Reincarnation’s Main Objective – For us to become Omniscient

paulofTarusThe Apostle Paul, in a series of messages, presents to us what is the primary goal of reincarnation. It is to create a high spirit; one who works with God in the process of creation. High spirits take direction from the Supreme Intelligence, to carry out broad directives.

Paul, reiterates this point:

“Reincarnation’s main objective is to allow spiritual beings to become self-conscious to such a point that they will become omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent gods, just as the true God we worship. And they inevitably will. In order to reach such elevated level, men and womenreincarnation-awakening should think that they already possess the moral qualities that are necessary for them to attain spiritual consciousness. They should begin to mentally practice at once that, since they are perfect creatures in the Divine Mind, they already possess all that they need to attain spiritual consciousness in their own time.

By thinking that they do not need anything from the outside to become their absolute masters, they will develop cells which will give them such a power. This way, they will soon begin to feel a remarkable change in their habits and thoughts. When feelings of consciousness instinctively correct some of their old habits, their spirits will then begin to screen habits which they previously did not consider inconvenient. To keep away inconvenient or detrimental habits is the same as to remove obstacles from the path that leads to spiritual consciousness.”

[Chapter 19,]

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