Council of Related Planets – Led by Christ

 “At every age, in the beginning, the High Ones, so we are told, take counsel. Results accruing from sometime ages are gathered and laid before them. Those of ages very ancient are rehearsed in tabulated form and briefly. Those of the nearer ages are given in greater detail. Those of the ages last past in full. These are considered in their bearing upon events at that time proceeding on earth. Then the cognate planets have their hearing, and next both earth and them together. So the Council gets agait, and, with no hurry, comes at such conclusion as, when put into operative form for the next age, will be harmonious with the acts of other Hierarchies who have in charge the guidings of planets other than this of earth.”[1]

So dictated the high spirit Arnel to the mind of the Rev G. Vale Owen, who wished to convey the supra-universal governing body which determines our destiny.

Arnel exposes the existence of the Council of Great Creative Lords … spirits on a level with Christ, who move and form planetary systems, set the path of evolutionary life, and guide the destinies of entire intelligent species.

When Arnel states, “Then the cognate planets have their hearing,” he is notifying us that the Council studies planets which are on similar levels as a group. Hence, the earth, which is a planet of atonement, is most likely put in the same basket as other planets of atonement.

The President of the Council is Jesus. While in the Spiritist book, On the Way to the Light, published in 1939, the spirit Emmanuel talks about a Community of Pure Spirits[2], of which Jesus is a member. Emmanuel doesn’t reveal a leader of the group, therefore it could be Jesus or not.

Both Emmanuel and Arnel describe the meetings of these groups as being many years apart and determining our destiny. Emmanuel transcribed his book to Chico Xavier in Portuguese and Arnel communicated with the Rev. G. Vale Owen in English. Therefore, the name of the group could be merely a translation difference, or there could be multiple organizations. I believe the evidence weighs on the side of one organization of very high spirits who are guiding our section of the universe.

In Emmanuel’s conversations, he focuses his report on the decisions of the organization as it pertains to earth’s destiny. He states that the last time the organization met, in the vicinity of earth, was when Christ was planning to descend to earth, but that another meeting was imminent.

Chico Xavier, in the 1970’s, reported that a meeting did take place in 1969, when men went to the moon. It was determined to give humanity fifty years to gauge whether or not mankind would be allowed to maintain their technological advances or not, depending on the occurrence of a nuclear war.

Arnel, on the other hand, tells us that the chart for the course of earth has been laid. This was all reported in 1919. There may be no material differences between the two descriptions, since, most probably, Arnel was speaking in broad terms, and Chico reported more tactical decisions.

Planets we are Unable to Detect

Arnel also spoke about other related planets to earth:

“I speak of those other worlds which have more near relation to Earth both as to degree of development and of the trend of its evolution; those planets which have followed a free willed career most like that of Earth; and also have attained to a degree of intellect and spirit most accord with Earth in its present age. These are not only those which are most near Earth in spatial distance, but, as I say, in intellectual and spiritual content.”[3]

This statement made G. Vale Owen very curious as to which planets Arnel was referring to; Arnel wouldn’t name them, but did provide the following information:

“Moreover there are planets which are not visible to you, albeit they be within the solar range, which must be considered in the matter. Also there are some few which are on the border of this system but obey the pull of another star, and yet are cognate much with Earth. And two there be which are not only consider within the Solar range … but material in substance also, but of which your science at present takes no account, but will some day.”[4]

In, 1919, one could well believe there may be planets just beyond our solar system, which we were unable to detect. But, in the twenty-first century, we have seen no evidence of these near planets.

The reason lies in the complexity of the universe(s) and dimensions when Arnel tells about the existence of planets within our solar system of which our devices don’t see. The central fact to remember is that spirits have told us we are currently unable to detect the spirit world around us and we can’t see even one eighth of the sights and sounds which surround us every day. Hence, there are planes of existence, in an altered dimension, which are invisible to us.

When I first read The Spirits Book and saw a reference to spirit life on Jupiter, I thought that it was an impossible statement. It is plain to all of us – there is no intelligent life on Jupiter. In the Spiritist Review – Journal of Psychological Studies of 1858, there is a description of houses and cities on Jupiter.[5]

Spirits have told us, over and over again, that life is everywhere in the universe. There are no blank deserted areas. This only makes sense in that we live in a logical universe, a constructed universe, a universe of dense data structures and rules and processes which govern each segment.

Imagine a video game. The scenery could be varied and fantastic, but all of it is the result of the collective wills of a team of software engineers. To the characters within it, the sights, distances, and passage of time is real – but to us outside it is a logical construct, which could fit on one small memory stick … a memory stick that could contain other games as well.

Hence, we actually live in a compacted universe, with structures and environments that live side by side, but which are invisible to each other – since it was determined by the Creators to not allow one plane to normally peer into another.

Although, Arnel hints at a future, where human science will acknowledge the existence of planets near to us, but in a different dimension.

And Jesus is in charge of all of this. Does the statement, “My Kingdom is not of this world”, begin to make much more sense now?


One last fantastic point. Once one accepts the multi-layered concept of our universe and our limitations in detecting anything outside of our current ability to perceive, the possibility of intelligent and vibrant life co-existing alongside, or close by is now not only a distinct possibility, but a strong probability.

Arnel, sensing G. Vale Owen’s curiosity about other planets, engages in a dialog with the good Reverend (G. Vale Owen thoughts are in bold):

“You were curious of our words about other planets. Now I will mention Mars. So much thought has been directed upon that solitary planet of late years that it has become foremost of interest to those who are not of science but of ordinary citizenship. That is so, my son?

Yes, I think you are not far out.

The reason is reflex. The people of Mars began it. They have directed a vast amount of thought waves in your direction and you have responded – no, more than that. The reason of this intercommunion is found in the kinship between the people of Earth and Mars. Some of your astronomers speak of them so familiarly as to call them Martians. That would amuse them as it gives us a pleasant little shiver of happy mirth. Well, those who know the Martians so well tell you they be much ahead of you in intellectual development. Do not they so, my son?

Yes, quite correct. They do say so.

They are in error. The people of Mars are, in some things ahead of you of Earth. In other matters not a few, they lag behind you. I have been there. I know this. But these things you shall in time compass by your science normally, and then they shall be all your own, and you will be the more justly proud to know them. That is why we often refrain and bring restraint upon our clacking tongues. It is why I do so now.”[6]

Again, Arnel is speaking about a Mars which lies in a different dimension, not the red planet we see in the night sky. It may take up the same space, but life there is on a different plane. A plane that someday we shall be able to detect and hopefully communicate with.

One can only imagine what a Martian sees when he or she looks up into the night sky and peers at Earth. Do they also publish stories about an invasion from Earth?

Spiritist literature and lectures from Spiritist mediums have told us, independently of G. Vale Owen that Mars is behind us in technology. Mars is also a planet of atonement. It may be that in one of our past lives, we may have lived on Mars.

We Live in a Complex Set of Universe(s)

All of this must seem surreal and infused with pure fantasy. But, when one ponders carefully the existence of a spirit world, and accepts that we are immortal souls who live multiple lives in our pursuit to become pure spirits – it all begins to make sense.

To be immortal, to live most of our time in another realm, means a complex configuration, with an advanced organizational structure beyond our earthly comprehension.

Spiritist understand that we on earth are here to learn. If this is true, then a greater force than us is in charge. Then, we must ascend to something. Hence, there are superior beings, superior intellect, and superior technology in play.

Our current earthly religions provide hints and fuzzy interpretations of what heaven could be, Spiritism begins to open up the other world, with precise descriptions and illustrates a logical progression of what immortality means and where do we live within eternity.

Imagine the alternative. We die and live in a place of heavenly bliss, doing nothing but contemplating forever and ever. As the spirits said (I paraphrase) in The Spirits Book Now that would be the definition of Hell!

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Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at

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