Fear of Being Different – Don’t Let Society Silence You

deathofSocratesA minister, of an unspecified religion, passed away. He was assigned a house on the second sphere of heaven. The spirit realm sent a woman to him to discuss why he was unable to speak, what he knew was the truth, to people who needed help with communicating with loved ones who have passed. Instead of assisting those in need he guided them elsewhere, for he was afraid to be exposed to scorn and ridicule from his colleagues.

It is easy to tell everyone to stand-up for what you believe in; to not be afraid to speak the truth. But, we all know it’s not easy. When others are all professing a certain belief, we become tentative in any differences in our own thoughts.

I remember, when I was in college, I was invited to a study. I was told to listen to a series of beeps and to tell the leader at the head of the table the number of beeps I heard. There were about four or five other participants. Using headphones I heard the beeps and kept track of the correct number. After the first round each of us were asked what was the number of beeps we heard. My answer was different from all the others.

This caused instant confusion on my part. I tried to go through the instructions I was given, what was the definition of a beep, etc. On the second round, again I had a different answer. I was now worried about my hearing; was the static sound supposed to be a beep too? On the third round I conformed to what the others said. I had given up. Obviously, there was something wrong with my thinking or my hearing.

After a few more rounds, we finished. Then I was told, that all the other participants were told what to say, I was the only variable. The experiment was to determine the effect of group pressure. What I had heard was true, but I lacked the confidence and conviction to report the truth. I had failed.

But, I am eternally grateful for being allowed to learn a very valuable lesson. In fact, as I look back, I am certain the spirit realm guided me to that room and experiment so I could learn to have faith in what I knew and to not let others influence me. The embarrassment I felt caving in to group pressure so easily was intense. I have never forgotten how disappointed I was in myself. What a complete fool I was!

This moment made a lasting impression on me. No longer would I suffer changing my belief, if I had the facts to support it, in the face of social pressure from others. While I can certainly say, often, instead of speaking out, I remained silent, in order to keep my job, each time feeling small for doing so. On the other hand, in other circumstances I have spoken out or refused to go along. Which could explain my lack of advancement in my career!

Hence, I am sympathetic to the poor soul who was confronted in heaven for what he did, or moreGVOwen rightly, what he did not do, on earth. His case was discussed with the Rev. G. Vale Owen. They began with a description of a house in the second sphere of heaven where those who have recently passed over stay for a time to recuperate and to determine their eventual place in the heavenly spheres:

 “One of our band not long ago went to this Home and sought out a man who had come to such a forward state as this. On earth he had been a minister of religion who had read somewhat of what you call psychic matters, and the possibility of speaking one to other between us and you, as we do at this present. But he could not come at the thing in thorough, and was afraid to say out even so much as he in his own heart knew to be true and good. So he did what many of his fellows are doing. He put the matter aside from him. He could find other ways in which to help his fellow-men, and this other matter might await the time when it was more and more widely understood and accepted of men, and then he would be one of the foremost to proclaim what he knew, and would not shirk his duty in that time.”[1]

In other words, when the coast is clear, he would pop his head out and become part of the group. I once heard a wonderful explanation of how senior and executive management operates in large companies. Each manager wishes to lead, to make him or herself noticed as a performer, but on the other hand, they don’t wish to stick out too far. Because to be too different is to not be part of the group. Hence, their behavior was described as constantly swimming in a bait ball. You don’t want to be too distant out of the bait ball, otherwise a predator will pick you out. Therefore, you want to change direction with the rest of the fish. Huddling together in relative safety, hoping some other fish, bureaucratclose to the outer ring, or completely outside, will fall prey.

This is why one sees some of the dumbest ideas gain traction and even thrive in corporations and governments. The fish aren’t thinking of the actual direction, they are merely trying hard to keep up with others, so as to not expose themselves.

This man didn’t want to reveal that we, the incarnates, are able to speak to the other side. For doing so would expose him to derision and malicious gossip from his peers. Therefore, when members of his flock came to him enquiring about communicating with deceased loved ones, this is what would occur:

“But when others came to him and asked him first whether it was possible to speak with their dear ones who had come over here; and second, whether it were God’s will so to do; he put them in mind of their Christen belief in the Saintly Communion, but urged them that they be patient until the Church should have tested and sifted and should have issued guidance for those who were of the fold. And while he waited, lo, his time on earth was fulfilled and he was carried over into this Home, where he might rest awhile and come to some decision on what attitude he had assumed on diverse matters of his calling, and of the use he made of his opportunities.”[2]

People came to this man of the Church because they had seen evidence and clues about the other side. Before the internet made possible the gathering of near death experiences from around the world; before the power of the Catholic Church had diminished to the point where people could freely talk about psychic phenomena – still there was an acknowledgement amongst the masses that a life beyond death existed and that loved ones still lived in another dimension.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00061]People talked, they either knew or had witness themselves … a feeling, a sense, an intuition of a future event, or an actual near death or other experience with the spirit realm. The Catholic Church’s position, and others as well, that one can’t communicated with the other side didn’t match their own understanding. You can read examples of near death experiences and others, in my book The Spirit World Talks to Us. I reveal the extent of what was shown and what the information supplied was supposed to mean to the recipients. I discuss the landscape and organization of the spirit realm, for you to determine your place in this world and what life should mean to you.

The Conversation

Hence, the spirit world sent an emissary to speak to the newly departed man of the Church. She, the spirits called her Naine, sought him out in his resting place in sphere two. She found him in a peaceful garden. Surrounded by plants and flowers of indescribable lights and colors.

“She went to him and stood before him, and he bowed and would have passed on, but she spoke to him and said, ‘My friend, it was to you I was sent, to speak to you.’

And he replied, ‘Who sent you to me?’

‘The Angel who has to answer to our Master for your life-work while in the earth sphere,’ she said.Beautiful-Angel-angels-24919961-1024-768

‘Why should he have to answer for me?” he asked her. ‘Surely every one must answer for his own life and work – isn’t that so?’

And she said, ‘That is surely so. Yet, to out sorrow, we here know that it is not the whole of the matter. For naught you do or leave undone ends with yourself alone. He who had you in charge made effort, time and again, for your welfare and, in part, succeeded, but not in whole. And now the earth period has been closed for you, he has to sum up your life, and answer for his charge of you, to his joy and also to his sorrow.’

‘This seems hardly fair, to my mind,’ he answered her. ‘It is not my idea of justice that another should suffer for one’s failures,’ Naine said, ‘And yet, that is what you taught the people yonder – it was your understanding of the doings at Calvary, and you handed it on to them. Not all you said of it was true, and yet it was true in part. For do we not share joy on behalf of another’s joy, and shall we not also share in his sorrowing? This your Angel does for you even now. He both joys and sorrows over you.’

‘Please explain.’

‘He joys in that you did good work in charity, for your heart was much bathed in love for God and man. He sorrowed for you in that you were not content to do what you taught was done for you on Calvary. For you were not willing to become scorn for men, and to be withered with their disapproval, for you valued the praise of men more than God’s praise, and hoped to be able one day to buy more cheaply your reward for having spread light upon the darkness when that darkness should begin to pass from night into the twilight of the dawning day. But you did not see, in your weakness and lack of valiant purpose and of strength to suffer shame and coldness, that the time for which you waited was the time when your help would be needful, and the fight all but won by others of more stalwart mettle, while you stood with the onlookers and viewed the fight from a fair vantage ground, while those others fought and gave and took blows good and strong and fell forward in the battle when they would not surrender their cause to those who opposed them.’”[3]

Oh how I feel for that poor man, doing what he thought he could while weighing the pros and cons of his actions. Afraid of the consequences of fighting a large and brutal organization. I have faced the same dilemmas and have been gutless time and time again. I remember, back in high school, walking home with some friends, passing two other young high school boys, when they attacked us. I ran leaving my friends behind. What a spineless coward! I vowed to never do that again.

But of course I did! In management, I allowed people to be fired or given bad reviews just because a certain percentage of employees had to be found wanting. I performed such despicable acts because I selfishly desired to keep my position and – much worse – I wanted to demonstrate my usefulness in carrying out orders. Unlike the man of the cloth, he at least engaged in charity and good works, while I, only wished to make money.

Upon hearing what he did from the emissary, he asked:

“’But why all this?’ he inquired, ‘What is your reason for coming to see me at all?’

‘Because he sent me,’ she said, ‘and because he would that he also might come to you, but is not able until you are of a mind more clear of purpose, and until you have mastered and acknowledged the various elements which made up your earth life in their true values and appraisement.’

‘I see, partly at least. Thank you. I have been in a cloud all this time. I came here, away from the others, to try to understand it all better. You have said some pretty straight things to me. Perhaps you will add to this service by telling me how I am to begin.’

‘That is my mission here and now. It is the one thing with which I was charged. I was to probe your mind, to make you look inward upon yourself and, if you showed any will to progress, I was to give you a message. This will you have now shown – not very heartily, however. And this is my message from your Angel guide who awaits you to lead you on when you have trained yourself some little more. You are requested to take up your quarters in a home, which I will show you, in the First Sphere. From there you will, from time to time, visit the earth plane and help those there in their communion with their friends here in these spheres of light, and also aid them in speaking comfort and encouragement to those who are in the darker spheres, that they may progress into the light and peace of His Presence. There are even among those to whom you ministered, several who are trying to do this good work for those in anguish, and also to give and to get gladness by their speaking with their loved ones here. They sought your guidance in this matter and you had no courage to give it to them. Go and help them now and, when you are able to make known to them your personality, unsay what you then said, or say what you lacked courage then to tell them. In this you shall have some shame, but they will have much joy and will deal very kindly with you, for they have scented already the fragrance of love from Realms higher and brighter than this in which you have been resting. But the choice is still for you. Go or go not, as your heart inclines you.’”[4]

Naine left him pondering upon his decision, whether to travel to a lower sphere and facilitate communication between the earthly and heavenly planes or to remain in his home in the second sphere. Whatever his decision, it will be his alone. Free-will is one of the Divine Laws, we are not forced to become better. We are presented opportunities in which we may learn.

In the spirit world, for those in one of the heavenly spheres, we are given options and choices. We move up or down at our determination. On earth, we encounter episodes that have been predetermined to allow us to learn what we had lacked in the previous life. Again, we have the choice to either absorb the lesson or completely ignore it.

While in the Lower Zones and the Dark Abyss (also called purgatory) those spirits are placed in a location where they are daily reminded of who they are and what they believe and are given the exact environment they so desired while on earth. Although now that they are in the middle of it, they shall have second thoughts and one day emerge.

In our physical life, we are given challenges. Just like the man who was given a chance to spread his knowledge, but declined the sublime summons because it was too risky, we to face difficult choices. The Problem is the SolutionOur decisions will not only affect our life here on earth, but our future path in the spirit world. Remember, for any sacrifice we make on earth, in the pursuit of dong good, we shall be rewarded a hundred fold when we return back home, after shedding our physical bodies.

Better understand the hurdles put in our path by reading my book,BookCover-Reincarnation The Problem is the Solution. Realize that what we see as troubling times are actually valuable lessons we need to take to heart so we may spiritually ascend.

Learn more about the spirit world and how we reincarnate into many different physical bodies and how we sometimes change gender – read my book – The Case for Reincarnation – Your Path to Perfection.

If you have read Heaven and Below – Book 1 of Spiritism, now read Spirits and the Spirit Universe – Book 2 of Spiritism. The schools, colleges, and universities of heaven will be described, as well as how one travels from one level to the next. Spirit attributes and the powers you will possess when you return to the spirit realm will be illuminated. Learn about the spirit universe, read my second of a series of three books, Spirits and the Spirit Universe.


Brian Foster was a reluctant entry to Spiritism. He grew up with a vague sense of God and a higher power, but only through events he could not explain did he discover that there is indeed a world beyond ours, an “other side” as the Druids called it.

Brian works in Information Technology and has a BSCS degree and an MBA. For many this should make him a rational human being and not one who believes in spirits. On the contrary, it is what he believes to be an accumulation of evidence that has, thankfully, brought him to realize that we are part of a bigger plan.

Brian Foster has a blog at www.nwspiritism.com.


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