Why is it Important That We are Here

In the book Liberation, psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier and dictated by the spirit Andre Luiz; Andre is told why we must suffer through our physical life:

college-classroom“Physical life is a purely educational stage in the midst of eternity, and no one is called to it to partake of paradises of favor, but to the living molding of heaven in the sanctuary of the spirit, making the most of the opportunities we receive to perfect our mental qualities by growing and developing from the divine seeds we have brought with us. The incessant work for the Good, the sublimation of our motives in the transitory experience, the disciplining of our personal impulses, giving broad course to the noblest manifestations of our sentiments, and perseverance in the infinite Good – these lead to mental growth, with the acquisition of light for life everlasting. All individuals are born on the earth to enrich themselves by working for society as a whole. Sacrificing oneself is to overcome oneself, thereby earning the Greater Life. That is why Christ said that the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven is the one who is dedicated to serving all. People can be feared and respected on earth because of the titles they have acquired by means of human convention, but if they do not progress in the realm of ideas by improving and perfecting themselves, they will have a narrow and sickly mind. In short, taking on physical matter and returning to the field of endeavor in which we find ourselves at present entails submitting ourselves to profound biological shocks meant for expanding the divine elements that will be part of our glorious form someday.” (Liberation, EDICEI, p. 87)

Do you remember when your children complain about school, telling them, “It’s not meant to be enjoyed, you are there to learn”? Well, when we experience tough times, we should tell ourselvesclassroom-elementary the same. In fact, we are lucky to have those happy moments, just like the periods between classes when we too, went to school. Therefore, get with the program, participate and graduate with honors and you may not have to repeat.

7Tenets-small3DUnbeknownst to most of us, as we live our lives, we have a support group of guardian angels and mentors at our ready to assist us in staying on the right path. To learn how to take advantage of the help that we all have, please read my book, 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life.

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