Inspiration and Communication from Heaven – How it is Determined and Delivered to Mediums

PSYCHIC-readingsMany mediums have written how they have received communications from the spirit realm. Some say they channeled a certain spirit, others a collection of spirits of various levels. The information they share with us is often interesting and enlightening. But, do you ever wonder how the spirit realm manages the process of sending us new and vital information … revelations that are meant to change our lives? They don’t rely on a single spirit to a medium channel, they organize a group of spirits and insure their collective message reaches the mind of the medium in the correct fashion, character, and style.

While there are many mediums and groups of mediums that communicate with individual spirits (spirits at many levels) for a variety of reasons; when the message is important to the spirit world to be delivered clearly and accurately there is a more complex process at work.

To understand the care and effort undertaken to facilitate the successful delivery of a message, onegvale-book must first understand the difficulties of any communication from spirits to humans. The spirit Kathleen, communicated with the Rev. G Vale Owen in November, 1917 concerning this very subject.

“By reason of many intricate complications we find sometimes, when we read over what message we have given, that much which we tried to impress is not apparent there, and some lesser quantity of what we had not in mind appears. This is but a natural consequence of the intervention of so thick a veil between the sphere from which we speak and that in which the recorder lives his life. The atmosphere of the two spheres is so diverse in quality that, in passing from the one to the other, there is always a diminution of speed so sudden and so marked that a shock is given to the stream of our thoughts, and there is produced, just on the borderline, some inevitable confusion. It is like a river tumbling over a weir into a lower level where the surface is a span of ruffled water. We try to get in beneath, where the stream is not so disturbed, and then our message comes through more clearly. But this is one of the many difficulties we find.”[i]

 We should take two truths from what Kathleen tells us. First, we are infinitely slower of mind in a physical form than in spirit form. We are like the baby who hurts his hand, he looks at the hand, then his lips begin to quiver, only after a lag of seconds does he begin to cry because he realizes he is in pain. His mind and body are just beginning to be connected, we realize why he is so slow and love our child all the more for it.

The spirit world looks at us in the same manner – they know we are sluggish and not all there – hence complex discussions will take time or be abandon altogether. Just like we wouldn’t dream of discussing algebra with a five-year-old.

Secondly, and this pertains to the allusion that Kathleen made of trying to flow into calm waters. What she is actually saying, in a nice manner – I will state it plainly – is that our minds are so full of conflicting and disorganized thoughts; finding a few brief moments of clarity (space not filled with what we want for dinner that night, the movie we just saw, the friend we are mad with) is quite an effort! This is why a constant message from the spirit world to mediums is to practice meditation. They are hoping for a medium to wall off other thoughts so their message can sneak in.

Before the process as revealed by the spirit Kathleen is exposed, there are two other major personages who were responsible for delivering messages from the spirit world.

Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier

Geraldo as a young man with Chico Xavier

I was listening to a speech, in Portuguese (confession: without my wife helping me to translate, I would be lost), by Geraldo Neto Lemos, (YouTube link here) one of the people who worked closely with Chico. He discussed how the series of books by the spirit Andre Luiz were written and psychographed by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier.

Geraldo told us that a committee of 12 high spirits helped write the Andre Luiz books. He would only reveal one of the names of the spirits – Socrates was one of the authors.

Geraldo further explained that the series of books just gives us a hint of the truth of the spirit world. The curtain was lifted enough to allow us a peek of what lies beyond.

Chico Xavier psychographed over four hundred and fifty books from various spirits. They brought us a fountain of information of how the spirit world is organized and how we are helped and guided. Chico continued on the work of Allan Kardec, the man who codified Spiritism, with the help of many mediums throughout Europe in the 1850s.

Allan Kardec – The Great Codifier

AllanKardec-youngerAllan Kardec, in his The Mediums Book, surveys different types of mediums. Not all of us, in fact a tiny percentage of us, has the ability to communicate with the spirit world. But, he does say that we are all inspirational mediums. Meaning, that unbeknownst to us, spirits send their thoughts to us and we believe they are our own creations, or inspirations.

Allan Kardec never thought of himself as a medium who could communicate directly to spirits. He never professed that he had any mediumistic ability other than being inspired. Spiritist literature tells us that we are unconscious receivers of thoughts, some more powerful than others. Spirits who desire to influence our actions, speak directly to us, giving us ideas. Higher level spirits send us edifying messages to help us onto the path of performing a service to society, such as charitable acts or help us create new inventions to benefit the human race. We are also sent moral guidance to reinforce what our conscience tells us.

The spirit realm sent Allan Kardec on a mission to earth to fulfill what Jesus had promised – He would send us a Consoler – The Spirit of Truth – to explain further what the Kingdom of God is and our place in it. The spirit realm realized this job was key for the future of mankind. Hence, they left nothing to chance.

There is an article in the book, The Spiritist Review, Journal of Psychological Studies of 1859, which contains the entire contents of that year’s magazines, edited and partially written by Allan Kardec. The article is about an errant spirit who is on the cusp of determining he wishes to pursue a better path. A medium talks to him about Allan Kardec and Spiritism.

The spirit decides to visit Allan Kardec to see for himself what type of person he is. In the second session the spirit reports back what he saw.

The medium wrote out the transcripts and sent them to Allan Kardec, which he read and confirmed as accurate. I start at Question 47:

“47. Let us return to Mr. Allan Kardec.

  • I went to his house yesterday. He was busy, writing in his office… He was working on a new book… Ah! He takes good care of us, poor spirits. If we are not known it is not his fault.
  • 48. Was he alone?
  • Yes alone – that is, there was no other person with him. However, there were about twenty spirits around him, whispering above his head.
  • 49. Has he heard them?
  • He heard them so well that he looked around to try to establish the origin of the noises, trying to see if they were not coming from thousands of flies. Then he opened the window to see if that was not coming from the wind or rain.
    • NOTE – Allan Kardec wrote  – The fact is absolutely correct
    • 50. Do you recognize any of those spirits?
  • No. They are not those in which company I pleased myself. I had the impression that I was an intruder. I remained in a corner of the room, observing.
  • 51. Have the spirits given the impression that they were observing what he was writing?

I believe so. Two or three in particular whispered what he was writing, giving the impression that they heard the opinion of the others. However, he strongly believed that the ideas were his and seemed happy with that.”[ii]

As with Chico Xavier, who was directly in communication with a group of spirits, Allan Kardec too, had Spirit-101-Front-smallhis spirit handlers, supplying him with inspiration to organize and write his books.

If you wish to learn more about Spiritism, please read my short book on Spiritism, Spiritism 101- The Third Revelation, to understand how we interact with the spirit world and how we are guided by high spirits.

Nothing is left to chance, when the stakes are high, and when the future of the earth and our collective spiritual future is in balance, by the vast number of spirits who are tasked with charting our path to enlightenment.

I particularly love the last sentence, since we have all been at the place where we are pleased with ourselves after we had thought of something quite brilliant. I wonder how many times that was our own thinking versus thoughts whispered into our heads.

The Group Supporting G. Vale Owen

First the group of spirits – who worked with him from November 1917 to February 1918 – studied how he communicated with previous spirits:

“We therefore studied and analyzed your mentality and what you had stored there in the years of your earth-life, and your soul – that is your spirit-body, so we employ the word here in these writings – and its health, and in what members health required perfecting the more; and also, so far as we could, the quality and the character of the facets of you, the spirit himself. These we put through the spectrum which we use – not much like the one of which your scientists speak, but which is applied by us to men and their emanations as your scientists do to a ray of light. Thus were you, unknown to yourself, searched and tested with much care and closeness. We made our diagnosis, carefully writ down in details, and then we compared it with that one which was made when my lord Zabdiel used you, and also the more crude, but fairly full, record used when first your mother came to you and with her companions impressed on you their thoughts.”[iii]

As a football scouting combine weighs and tests potential players, so does the spirit world measure potential mediums to be utilized for the task of conveying vital information. Next the team is formed. The organization of the team is told to G. Vale Owen, by the team leader through Kathleen:

“There are many things to hand for humanity’s help which are committed to us as our own peculiar task in the sphere from which we come. These duties are divided and a more especial task allotted to bands of workers. Of these bands we here present, to the number of seven, form what you would call a section or detachment. We have been deputed for this work we have nowmind-reading2 in hand, which is the giving a series of messages through Kathleen, your little friend, and then through you in order. The band to which we belong varies in number from time to time, as new members are initiated or progressed members are called into the sphere next above. At the present time the total number of the band is thirty-six, and we work in detachments of six with a leader, in ordinary, but sometimes less, according to the nature of the work we have to do. The reason why we work in numbers and not singly is not alone for reinforcement of strength and greater power, but also for the combination of influences to be exerted as a blended whole. This we have already explained to you. The blend, to be effective, must harmonize with the personality or personalities through whom we work, otherwise the effect would be of uncertain quality and liable to error of greater or lesser degree.”[iv]

Detachments, rotating workers, groups of six with a leader – none of this comes to mind when thinking of a medium conversing with the spirit world. Imagine the small army of spirits who surrounded Jesus when he was on our planet in human form. Like a play with intricate scenery changes which looks smooth to the audience, while backstage ordered chaos occurs. A mass of workers, moving large objects quickly to prepare for the scene ahead.

The spirit world isn’t an ethereal mist where we float for an eternity in total bliss. The spirit realm is a place, where people go about on their business, cities are full of people, and everything must be organized. Around the earth, one of the main, if not the primary function of the heavenly government is the training of immature spirits, incarnate and discarnate. Hence, the teams that descend to earth Explore-Small-front-coverto pass on their messages are following a process that has a well-worn trail. They have been speaking with humans on earth since before the time of Moses.

If you would like to learn more about the spirit realm and what it is like, where are we going and where have we been, read the book Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Predetermined.

From the Group to the Medium

Seven spirits surrounding the Rev. G. Vale Owen don’t all direct their conversations to his mind. They work to meld their story together and then use the spirit most attuned to the medium to focus the final product into the thoughts of the medium. They tell us the process in detail:

“The chain extending between the composite of our mentality and the pencil and paper by which you hand on this stream of thought-matter to others is now growing towards completion. Having searched in regard to you own personality and traits peculiar, we had to find a link between us and you – one who could receive this same stream of our minds united, refract it, in certain measure transmute it, eliminate from it those elements which in a spectrum are not of utility to the human eye, nor with effect on the retina, and transmit the residue to you. What comes to you from us, therefore, is not the sum total of what we send initially. It is analogous to what you call the visible part of the spectrum, that is, it is all that can be made visible to the human eye – that light made up of the ray – vibrations which are not ultra either end. This in itself is an explanation of many difficulties of communication which seem often so unreasonable at your end of the chain. Now, all laws cohere and have certain points of likeness. It is so in the present. For as that white light by which you see is not unity, but unification, so it is with us. The white light unifies in itself more colors than one which, combining, produce a stream of light of one color, and that one a neutral, So we, our minds combining, produce to you, not each its own element separately, but one stream coherent as if from one mind alone. This illusion is helped also by reason of our transmitting this stream through our most excellent little friend and medium of transmission Kathleen. Mark also that these elements must be blended in due proportion, and each in its proper quantity, or that effect would be marred, even as the light would be not white, but tinted, were one color to predominate over its due proportion of them all.”[v]

As compounds that are baked together form a new element, for example a stronger fiber, so does the workings of multiple spirits that arrange the ideas, the feelings, the symbolisms, the background of the words to be delivered into a complete sentence. Then, as if straining through a filter, the words are channeled through the spirit next to the medium for placement into the correct stream of thoughts.

All of this effort is but for one purpose … to elevate the human race. To place in front of our eyes and ears wisdom which would be useful for our spiritual advancement, if we would only pick it up. We live life after life, often missing completely the opportunity to remake our character into something good, something higher than what we were before. And in each life, there are books we didn’t read, people we didn’t believe, and signs we ignored – each small event – a door to enlightenment.

7Tenets-Front-smallOpen your eyes and heart to what the spirit world is laying at your feet. Start to analyze the little gateways which seemingly open at random, but in reality are planned at just the right moment. Follow the path to love.

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Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at

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