Future of Religion

The future will not only alter our culture and technology, but also religion. That which has been set in stone for thousands of years, whether Hindu, Zoroastrian, Islamic, Christian, Buddhism, or any other type of religion or sect will be modified. The fact that a spirit world exists will reawaken our spirituality. When we know with certainty that we are immortal spirits under the guidance of the spirit world – Everything will change.

The high spirit Arnel who communicated with the Rev. G Vale Owen, delivered this series of messages in Book Four – The Battalions of Heaven, in 1919. In essence, Christianity shall be torn down and rebuilt. Arnel tells us why:

“Some buildings there be badly reared by not very skillful workmen but capable of reconstruction and repair as they stand. Some be so bad they must be broke up and scattered and new material be brought together that the house may be built anew. The only part left is that of the foundations below ground. This latter house is earth’s Christ. I say not the Christ, but the Christ of earth’s creeds, the dogmatic Christ of Christendom. Such Christ as appears in the accepted Creed of Christendom today is unworthy of Him as He is. That must be pulled down, its material scattered – all but the deep-down foundations. Then new materials will be brought together, and a shrine resplendent and beautiful will rise, a shrine worthy for Him to set His Throne within, worthy to cover His head as He sits within His Throne”[i]

Christ of the loving countenance is true, but so is Christ the leader of all physical and spiritual bands around the earth. Jesus isn’t only a figure sitting on His Throne dispensing love and wisdom, He is a dynamic executive organizing tremendous initiatives and motivating His billions of subjects to achieve the goals He sets. He is a Father, a Son, and an Executive.

Everything He does, has a reason. And He doesn’t merely channel the power of God to conjure His wishes from thin air. He plans, He gives orders to hierarchies of spirits to attain the goals He sets under their own initiative. He tracks, He analyzes, and He holds his managers accountable to the targets He allocated.

Most important of all, Christ started out just like us. An ignorant spirit, who had to live life after life to learn, to eradicate bad characteristics and attitudes, to finally, after billions of years, reach the level He is at now. And there are spirits at the same level and even higher than Jesus. They too have traveled the same road to purity and greatness. We can too.

Although, the exact majesty of His power and capabilities, and standing in the spirit realm is still a mystery to even those relatively high in the spirit realm.

This is what Spiritism has brought us. This knowledge of our place, of the spirit world around us and how we too can ascend to a spectacular life of love and creation.

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Resetting the Image of Christ

Spiritism, the Third Revelation, was the first salvo, which put in motion a reassessment of the relationship of God, Jesus, and humankind. And as Jesus becomes thought of in a new light, His ministers, those He sent to earth to spread His message, such as Buddha, Mohammed, Confucius, and Socrates, will also be seen from a different perspective.

Arnel spoke to G. Vale Owen about the difficulty of the transition:

“Much pain is caused to many when they hear their Savior spoken of in terms of seeming irreverence. This is because of their love for Him. I hesitate to say it, my son, yet I will say it, for I am constrained to do so: It were well for them if their knowledge of Him were great as is their love. For much of their devotion is paid to Him through clouds of mist and vapor which are not part of Him but are the result of their own imaginings. However sincere these be they are imaginings still and their effect on the devotions of those who create them is to dilute those devotions until their bulk is much reduced. This worship does reach Him, yes, but there is a fear blended with it which weakens it. It were, therefore, well if these devout ones could cast aside that fear out of their love and could love Him so truly as to be assured that He would not be displeasured by them if they would think about Him bravely, albeit with humility, even if they should, in some small details, chance to err. This we do ourselves, yet we do not fear Him, for we know we are not yet competent to understand Him whole, and that, so it be with humility and with good intent, we may search out the truth as it is in Him without disaster or reprimand.

My son, do you this also. And be assured that, as He is of larger majesty than Christendom has ever dreamed of, so is He also far beyond all your dreamings in the perfection of His love.”[ii]

Hence, starting with Allan Kardec, the codifier of Spiritism, presenting the stark reality of why we are here, to learn to become perfected, to other voices bringing news of the land beyond, all of this shall eventually lay the foundation for the day when science proves the existence of a hidden dimension and religion accepts the facts of our immortality and purpose of repeated incarnations. When all the world internalizes the truth of karma, that every action in our lives has a reaction. This is one of the steps required for earth to become a planet of regeneration.

The Spirit World is Getting Us Ready for the Big Leap

All of this won’t happen in a big bang. Like the tide moving slowly up the shore, the spirit world is preparing us for the time of the grand realization.

In the book, In the Greater World, by the spirit Andre Luiz and psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier, Andre Luiz documents some of the assistance which is provided for people who are trying to learn and evangelize Spiritism. This is only an example, for there are other lectures and assistance given to those who are on their exploration for greater spiritual knowledge.

Once a person discovers Spiritism, the breadth of its doctrines soon become clear. Instead of a casual relationship one has with going to a local place of worship, where you are able to meditate and recharge your spiritual batteries on a once a week basis, the knowledge that every action we take is judged, that we are surrounded by other spirits, that we have a duty to spread love and our awareness, can make our discovery seem, at times, a heavy burden. The Spirit world recognizes the difficulties of balancing our spiritual lives while living in a materialistically dominated world. Andre Luiz, in the book, In the Greater World, is told about the assistance given to Spiritists:

 “Through their diligent efforts in spiritualizing work, they are the future instruments for the endeavors that lie ahead. In spite of the clarity of the rules they live by, they still suffer disharmony and afflictions that threaten their incipient stability. Even so, they aren’t left without the assistance they need. In our spheres of action, institutions for restoring their energies open their welcoming doors to them. Freedom from the body during sleep is the direct resource of our manifestations of fraternal support. At first, they receive our influence unconsciously; then their minds are slowly strengthened and they begin recording our concourse in their memory as we give them ideas, suggestions and opinions along with beneficial and redeeming inspirations by means of imprecise recollections.”[iii]

Andre Luiz is introduced to one such method of aid. His instructor takes him to a lecture given by the spirit Eusebio. Instructor Eusebio presents a lecture to those incarnated souls who have the desire for learning more and becoming active Spiritists, but are daily facing the obstacles we all encounter and still have that element of doubt in the absolute reality of our immortal soul. Andre is told that every person who is able to promote Spiritism is vital. The importance of the training is explained by Andre’s companion, “Chance doesn’t perform miracles. Any undertaking requires planning, execution and completion. The miracle of changing a physical person into a spiritual person requires a lot of collaboration on our part.”[iv]

The Lecture for Spiritists

Eusebio begins the lecture by clarifying how his talk will affect each individual at the meeting, “Of course, because the deficiencies of the brain render it incapable of supporting the burden of two lives at the same time, you will not retain a full recollection of this hour upon reentering the corporeal envelope. Nevertheless, the memory of our meeting here will linger in the depths of your being, guiding your higher inclinations toward lofty purposes and opening your intuitive portal so that our fraternal thoughts may assist you.”[v]

Eusebio explains to his audience how humanity has arrived at this precise moment. He recounts the sacred reading of the Old Testament by the Jews, who then would go out and fight the Philistines, the reverential praise of the writings of Marcus Aurelius, while at the same time his Roman government ordered the murder of innocents. He closes his point with, “In such a state we have reached the modern era, in which madness is widespread and men and women’s mental stability is on the verge of disaster. With an evolved brain and an immature heart, we hone our art of wrecking our spiritual progress.”[vi]

Stressing the significance of maintaining our energy and increasing our self-enlightenment, Eusebio acknowledges the importance of such activities. But, as his warms to his subject, he notifies his listeners that individuals who strive to focus on themselves in their quest for purification is not good enough. He throws out the challenge, “If you wish to be pioneers of the living faith in the world, from now on, in spite of the difficulties, a complete demonstration of your convictions of divine spirituality will be required of you.”[vii]

At this point Eusebio reveals the mission, “Modern spiritualism cannot confine God within the walls of an earthly temple, for our essential mission is to change the whole earth into the majestic temple of God.”[viii] Eusebio is telling us that adding a Spiritual center next to the local church or temple, for those select few that will take the time to drop in, is totally inadequate. Our job is to change the world. Change from a materialistic centered society to a balanced one. Where, yes, scientific advancement is encouraged, new goods can be developed, but where the culture understands the importance of fraternal love and that all actions have a consequence. Where each individual recognizes they have past penalties to pay and they have mostly themselves to thank for to look toward to paying off their debts.

After the call to change the world, comes the command to organize ourselves for the task, “For our vanguard of determined and brave workers, the phase of futile experimentation, disorderly investigation and peripheral reasoning has passed.”[ix] We are being asked to actively evangelize the doctrine of Spiritism. Set up gatherings to bring people into the fold and to seek out ways to publicize our message to others so they may, at the least, have the option to be exposed to the truth.

The importance of this is stated in Allan Kardec’s Genesis, where the future of Spiritism and the transformation of the earth to a higher status is heralded by the gradual transition of more spirits which will be reincarnated with a propensity for the good.[x] For the good spirits amongst us, they need to hear our message, because these spirits will be, according to Genesis, “Charged with the founding the age of moral progress, the new generation is distinguishable by an overall precocious intelligence and reason combined with an innate sentiment of the good and spiritual beliefs – an unmistakable sign of a certain degree of previous advancement.”[xi] Focus on the word innate, meaning in this instance, “Coming directly from the mind”. An external trigger must exist for this feeling to come to the surface and be acted upon.

This task will not be without difficulty, pain or sacrifice. Eusebio puts our efforts in context, “Jesus did not reach the culmination of resurrection without climbing Calvary, and his lessons refer to the faith that moves mountains”.[xii] Next, to emphasize his point, Eusebio throws out a litany of advice to surmount the impediments:

“Do not go looking for miracles: yearning for them can become addictive and lead to your loss.”

“Your burdens on the earthly landscape, however rough or displeasing, represent the Supreme Will.”

“Do not jump over obstacles or try to go around them in a deliberate attempt to escape: conquer them using will and perseverance, providing an opportunity to develop your growth.”[xiii]

As well as supplying the reason, the method and the hurdles of promoting Spiritism, Eusebio lays out the context of our struggle in today’s environment, “The powerful winds of the evolutionary wave are sweeping the earth. Every day we see the collapse of conventional principles held inviolable for centuries. The perplexed human mind is forced to make distressful changes. The subversion of values, the social experiment and the accelerated process of selection through collective suffering perturb the timid and inattentive, who represent the overwhelming majority everywhere.” [xiv]

The lecture given by Eusebio was not a homily filled discourse on how we can grow as a Spiritist. This was a, “get out of your chair and do something about it”, speech. A call to arms, where we are told the objective, the terrain, and the difficulties that we should expect on the way. If it wasn’t clear before, it should be clear now, being a Spiritist is not an easy task.

The Lecture for Catholics and Protestants

A more subtle lecture is delivered to a group of incarnate Catholics and Protestants. Later in the book, In the Greater World, Andre Luiz is invited to hear a lecture, again by Eusebio, to a mixed group of Catholics and Protestants, albeit a less dogmatic and more likely to be persuaded types of persons. Andre Luiz was surprised that the lecture was being held, he was told, “It’s important to understand that Divine Protection shows no privileges. Heavenly grace is like the fruit that always results from earthly effort: wherever there is human cooperation, there too will be Divine support.”[xv] This information leads us to believe the tone and substance of lecture will be similar. A call to action, a request to get with the program.

As in the first lecture, Eusebio opens with what it meant to be a Christian in ancient times and reviewed the sacrifices they underwent. Next, Eusebio offers a challenge, “However, as heir to those nameless heroes who lived in affliction, of minds built up in the promises of Christ, what have you done with transforming hope, with unwavering trust? What have you done with the living faith that your forbearers acquired at the price of blood and tears?”[xvi]

Eusebio then delves into his opinion of exactly what these institutions of faith have actually accomplished:

“You have erected barriers against each other that are difficult to cross. Dogmatism poisons you; schism corrupts you. Narrow interpretations of the divine plan darken your mental horizons.”

“What delirium has taken you as you involve yourselves in a mutual competition for the imaginary obtainment of divine privileges?”

“In times of old, Christ’s disciples competed for opportunities to serve, whereas today, you look for every little opportunity to be served.”[xvii]

After a devastating review of their faults, Eusebio arrives at his request, “Therefore, do not limit your demonstration of trust in the Most High to the ceremonies of outward worship. Get rid of the indifference that chills your ornate cathedrals. Let us make ourselves each other’s true brothers and sisters. Let us transform the church into the sweet home of the Christian family, whatever our interpretations might be.”[xviii] This is a plea for a less bureaucratic and more involved practice of their religious principles, and an appeal for less infighting and more focus on the fraternal family under Christ.

Whereas, the goal for Spiritists is to change the world, the request for the souls at the lecture is to return to their Christian roots and stop fighting each other. The Spirit world is not expecting the audience to transform the world, but to outwardly demonstrate the teaching of Christ as revealed in the New Testament. The spirit world is first attempting to steer the ship of the large religious organizations back onto a truly fraternal course. Without this correction, the ability and the required openness to accept the Spiritist doctrine would be absent.

The work by the spirit world to motive us, is but one step in the plan. The road ahead is wide and sure. Not only is our personal beliefs being shaped, but our spiritual institutions will also be significantly altered.

The Future of Religious Organizations

In the book Missionaries of the Light, inspired by Andre Luiz and psychographed by Chico Xavier, there is a passage commenting on the future uses of religious establishments.

In the book, Andre Luiz is attending a Spiritist center, located in a home in Rio de Janeiro. Andre’s mentor, Alexandre, comments on using a home as a religious gathering point:

“You mustn’t forget that great lessons by the Master himself were given in family settings. The first visible institution of Christianity was Simon Peter’s humble home in Capernaum. One of our Lord’s first manifestations in the presence of people was the multiplication of family joys at a wedding party in the comfort of the home. Jesus often visited the homes of confessed sinners, switching on new lights in their hearts. The last meeting with the disciples took place in a home setting. The first center for Christian service in Jerusalem was in the simple house of Peter.”[xix]

In Alexandre’s comments, he is attempting to remind all of us that our faith is important, not where we demonstrate it. The home is a sacred piece of earth, a place where children are raised and family are loved and looked after. It is the actual living as a Spiritist that is vital, not the outward expression of faith.

Next he goes on to tell us what will be the future of Churches, when we drop our need to worship God publicly and learn to practice our worship as our daily mode of living.

“In the future of humankind the material churches of Christianity will become church-schools, church-orphanages and church-hospitals, where the leaders of the faith will not only convey words of interpretation, but where children will find support and instruction; the youth, the preparation needed for achievements worthy of character and sentiment; the sick, health-giving remedies; the ignorant, learning; the elderly, support and hope. Evangelical Spiritism is the great restorer of the loving and hardworking apostolic churches of the past. Its faithful followers will be valuable helpers in transforming theological ministries into schools of spirituality, and stone cathedrals into welcoming homes of Jesus.”[xx]

Hence, there shall come a day, when the organized religions will turn their focus on providing services to their community, rather than mainly facilitating religious events. For, while religious ceremony can certainly be comforting to many, the act of charity and fraternity takes precedence.

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Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at www.nwspiritism.com.

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