The Highland Watchtower of Heaven – Processing Prayers

celestrial-cityHigh on the upper boundary of the tenth level of heaven, there exists a colossal tower, with ten sides. Each side processes the prayers and requests of a specific stage; from the lowest level of heaven up to and including the tenth level. A grand central station of thoughts, quandaries, conundrums, and problems which all need a response. The spirit Zabdiel describes the location; the facility is on a plateau. The ground covered in stone, the color of fire; the reflection of the stone permeates the air above to a height of one hundred yards. Next he tells about the building itself:

“On this level space was one building. It was of ten sides, and each side was diverse in color and in architecture from all its fellows. Many stories it had, and rose a glittering pillar whose top caught the light which came above the peaks of the mountains, some far, some near – so high was this tower, as it stood there, a sentinel among the mountains a heaven, a very beautiful thing to see. It covered some eight part of the square, and it had porches on each side. So there were ten ways to enter, and once facing each of the ten ways. A sentinel in truth it was; for this is the watchtower of the highest regions of that sphere. But it was more than this.

Each side was in touch with one of the first ten spheres; and those who watched there were in constant communication with the Chief Lords of those spheres. There is much business passing between these Heads of the different spheres continually. Here it was gathered up and coordinated. If I might descend to earth for a name, I would call it the Central Exchange of that vast region comprised in all those spheres stretching from that which borders on the earth zone, over the continents and oceans and mountains and plains of the second, and then of the third, and so onward to the Tenth.”[1]

 Heaven isn’t just an ethereal group of clouds in the sky. It is organized, it has controls in place, and it has a command and control center, just like any large city or country. This knowledge of heaven is what Spiritism brings to us.

Andre Luiz, the spirit who told of his ascent to one of the initial stages of heaven, to the celestial city of Nosso Lar, described the various ministries and organization which controlled the life of his beloved spirit home. While the names of the departments may differ from a city on earth – the purpose remains the same – running a complex organization, full of souls, all who have work to perform.

In the book, Nosso Lar, Andre was told that while work is expected from everyone in the spiritual planes, rest was also important. The one person who never seemed to rest was the Governor of the city. When Andre asks if he ever leaves his work, he was told, “Only on occasions when the public welfare demands it.”[2]

One could imagine the head of Nosso Lar would be well plugged in to the watchtower. Where the daily business between various cities and colonies, from one sphere to the next, from heaven to the earth would command the full attention of those entrusted with running a fair size metropolis.

The spirit Zabdiel, communicated with the Rev. G Vale Owen in December, 1913 about his visit to the watchtower. He described the people working at the tower as a superior caliber, a higher spiritualGVOwen level than most spirits residing on the tenth level. They never seemed excited, going about their business in a cool and level-headed manner. Always courteous and would go out of their way to make all feel comforted and special.

Zabdiel described them as stately and they, “received all reports, information, requests for solution of some perplexity, or for help in other ways, in perfect quietude of mind. When something more tremendous than usual burst upon them, they were unmoved and ready always, quietly confident in strength to cope with their task whatever it might be, and with wisdom to make no mistake.”[3]

Zabdiel was invited into the tower and he reports what he found there:

“There was a large hall or triangular shape and, high up, the floor of the next apartment. We went to the wall, where it met in angle, and there my friend bade me stand awhile and listen. I soon heard voices, and could discern the words they brought. These were being dealt with in a room above us, five stories aloft, and were transmitted downwards, passing through the floor into the round below, where there were other chambers. I asked the reason of this and he informed me that all messages are received by those who had their station on the roof of the building. These extracted what words they needed for their part fo the work, and allowed the residue to proceed downwards into the chamber below them. Here the message was treated in like manner, and again handed on downwards. This was repeated again and again until what was left passed down the walls of this ground floor room to be once again sifted and the residue passed on below. In each room there was a great multitude of workers, all busy, but without haste, going about their task.

Now, you will thing this a strange way to go to work. But the reality was stranger still. For when I say I heard the words, I tell you only half. They were audible visibly. Now, how shall I put that in your tongue? I can no better than this: As you gazed at the wall (which was treated in different metals and stones, each vitalized by what principle here answers to electricity with you) you saw the message in your brain rather than optically and, when you were sensible of its import, you heard the voice which uttered it in some region far away. In this manner you were aware, in your inner consciousness, of the tome of the speaker’s voice, of his aspect and stature and manner of countenance, of his degree and department of service, and other details of help to the exact understanding of the meaning of the message sent.”[4]

An analogy on earth for the watchtower would be a government listening post. These are stationed throughout the world to intercept radio, cell, and satellite traffic; to pull from the airwaves any snippet of vital information that a government may wish to know about other governments or individuals.

When a cell phone transmits a voice, it doesn’t just send over the digitized representation of a voice, but other information as well. It transmits the phone number that sent the message, the destination, the geographic location, and the time, plus other information.

Our Thoughts Are Tagged

In the books dictated to Francisco C. Xavier, by the spirit author Andre Luiz, there are always nuggets of startling new information. As soon as I started reading In the Realms of Mediumship, published in 1955, I noticed an unusual introduction by the spirit Emmanuel, who usually writes moral exhortations. He began the introduction, titled, “Rays, Waves, Mediums, Minds…” by surveying the history of science in what makes up our universe. He started with Leucippus, about five hundred years before Christ, who theorized that everything was composed of atoms. Surveying others, including the Curies, who discovered radium. Finally mentioning Bohrs, Planck, and Einstein, where he writes:

“The vehicle of flesh, the human body, is now nothing more than an electric vortex governed by consciousness.

Each tangible body is a bundle of concentrated energy. Matter is transformed into energy, and energy disappears to give way to matter.

Raised to the status of investigators of the truth, chemist and physicists, geometricians and mathematicians have become today’s priest of the spirit without desiring it. Due to their ongoing studies, materialism and atheism will be compelled to vanish for lack of matter, the base that had ensured their negativistic speculations.

Laboratories are temples in which intelligence is driven to serve God; and even when intellectual activity is misguided, temporarily subordinated to the political hegemony that generates wars, the progress of science as a divine conquest continues to exalt the good and is bound for a glorious future.

That future belongs to the spirit!”[5]

I surmise he is telling us, that no matter what a scientist believes as regards to a higher power, he or she is working toward the day, when the existence of the spirit world can’t be doubted. Which, even The Spirits Book, by Allan Kardec, tells us will occur one day. Now for the new information;

“Through the sentiments that characterize their inner life, all individuals emit specific rays and live within the spiritual wave with which they identify themselves.

Such truths cannot remain semi-hidden in our sanctuaries of faith; they will radiate from the temples of science like mathematical equations.”[6]

Hence we all have a unique identification, the same as a RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chip, which is used to track packages and even help you check out goods from a store. It is a chip with a cell-phone-transmitter-tower-thumb16351138low-level energy transmitter that is attached to each individual package so computer systems will instantly know the location, price, and description of the object.

We are a walking radio tower, transmitting our thoughts out to the universe on a second by second basis. Imagine seven billion radio towers all broadcasting at once, twenty-four hours a day … the sky would be filled with trillions of pieces of information. Each packet labeled precisely, as to who sent it, the time, the feeling, the emotion, what was seen, and the thought that started it.

In computer science and the software industry in general, there is the concept of the data following you. Whereupon, whenever you require information, it would be there, ready to answer any question you may have. This concept is what has spurred the rise of the cloud. Information living outside, always available to be pulled and analyzed.

Why shouldn’t the spirit world trump this concept a thousand fold? Data is everywhere, data is in everything, data is everything, data creates, data lives. Spirits manipulate data, and the higher the spirit, the greater the ability to sift, shape, and move it. All it takes is a listening post, a facility to filter the data flowing about the spirit universe, to only catch that which is pertinent; and then to process it and act upon it.

An Example

Zabdiel watched the entire process, but he couldn’t translate the strings of messages completely enough so he could understand them. They were too complex, too dense and full of information. His guide offered to translate one of the string of messages, so Zabdiel could see what type of help is requested. The guide offered this example:

“It was to the effect that a party had been sent from the Sixth Sphere into the Third to help in the construction of some works there proceeding. Those who had designed them had been of high development, and had included in the apparatus and structure to contain it, a somewhat more advanced scheme that it was possible to construct out of the substance of that sphere. I might put the problem to you thus: If you were to endeavor to build up a machine for the manufacture of ether, and the conversion of it into matter, you would find no substance to your hand on earth of sufficient sublimity to hold the ether, which is of a force greater and more terrific than any force which is imprisoned within what you understand as matter.

It was a somewhat similar problem they had to encounter now, and wanted advice as to how best to proceed in order that the scheme might be carried out to as large an extent as possible. This is one of the simpler problems these higher ones are given to solve.”[7]

Help is always at hand in the spirit world. Help is always available in our world too … we do not always request or perceive it. There are listening posts for our physical sphere. There is an army of spirits who gather, filter, and respond to our thoughts, meditations, and prayers.

The spirit realm built the earth, so spirits may reside there to undergo intensive training. So we humans may learn the difference between the dark road and the path of light. The goal is to enable all of us to become valuable members of spiritual society. Participants who contribute, as opposed to students requiring training. We are all still students, learning to calmly solve problems with love and 7Tenets-Front-smallkindness in our hearts, no matter how difficult or urgent the situation.

To see how we are enveloped by the spirit realm, how our desires are examines, and our prayers answered, read my book about my personal experiences, 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life. You will be surprised at the involvement into the smallest details in our lives by our spirit guardians.



Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at

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