The Plan of Everything

Spiritism tells us that everything is connected … it’s not meant as a metaphor, but as a fact. We live in a universe that we perceive as being anything but connected. We feel isolated, alone, and abandoned – frequently.

This is by design, because we actually live the vast majority of our immortality in a world where love, fraternity, and connection to our friends is ever present – for those of us coming from a previous stay in one of the heavenly levels. It’s a wonderful place to live and learn, but not a location to rip out defects and to make one critically examine your inner beliefs and character. No, the atmosphere is too comforting and inclusive for that. Hence, we come to earth – or a like planet – to experience a character altering boot camp. An abrupt change from whence we came. But a necessary one.

If and when you can recognize this, your life is free. Not free from stress or worry; for those come with the earthly territory, but from the uncertainty of your goal in life. Your goal – although you may not recognize your travels as a path to reach that goal – has been well thought out and planned – by beings superior to you – in every way.

While meditating, I received this message:

“Everything is planned. Love is the fulcrum around which all revolves. Spirals upon spirals weave a tapestry in which all is interconnected. This interconnectedness spreads out to the multi-universe, in which there are never loose ends. All is orchestrated, all follows a predefined pattern. It is the process of understanding the pattern that lies to true spiritual understanding.

We all have our roads to follow, in as much we can and have the ability to do so. It is within us to solve the puzzle, but it is not a simple task and takes much effort. Work and dedication is the key. Faith is the forward motion, it is the driver of all. Without it one can’t move forward. But it must be strong and rational.”

Our spiral, our complicated path, is dictated by two factors. One is the process of reincarnation – a succession of lives. Whereby, we return, time and time again, to a physical existence. The other is karma, as we reap we sow. Karma is like the tiller of a boat. As the tiller is moved, the boat responds, sometimes slowly, sometimes abruptly, depending upon the degree of the change of the tiller.

Karma acts in the same method. As our actions in one life are summed, the plan for the next is already laying itself out. Unbeknownst to us, metrics are being gathered, thoughts intercepted, and our travels analyzed. All will be used to carefully layout our next sojourn to a life in a dense body.

What looks to us to be random events, acts of cruelty, good luck and bad luck – aren’t that at all. The puzzle seems unimaginably complicated, but it isn’t … for we created it. Once we realize that we, using our free will to make decisions, materially command our future – our life can change.

But first, we must make the leap to understand the type of universe we live in and why we are here. We must fully understand, that the Supreme Intelligence of the universe is irrevocably in charge and our protestations against it has no effect.

We must strive to comprehend the rules by which we live. Not man-made rules, but the set of Divine Laws which take precedence over all. Once we take our blinders off and actually see the truth, the arc of our life makes sense. Only then can we begin to act in such a manner to step carefully through the labyrinth to reach the goal of becoming a pure spirit.

The first step is to learn and study Spiritism, the Third Revelation. The facts of our existence, the spirit realm, and the path to create a wonderful life (maybe not this one, but the next) are all there. All in plain sight.

By adding to our knowledge and then examining our lives and the lives of those around us differently, we can begin to build a solid base of faith. A faith that can withstand temporary setbacks, disappointments, and the pressure of well-meaning friends.

With hard work and dedication, reading and actively modifying some behaviors, the first steps can be taken. After that, each step becomes easier, for the spirit realm, once they notice your effort, will come to help. You may not see it, or discern the signs immediately, but as you progress you shall.

Learn more about Spiritism – read Spiritism 101 – The 3rd Revelation. Next dive deeper to understand your life, read The Case for Reincarnation. After that, learn about the spirit universes, read Explore Your Destiny.

If you wish to read the first books which codified Spiritism, read the books by Allan Kardec, click on his picture on the right navigation bar to research his books and others which reveal to you the full story of your life on earth.

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