Learning the Creative Science in Heaven – Auras Reutilized

Children go to school in heaven, just like on earth. But what they learn practically leaps out at us like a page in a fantasy novel … they learn to create with their minds. They are taught and they practice how to control their thoughts, in concert with others, to not only create objects, but living creatures.

In January, 1920, the spirit Arnel told the Rev. G. Vale Owen, about what he witnessed while at a type of mixed High School (a liberal range of ages) for children who have demonstrated abilities to control their minds.

Arnel describes an oblong lecture hall, with large French doors and windows open to the gardens outside. Birds fly in and out of the hall. The small birds land on chairs and even the students to rest awhile.

There was a large bird that flew into the hall and perched himself on an arched beam in the rafters. He looked down upon the crowd, as if he was unable to decipher what all those children were doing. His eyes darted back and forth. Sometimes looking at the students and other times following the flight of the little birds.

The Problem to be Solved

Seeing the action, the teacher gave out a challenge to the students. They had to entice the large bird down from the ceiling … but it had to be done without force, without utilizing their minds to will the bird to descend. It had to do so willingly.

The professor told the older students to leave with her; she wanted the younger students to figure out this riddle. She and the elder students left to the gardens, as the remaining students stayed put; looking puzzled.

Arnel stood fast, wishing to witness how this problem would be solved. He describes what occurred in the lecture hall:

“Now there are methods of process more than one by which that thing might be done. It is not my purpose now to tell these to you, but only how these young pupils essayed their task. You must keep in mind that their studies were, at this time, in principle directed into the sphere of the creative faculty, and also that they were still in the initial stage of that department of science. To one more advanced the problem would never have presented no difficulty soever. But these boisterous young scientists were, for the moment, at stand, because of the qualification inset into the problem by their Praetor. This was that their wills should be used creatively. That was the ruse and that alone, for it would have been easy for them to will the descent of that bird and claim his obedience. But that would not have concerted with the quality of creation.”[1]

The formulation of the problem presented to the students displays the philosophical cornerstone of God and His High Creative Lords – down to the Angels who help us in our daily life. The central theme is one of always protecting free will. Not just free will for humans, but also for any creation, whereby the programming of that object should be able to follows its instinct and intellect without constant direct interference.

That which is conjured or evolved alive must not be a robot, awaiting explicit instructions for every movement – an autonomous living thing must be able to not only make their own decisions, but also improve along its own lines. The spirit realm is wholly dynamic, it is always changing and evolving. And every creature within is expected to perform the same.

These students, when they graduate and at some distant future, they may come to earth to lead us on our correct path, they will have learned to alter our direction subtly. Not to place an irresistible command in our head, but to place a desire, a treat, in our path, to lead us to the preferred bearing. All accomplished with maintaining our free will intact.

The Solution

Arnel describes the scene with the classmates in silent reflection. They were deep in thought, when suddenly one voice started and the others followed. Finally one student proposed a solution. Arnel continues the narrative:

“It was one of the girls who hit upon the method which came to be adopted after much noisy discussion. The children made a circle of the couches which had been placed in irregular fashion about the room. They then, one and all composed themselves in easy order, with the smaller children distributed among them, and fell to their task in right good earnest.

The first stage of their proceedings was to gather all the smaller birds within their circle. This was easy. They came, one after another, to the number of sixty or thereabouts. Then those birds began to group themselves together in the middle in response to the concentrated will of the pupils.

When they were brought together in this way there was much chirping one to other and preening of plumage. But gradually, they began to grow silent and still, until they stood there all charmed into sleep.

I was watching it all very curiously, and now I noted a change coming over them. Their many-colored feathers slowly changed their nature and became a rather dull slate color, not unlovely and very chaste it was, but of neutral tint. They had withdrawn from each of those birds its aura, not quite entirely, but leaving perhaps some eighth part thereof which, however, was not visible without, but was distributed through the body of the bird within.

Then the children on the right, as I watched them from beneath the Arcade, quietly and slowly left their stations and going over to the left end of the room, took their stations behind those others who still reclined upon the lounges. Awhile a luminous cloud gathered in front of them, and between them and the birds. This was the aura of all the birds, composite and blended into one. It slowly contracted upon itself until it lay upon the floor, in shape as a large egg. This was then gently raised upon end. Its weight had become increased in ratio to its condensation.

Then its shape was changed until there stood in its place a replica of the large bird who still sat upon the arch aloft very intent upon the strange doings in process below him. At length the new-born bird slightly moved its head, and some of the little pupils began to clap their hands in delight. But they were stilled instantly by their elders lest distraction of will should mar their work, now nearly complete.

The bird stood there still and silent, but soon there came a little lifting of wings; then her eyes opened; then she walked a few steps towards the children. Still they applied their wills in untied action upon her and at last she stood there a live bird, mate for his majesty aloft.

She ran to one child and then to another, receiving their caresses wherever she came. After this had for a while proceeded, she went a few yards away from them and uttered her love-call, and down came the bird from aloft and joined his mate upon the floor.”[2]

 Children creating life from other life. It is as if a small house composed of building blocks was presented to a child. Then a picture of a different home came into his or her view. The child would dismantle the original house and attempt to create a new house with the same material.

Aura – Logic Encapsulated Within Energy

This is how we all learn. We don’t invent out of thin air, we reuse, and we build upon that which was already present to make something new. It is the same with a person first learning how to program. They write a few simple lines of code, but in the main, they borrow from other routines. They reuse subroutines, modules, and services to build a new logical construct – a new program which may be used for a different purpose, but was built out of the parts of other applications.

The children in the classroom, utilized the auras of the smaller birds to make one larger bird. What is an aura? – To us on the earthly plane it is an atmosphere generated about a thing or a person; an invisible emanation. But it must be more than that to be manipulated and reused. It must contain the logical DNA within it – the full range of subroutines, interfaces, and ethereal connections and logic of its very being.

Hence, the children were using a set of logic which was encapsulated within an energy field. They extracted the required logic from each of the smaller bird’s auras and amassed one larger bird.

When the spirit world refers to individual spirits, they sometimes use the word “personality”. As if our sum total of our being, our multiple lives, our character, our current state of ascension could be summed up in one word. But what if it can – think of the genesis of writing a movie, novel or play or even a video game; the central characters are supplied with a “personality”, a set of attitudes, capabilities, and character that provides the foundation of all subsequent actions and dialog of that actor. The logic deriving from a specific “personality” must be adhered to, otherwise the character in the film would appear arbitrary and false.

Therefore, we are, each of us is a “personality”, a buildup of experiences that are on top of our moral character. And we are on earth to reform and reprogram the least desired portions of ourselves. We are free standing logical constructs, who have the ability to modify ourselves – hopefully for the better. As we improve, we are allowed more range and more power.

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Reversing the Process

At the end of the great experiment the children let out a yell of victory. The two birds were petted by one and all.

Arnel reported that the most difficult part of the trial was the construction of the throat, so that the female bird would sing the correct song using the right pitch to attract the male bird.

This fact serves to reinforce the utilization of the other auras. For the most unique areas of the new construction were the most difficult to build. The students couldn’t just lift the logic out of the auras of the smaller birds, since nothing was similar to the throat of the larger bird. Therefore, that section had to be customized.

The artificial female bird wasn’t allowed to exist for long. The smaller birds were not to be denied their full auras. Arnel tells us what happened next:

“There now remain for them to proceed with the reverse process, by which the bird was again resolved into the original composite aura-cloud, and this again dispersed among its original owners.

This was effected, not by their concentrating their wills upon the bird itself, but upon the smaller birds standing there insensate and unconscious. That was why they did not withdraw all the aura from them. Or it was one of the reasons why. Another was that it would not have been well with the birds if they were deprived of their auras in total. It was therefore upon that remnant left to them that the children now operated and, through it, extracted, from the composite cloud, for each bird its own aura. For it was more easy this than had they essayed to operate directly upon the cloud and to separate the auras there intermingled.”[3]

From the paragraph above, I would surmise that each component of the aura that was extracted from each smaller bird had a unique tag. And that, by using each small bird, the students initiated a request to query another source to retrieve their original programming. Hence, the logic for each bird would be reset and restored in good working order automatically. All using native routines that were present in each of the creatures.

This is what is waiting for you when you traverse from one dimension to another. Only your physical body is left behind. Your spirit, your “personality” is intact. How you modified yourself during your life is now part of you in the spirit realm. The opportunities to grasp in this fantastic location are entirely up to your free will.

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Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at www.nwspiritism.com.

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