Suicide – Please Don’t Even Think About It! – You are an Immortal Spirit

The book - Nosso Lar

Nossa Lar

We Spiritists, are taught that we must pay in this life or the next for the wrongs we have committed. But for suicide, the payment is immediate. In Andre Luiz’s first book, Nosso Lar, psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier, published in 1944, Andre dies and is sent to;

“Actually, I felt like a prisoner trapped behind dark bars of horror. With my hairumbra-andreLuiz on end, my heart pounding, and scared stiff, I often cried out like a madman. I begged for mercy and clamored against the painful despondency that had taken hold of my spirit. But when my loud cries didn’t fall on an implacable silence, they were answered by lamenting voices even more pitiful than my own. At other times, sinister umbra-nossaLarlaughter rent the prevailing silence. I thought that some unknown companion out there was a prisoner of insanity. Diabolical forms, ghastly faces, animal-like countenances appeared from time to time, increasing my panic. When it wasn’t pitch dark, the landscape seemed to be bathed in a lurid light as if shrouded in a thick mist that was warmed from afar by the rays of the sun.” [Nosso Lar, 2010, p.17]

Sounds horrible. Andre told of people coming to him and calling out “Suicide!”, but he knew he didn’t commit suicide. It wasn’t until he was rescued by the spirits from Nossa Lar, that he discovered that he was a suicide, an “unconscious suicide”, which denotes that he drank and whored himself to death (or more explicitly, syphilis and liver damage killed him). Andre stayed in that location until he finally prostrated himself and begged for God’s mercy and forgiveness.

Memoirs of a Suicide

Memoirs of a Suicide

In another book, Memoirs of a Suicide, by the Spirit Camilo Candido Botelho, published in 1955, psychographed by Yvonne A. Pereira, Camilo, who was a famous Portuguese author, committed suicide in June 1, 1890. He writes of the landscape where he found himself;

Camilo Candido Botelho

Camilo Candido Botelho

“Within its winding gorges and sinister caves, spirits that used to be men and women on the earth howled like hordes of infuriated demons, demented by the absolutely unconceivable intensity and strangeness of the sufferings that tormented them.

In that awful place that distraught eyes of the condemned were unable to discern even the slightest gentle outline of a tree that might bear witness to their hours of desperation; or any comforting scenery, for that matter, that might distract them from the wearisome contemplation of those gorges, where no other expression of life could enter other than that of supreme horror!

umbra-sceneThe ground, covered with fetid, dark soot-like matter was filthy, pasty, slippery and repugnant! The heavy air was asphyxiating, icy and darkened by threatening clouds, as if never-ending storms were roaring all around. When they inhaled, the spirits confined there would choke, as if the pulverized matter, more noxious than ash and lime, had invaded their respiratory tract, tormenting them with a torture unimaginable to a human mind used to the glorious light of the sun – that celestial gift that blesses the earth every day – and the life-giving currents of salutary breezes that invigorate the physical bodies of the planet’s inhabitants.” [ Memoirs of a Suicide, 2012, pp.19-20]

The absence of the sun, the presence of pitiful creatures, the filth, all in common with both experiences. Not a good place to be. The spirit world must have desired to create a place that would be worse than whatever drove you to the conclusion that death would be a better alternative.

Why does such pain await for suicides and for people who drink, drug, or smoke themselves to death? Because, when we are reincarnated, we are expected to live through our trials, our lessons. The act of dropping out of those classroom activities is not an option.

We are told that when a person commits suicide, they will usually reside in this terrible place for the number of years that they would have normally lived. This is why, we have an obligation to live to our agreed upon lifespan. Since many of us are participants in mapping out the trials we shall experience while incarnated on earth.

victoryWe must remember, as said many times in books psychographed by Chico Xavier and in the books by Allan Kardec, we are not given trials that we don’t have a way to be triumphant. While the road may seem impossible, there is7Tenets-small3D always a method for a successful exit. And by the way, maintain a good attitude throughout the entire ordeal and you may get bonus points. Learn more about how to handle your life as you are guided by the spirit world in my book, 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life.

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