Imperfect Beauty Came From Imperfect Construction

astrology-chart-clockThe spirit Kathleen communicated to the Rev. G. Vale Owen, about the beginning of Creation. On December 18, 1917, she told G. Vale Owen, about the perfect beginnings of the Spirit Universe and how it lost its flawlessness:

“By the Ultimate His power projected, love first had its birth, and was found to be sweetness so perfect that the Sons of God bathed in love, and of their contact came forth beauty. That is why all beauty is lovable and all love is simple and unalloyed, and in whatever phase it be manifest is full of beauty. But when the will of those who were given to act and bear their part in the development of the Realm of Beauty ran counter to the main stream of Beauty impulsed by love, then ensured an element which, being born of will acting not in consonance with original holiness, beings were evolved who were beautiful but not altogether beautiful, and their impetus once being blended with the ever-flowing stream of developing chaos, there were also evolved others who were less and less of beauty, but none altogether lacking of some dim strain of beauty much overlaid and hidden from the eyes of those who continued in the broad onward road in a downward right line from their source.”[i]

We, who live on this planet of atonement, who must live life after life in a quest to remove our numerous blemishes – are those who are not altogether beautiful. We are the straight line down from perfection. We are a lessor creation. Not originally made perfect, but we are given a path to perfection.

Human mythology is full of the immaculateness of Garden of Eden’s and the noble life lived within, but owing to some misguided notion, the Garden is destroyed and abandoned. The divine origination myth doesn’t imply that we were born perfect, but the universe was … that we, the children of imperfection, must strive to regain that what was at the beginning of Creation.

The spirit Zabdiel, in an earlier communication to the Rev. G. Vale Owen, also brought us the subject of the degradation of perfection:

“Thus arose the different orders and species of animal and vegetable and mineral life, and also of human type and racial character. And these things being initiated, again the Divine Mindcreationlord pronounced His general approval or, as our Bible has it, He found it to be ‘very good.’

But high as were those who were chief in this matter of creation, yet they were less than the Only Omnipotent and, as the work of ordering the universe was very great, and wide in extent, the imperfections of their work became magnified as they worked out; so that, to a single mind, and one of low degree, as is that of a man, those imperfections loomed vast and great. For it is not competent to one who is so small and undeveloped to be able to see both good and evil equally, but the evil is the easier seen to him, and the good too high and wonderful for him to grasp its meaning and power.”[ii]

Hence, total perfection is left only to God. While the great Lords of Creation toiled under the direction of God, they could only perform as well as they could – slightly less than perfect.

But this may have always been in the mind of the Supreme Intelligence. Creating perfection implies sameness; infinite repetition could create a weakness that may appear within the span of eternity. Whereas continually improving diverse creatures, promotes a multitude of excellence – all supreme, and all slightly different.

Explore-Small-front-coverEach human, possessing free-will, is at liberty to choose their own path to spiritual purity. Our handicap, born imperfect and ignorant, is also a wonderful gift. For we, unlike those created without flaws, can chart our own course toward perfection. And we have the ability to be perfect in ways not seen before.

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