they just say?

I will summarize: (if anyone spots inaccuracies in my summary, please let me know and I will update the post)


In 1969 when astronaut’s first landed on the moon. The coming meeting of “The Community of Pure Spirits” as promised by Emmanuel, in the book, On the Way to the Light, in 1939 [see page 205, 2011 edition], occurred. This was the third meeting, the first at the formation of the solar system and the second when Jesus came to earth.

They met because they were worried about men traveling to the moon, while our spiritual growth was so lacking. At a time when the world was on the constant brink of a nuclear war, the Community of Pure Spirits wanted to take the earth back to another dark age to allow time for our collective spiritual maturity to take hold.

Jesus interceded and asked for time. It was decided to give the earth fifty years. Hence, if the earth didn’t have any nuclear war for fifty years we would be allowed to continue to progress. The end date is July, 2019.

Dark Age

If nuclear war occurred during this time period, the devastation would be immense. Besides thedark-ages nuclear fallout, the earth itself would rise up and pay back for all of the harm done to it over the centuries. The Northern Hemisphere would be devastated. Most land would be uninhabitable and the military of the surviving countries would invade the Southern Hemisphere in order to have arable land. For instance, the US would invade Latin America, as would China and Europe. Brazil itself would be broken up into parts, shared by the occupying powers. I provided more details of the “Dark Age” from other videos I have seen.

New Age

If the world manages to reach 2019 without nuclear conflict then wonderful events will unfold. Aliens, futureCitythe about one meter tall variety (the two meter tall variety are not to be trusted), will come to earth and help promote dramatic improvements in medicine and technology. These aliens have been nervously watching earth for some time. They have the capability to transport themselves through great distances. I mentioned the fact of teleportation being possible in one of my earlier posts.

What has not been know to us is that conflict on our planet sends out destructive negative waves which affect the entire galaxy. Hence, more advanced races are watching our progress.

The aliens are cognizant of the power of the spirit world and they work with the spirit realm in their endeavors. After all, just like us, the aliens are immortal souls, who reincarnate, perish, and reincarnate again. In fact, some of the aliens may have had a life on earth in human form in the distant past.


So there you have it. Either we learn to work together and solve our problems by compromise and negotiation or as already happened to Europe once before, we shall descend into a new dark age. This time encompassing the entire planet.

I am somewhat hopeful. After all, the threat of a giant nuclear confrontation between the Western World and Russia is now minimal, on the other hand, the probability of a small nuclear conflict in the Middle East or from North Korea is greater than ever.

3D-Explore-Small-coverWe shall see and in not too great a time.

For those interested in how the spirit world has guided the destiny of the world until now and what is the spirit world composed of, please read my book, Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Predetermined.

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