Higher Education in Heaven – University of the Five Towers

Spiritism tells us that when we leave our physical bodies, our lives still continue – we still work and learn in the spirit world. The heavenly spheres created and shaped by thought are malleable and subtlety transform as waves of spirits ascend through each sphere. There is a University in sphere ten which serves to teach and make sense of spirit life – sitting below the level of the start of absolute creation.

Sphere ten is the level where spirits are still learning about their world and how it functions; it is the ultimate sphere for analyzing the present scope of the spirit universe around earth. Spheres above are where spirits learn the science of creation. All of this was delivered to the Rev G. Vale Owen from the spirit Arnel. The communication was in the book, Life Beyond the Veil, in The Battalions of Heaven section.

The University

Arnel described to G. Vale Owen a University built on a great plain in the tenth sphere. It was a city unto itself. With lakes and forests interspaced. It consisted of a Dome, a Great Tower, and Four Towers. Here is how Arnel explained the function of the Four Towers:

“The Four Towers have each a group of buildings of their own. I cannot give you their names, but you may write them down as the Tower of Sleeping Life, which you would call mineral; the Tower of Dreaming Life, which you would call vegetable; the Tower of Waking Life, which you would call animal; and the Tower of Consciousness, which you would call human.”[i]

The names are significant. Everything around us is actually life. The stones, the flowers, the walls of our house. Not that they are living according to our definition, but they are living because they have been fashioned by the wills of great and high spirits. They are living because they have been formed with Universal Fluid, which is the building block of all creations – from mineral to our physical bodies. Everything is fashioned out of a primal element, and only the vibration, the density, and patterns are modified to create all. And all is held into place by force of will. Will supplied by spirits much greater than we.

It is this created universe that is studied by the University.

Arnel goes on to describe the other facilities:

“The Great Tower is the Tower of Angelic Life, which watches over all those forms of life below it in degree of progress, and also crowns them all. For towards the Angelic order is all the lower creation moving.

These Towers are served by the House of the Dome, and to it they turn for any specific item of knowledge they need in their work of research and classification. On the powers generated within the Dome House they rely to help them in that matter.”[ii]

According to Arnel, all of the buildings have a mystical significance. Their very layout and the pattern of edifices represent the stages of creation. The Great Tower is in itself a complex and multi-layered structure:

“The Tower is built of double walls, and on all four sides there are rooms and halls and dwelling-places of Angels. So as you gaze aloft you see here a doorway, there a balcony or a hanging window, or a bridge will shoot from one dwelling to another, in a curved outward over space, and inward again to its destination. Or a diagonal line on the wall will show where a flight of steps goes from one house or pleasance to another. Even gardens are there, planted on broad ledges thrust out from the sidewalls of the Tower. And so high and so wide is this great shaft that those items which are of roomy proportions when you mount up to them from within, yet do not impede the view into the sky above, nor alter the contour of the opening atop.”[iii]

The Great Tower must be magnificent to behold, but true astonishment lies in who live in it:

“This Great Tower supervises the work of the other four, and the Dome draws from here the power required for its work. Here reside Angels of great rank, and come and go from very high realms to give of their mighty strength and far-flung experience, to aid those who now seek to treat the way they went before ages ago. Those whose abode is in the Four Towers and the Dome House are doing, in the present eternity, what themselves did in eternities bygone, whose denizens have passed on in the cycle of progress, and left their place to be possessed by the present race.”[iv]

When Arnel speaks of eternities, we should begin to grasp the scope of where we are and where we are going. The entire system of planets to promote spirits is one of sending wave after wave of spirits up the ladder of education and knowledge. Where no one advances without purity of heart combined with learning.

We may toil in college after college in the spheres of our local heaven until we look down and no longer recognize the surface of the earth, and still not yet attain citizenship in the vast University of the Five Towers. Or we may leap upwards in constant intellectual devotion and emotional ecstasy – it is all up to us.

Spirits who have graduated the tenth sphere and entered the path of creation – what that exactly means I do not yet fathom, but Jesus is reported to live at the fifteenth level and he help formed the solar system and planets in which we live in.

These wise and learned spirits come back to help those who are still striving to improve themselves. Such altruistic behavior should come as no surprise, for their very desire to be of service is what helped them achieve their Angelic status.

Immortality gives us the opportunity to engage in whatever intellectual pursuit we find most interesting. Physical death is nothing, except a reentry back into a universe of infinite variation. Earth life is but one of the sequences of advancement, use it to shape your character – remove your pride and selfishness – prepare yourself for great possibilities.

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Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at www.nwspiritism.com.

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