Spiritual World Organization of Education – How Colleges Feed From One to the Next

collegecampusThere is a plan for our children that everyone knows. First they go to a nursery school or start at kindergarten, then up through elementary to high school. If the student is motivated or able, then on to college. Which may entail multiple colleges and many years of study. Well, there is a process in the spirit world too. It’s consists of graduated steps, just like ours… except it lasts for all eternity.

I realize the last sentence could be frightening to those like me, who although made it through school, almost never enjoyed the experience. The good news is you don’t have to go. The only limitation not choosing additional education is the inability to ascend to the next level of heaven. Or you could decide to take a break for a thousand years or so. Free will is always respected in the spirit realm.

Zabdiel reveals the process of education and ascending in Book Two of the book The Life Beyond thePageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00061] Veil called The Highlands of Heaven. He tells the Rev. G. Vale Owen how, at each level, smaller communities contain education centers to teach the newer residents of any level; then, if a student desires, they journey on to a larger population center for more study.

Zabdiel, in a previous communication, described a large heavenly city in the tenth level of heaven. The city had a grand temple, located on a hill. In the message he sent to Rev. G. Vale Owen on December 9th, 1913, Zabdiel reviews the structure of education:

“The Temple-shrine of which I spoke is of use not for worship alone, but for instruction of those competent to receive it. This is the High School of the sphere, and only those who have passed through the lower forms may come here for their final learning. At various points in that region are other schools, or colleges, each for some special class of instruction in wisdom, and some few for the coordination of some of these branches together.

The City itself has three of these colleges, where those who have passed through what I will call the provincial schools come to learn the relative value of the various teachings they have received, and to combine them together. In many spheres this line is followed. But each sphere is both continuous, and also in advance of, the sphere inferior to itself. So that from the lower to the higher spheres there is a graded system of progress, and every step onward implies an added capability, not alone of power, but in enjoyment in the using of it.”[1]

If one considers each stage of heaven independently, their system of driving students from beginning their education in small centers, then advancing the graduating classes to major university hubs is similar to ours. As in our system, students are not obligated to graduate, they may change their minds and stay where they are, or travel to lower spheres if that is their desire.

Whatever detours a student takes, at some point, they will be motivated to once again begin thecaring-for-the-land education process. The signs of the joys of higher levels are everywhere in the spirit realm. The system is designed to present to the population at any given level, the attraction of advancing higher. Every time a region is visited by higher spirits, the pageantry of their arrival demonstrates what lies ahead. The constant message is: There are rewards in focusing your energy in learning.

The method is always the carrot, never the stick. A path is laid out of future possibilities. Spirits can see the rewards awaiting them. Hence, one reads about spirits creating difficult trials on earth, with much suffering so they can purify themselves enough to climb to the next level.


Zabdiel also instructs us about the teachers that lead the classes:

“Instructors are mostly of those who have qualified for the next sphere in advance, but who elect to stay in order to teach those who, in their turn, shall succeed them when at length they go on classroom-elementaryinto their proper place of abode. From time to time these preceptors do make their journey into the sphere above, and then return to continue their task. For they are enabled to bear its enhanced glory, while those who are of less degree are not able to do so.

And also there come once and again those of higher spheres into the lower for friendly intercourse and conversation with their fellows who teach there; and then they nearly always are willing to condition themselves according to the environment of that same lower sphere, in order that they may impart some loving words of encouragement to the pupils.”[2]

What is pertinent, and so unlike the majority of our teachers on earth, is that all of the instructors have attained their position because they have actually been successful in the course they are teaching. In schools on earth, one can always tell the difference between teachers teaching from theory and those teaching from experience. The quality of the classroom experience is, in the vast majority of cases, more pronounced and productive for the student.

Nothing is more entertaining for the student that hearing the real-life stories of a professor as part of a class. And at the same time, frequently unbeknownst to the listeners, valuable information is being disseminated. Those rare times when I have been privileged to be in a class led by one of these types of professors, have been the most memorable and valuable.

I also believe, for it has been hinted at in various sections, that a student isn’t obliged to be locked into classroom learning. There are missions to perform while in class and there are exercises to undertake. One may travel to different spheres and even to earth to facilitate an important task, all part of the broad education experience.

BookCover-ReincarnationImagine studying what is of vital interest to you … remember back to that one class you couldn’t get enough of: Now you have a glimpse of what life in heaven could be. This is, after all, why you are here, why you are trekking through trial after trial; all to advance, to correct those blemishes which are hold you back.

Learn more about the spirit realm and what it means to us. The first place is to learnExplore-Small-front-cover what the basic tenets of Spiritism are and how your life is planned so you can improve. You can begin by reading The Spirits Book, by Allan Kardec, or you can read my books, one on reincarnation, The Case for Reincarnation – Your Path to Perfection, the other about the spirit realm, and how we fit into it, Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Predetermined. You will find out why you are on this planet and where you are destined to be.


Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at www.nwspiritism.com.

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