Descending to the Lower Zone – High Spirits Helping Lost Souls

umbra-andreLuizDiscarnate humans who have chosen to reside in the Lower Zone – a region of relative darkness – where they exist until they begin to thirst after light and love … are not left to their own devices to find their way to heaven. They are helped and guided.

A group of spirits communicated with the Rev. G. Vale Owen how they purposely descended from their position of light and love down to the Lower Zone (called Umbral in Spiritist literature) in Book Three of the book The Life Beyond the Veil called The Ministry of Heaven.

The valiant group of spirits crossed the borderline between the first level of heaven and the Lower Zone. Where suffering souls reside in ignorance and self-denial until they determine that life in an environment of love and kindness is superior to one lived submerged in our baser emotions of hate, selfishness, and jealousy.

Ordinarily, discarnates in the Lower Zones would not be able to see, touch, or sense a higher spirit, since superior spirits are less dense. When a higher spirit wishes to be noticed, they will themselves to be visible – even then a superior spirit will appear to radiate light, the same effect when people who have lived through near death experiences or  had visions, see beings of light they labelled as angels.

Becoming More Dense

This group of sacrificing spirits wanted to descend and be seen. They told G. Vale Owen their objective was to be perceived and to not move around invisible:

 “For you will mark that we were not to pursue that method by which the higher ones may sustain their contact with those in the darkness, yet be to them unseen. We were to condition ourselves, as hereto, to the environment of the spheres inferior to our own, so now to those of even lower estate, so that we become of body not indeed so dense and gross as the inhabitants in proper, but yet so nearly approximate as at times to be able to be visible to them at will, and quickly, and even that they might, on occasion, be aware of our touch upon them and that they might also touch us. So we went but slowly and afoot, and all the time in-breathing the condition which was ambient about us to this same end and purpose. And we thereby also got at sympathy of feeling with those among whom our labors were now to be. ”[1]

The communication was initiated to G. Vale Owen on December 31st, 1917. In 1949, in a book psychographed by the late great Brazilian medium Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, the spirit Andre Luiz described what he, as a member of a group of spirits, experienced as they too, descended deep into the lower spheres of the earth.

“’We may not be in infernal caves, but we have reached the great empire of perverse and backward intelligences who dwell close to the planet’s surface, where incarnates suffer their ongoing influence. The time has come for us to make a small testimony. A large capacity for selflessness is crucial so that we may achieve our purposes. We could fail for lack of patience or want of sacrifice. For most of the backward brothers and sisters whom we meet, we will be no more than discarnates unaware of our own destinies.’

We begin inhaling the thick substances wafting around us, as if the air were composed of viscous fluids.

Eloi gasped, and despite my feeling of asphyxiating oppression, I tried to copy the approach of our Instructor, who, silent and extremely pale, was adjusting to the metamorphosis.

I was disoriented and noticed that our intentional integration with the elements of that lower plane was disfiguring us enormously. Little by little, we felt heavier. I felt like I had suddenly reconnected to my physical body because, although I was still in control of my own individuality, I found myself covered in dense matter, as if I had unexpectedly been forced to wear heavy armor.”[2]

The process and method were consistent, over a span of thirty-two years, from one group of spirits sending messages to an English Reverend to another spirit communicating to a Brazilian medium in Portuguese. Both explained how spirits from higher levels of heaven must transform themselves from a high ratio of energy to matter to a lower ratio, whereby they become denser in order to beSpirit-101-Front-small recognized by lower spirits. Spiritism has been sending humankind constant messages since the 1850s to allow us better insight into the spirit universe from whence we came and shall return.

According to Spiritism, spirits who are in the Lower Zone (and those who are even lower in the Dark Abyss, or Purgatory) are there because they have not learned how to let the love of God permeate their beings. They still harbor materialistic bonds to earth and allow the baser emotions of envy, hate, and thirst for revenge rule over them. Hence, they are composed of a high ratio of matter to energy, although still less matter than we on earth, for the vast majority of humans can’t detect their presence.

These lost souls, who were once incarnated like us, roam the planet in organized cities and territories and in chaotic bands. The spirit realm, under the direction of Jesus, sends teams, and has outposts, BookCover-Reincarnationto reach out to any who are seeking a better way.

The exploits of some of these teams have been documented in a series of books by Andre Luiz. In my book The Case for Reincarnation, I use many examples from Andre’s exploits to survey how we die, live in the spirit realm, and eventually plan our future life on earth; to start the process of our required education all over again.

The communications from the spirit world, accumulated by the Rev. G. Vale Owen are another view of this ongoing work. His published accounts of what he was told allows us more insight into how exactly the spirit world sends teams to identify and assist souls up and out of the Lower Zones to begin the process of ascending the many levels of heaven.

The Descent

“So we took the path downward, and as we went the gloom became more gloomy and the chill more full of fear. But we knew we went to help, and not to fear aught, and so we did not hesitate in our steps, but went warily withal, and looking this way and that for the right path, for our first station lay a little to the right-hand as we went, and not between the Rest-Land and the Ridge, and it was a colony of those who were weary of the death-life they had endured, and yet who lacked the strength to break away, or the knowledge which way to take, if they should leave their present desperate anchorage. As we went, our eyes became more attuned to the gloom, and we could see about us, as on a night one might see the country outlying a city by the ruddy flares on the watchtowers thereof. We saw that there were many ruined buildings, some in clusters and some solitary. Decay was all about us. It seemed to us that no one had ever made whole any house, once it began to fall into disrepair. Having built it, they left to build another elsewhere at the first sign of wear, or, having tired of it before it was finished, had left to build another. Listlessness and want of endurance was all about us in the air – listlessness of weary despair and the despondency of doubt, both of their own strength and of their neighbors’ purpose.”[3]

The band of spirits saw trees with mainly bare branches. If they noticed a leaf, it had thorns. Finally, they came upon a small disorganized village. Composed mainly of stones stacked upon one another or mud huts. Whereupon, the band of high spirits spotted a group of lower spirits gathered around an open fire:

“When we had come upon the group, they had been sitting and lying round the flickering fire in sullen silence. Now we stood behind them and none looked up. Had they done so, they would not have seen us, their eyes not being attuned to our state, which was not quite modified to their own in degree. Se we took hands of one another and gradually merged ourselves into visibility; the while they, one and another of them, began to shift about ill at ease, sensing as they did some unknown presence not at umbra-scenetune with them. This is ever so, and it is the same sense of irritation and uneasiness, when they begin to seek to aspire, which holds them back so often. The upward way is ever an arduous way, full of difficulty and failures recurring. The reward is well worth it all in the end of it. But this they do not know very clearly, and what they do know is by report of those who come to them as we did then.”[4]

Life with their eyes cast downward, lost in their own thoughts, unaware of the brilliant environment just above them is the state of many people on earth. This group, lying passively around the fire, waiting for something to happen, are ignorant of the need to open their eyes and heart to a better life. A life filled with positive thoughts, with actions of helping and loving others, with acts of charity and honesty. Action won’t come to them – they must initiate it. They must cast off their self-serving thoughts and look beyond … gaze in the ocean of fraternity.

Starting the Discussion

The main spirit telling the story of the group to G. Vale Owen, reveals what happened after they made themselves visible:

“At this I stepped forward and said, ‘You look full weary, my friend, and much disturbed in mind. Can we befriend you in any way?’ And then we heard his voice. It was like a long-drawn sigh sent through a tunnel underground, so weird it was. He said, ‘Who may you be? There are more than one of you, for others I see behind you. You are not neighborly to this land. From what land do you come, and why do you come to us in the dark place?’

I looked upon him more intently, for even in that ghost of a voice I seemed to find somewhat familiar to me or, at least, not strange altogether. And then I knew. He and I had lived near one to the other on earth. Indeed, he was Magistrate in the town near by my home, so I said his name, but he did not start as I had expected he would do. He looked at me confused, but not with comprehension, so I named the town, and then said the name of his wife, and at length he looked down aground and put his hand to his forehead and tried to call to memory. First he remembered the name of his wife, and looked up to my face and repeated it again and again. Then I said his own name again, and he caught it from my lips quickly and said, ‘Yes, I remember – I remember. And what of her? Do you bring me news of her? Why did she leave me thus?’”[5]

Spirits residing in the Lower Zone are often confused. Many do not realize they have left their physical body behind and have lived in this dark zone without love for so many years, they little rememberumbra-nossaLar their past life among incarnates. It is as if they were on a type of tranquilizer, their ability to quickly process information and to recall past events are blunted by the oppressive atmosphere of the Lower Zone.

Therefore, it took some time for the Magistrate to fully comprehend and bring forth the memories of his former life and wife:

“So I repeated my answer and began to explain. He had loved his wife, in his own rather selfish way, when in the earth-life, and I thought to pull him back to her with that string. But he broke in upon me, ‘Then she will not come to me now I have fallen on evil times.’ ‘She cannot come all the way,’ I said. ‘You must go your way to her and she will meet you.’ And at that he cried out in anger, ‘Then let her be damned for a proud and hard-cased wench. She was ever the fine lady-saint to me and moaning over my little lapses. Tell her, if you come from her parts, she can stay in her spotless mansion and gloat upon her husband’s state. They be here in plenty more pleasurable than she, if not so comely. And if she will descend from her high estate we’ll have a rousing rout for her reception. So good-day to you, sir.’ And sneering he turned away and laughed to the crowd for their approval.”[6]

How many of us have had conversations with others, where the truth and the benefit of what we have LadderToSkysaid is so apparent to us and yet completely ignored by the party we are trying to help. The poor soul, living in a dark and confused state, ignores and ultimately rejects any chance to climb out of the hole he has dug for himself. How like most of us on earth today!

We live in a world with mind numbing drugs at hand, with mind numbing television, YouTube, and other social media videos at hand to divert our attention to the next material desire. Or worse, to discuss any type of relevant question of morality with emotions and insults instead of logic and respect.

Those spirits who now live in the Lower Zone, just changed one state for another. After death they were transformed only in density, not in character nor knowledge. They continued to embrace what they knew before, on earth, and rejected that seeing they were still alive and the same after physical death, their attitude should also transform and begin to seek for answers.

Discovery of another High Spirit

After being publicly refuted the high spirit noticed another person rise and took the Magistrate aside for a private conversation. The unknown man, while dressed the same as the others, walked with grace and seem to possess a caring stance.

He then came up to the high spirit and said:

“Sir, this man did not quite understand the purport of your words, nor that you did really come to comfort and not to taunt. He is some little repentant that he spoke to you in words such as were unseemly. I have told him that you and he were not altogether unknown to each other once. Of your kindness, sir, speak to him again, but not of his wife, for as yet he cannot endure her desertion, as he names her absence.”[7]

Seeing that the man’s advice was well-founded the high spirit tried again. He went and had a private chat with the Magistrate to give him some points to ponder.

Afterwards, the high spirit went over to the mysterious fellow to thank him for his wisdom for how to approach the Magistrate. Whereupon, the person said:

“’I think you, sir, in turn,’ he replied. ‘I ought not longer to delay the discovery of myself to you. I am not of this region, sir, but of the Fourth Sphere, and I am here by choice to do service, such as I am able, among these poor darkened souls.’ ‘Do you live here constant?’ I inquired of him, amazed; and he replied, ‘For a long time, yes. But when depression becomes too heavy, I returnhumility for a little while for replenishing to my own home and them come hither once again.’ ‘How often?’ I asked him. ‘Since I came here first,’ he said, ‘some sixty years have gone in earth-time, and I have returned to my home nine times. Several of those I knew on earth came here in the first early period, but none of late; they all be strangers now. Yet I still contrive to help them, one by one.’

At this I marveled greatly and ashamed.

Here my party came on tour and thought it a virtue so to do. But the one who stood before me brought to my mind Another, Who laid His glory aside and emptied Himself that others might be filled. I think I did not realize in fullness until then what it meant that a man should lay down his life for his friends, aye, and those friends such as these, and to dwell with them in these regions of the shadow of death.”[8]

A higher spirit, from the tenth level, was amazed at the unselfish devotion of a spirit from the fourth level and humbled at the discovery. This is the composition of the levels of heaven. This is the proof in the putting, the outward action of an inner faith. A faith in the love of God and in the teaching and leadership of Jesus.

Ambassadors from heaven are not only present in the Lower Zone for errant spirits, but here for us too. For we reside in the Lower Zone, amongst those who have yet to realize they no longer have a physical form we can recognize. We walk by and do not see or sense others who are suffering. While higher spirits are amongst us all, giving advice and help to those who have started to express a desire to travel toward the light.

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Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at

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