Rising Out of the Lower Zone – A Spirit Strives to Ascend

crossSymbols are important. They have meaning … and the meaning is more important than the symbol itself. Kathleen, a spirit, tells us how a low spirit managed to lead a group of poor soils from the dark regions into the light – all by the use of a symbol.

Kathleen, a spirit, tells a story of how she went to help a soul, who she had worked with in the past on earth, out of the Lower Zone (called Umbral in Spiritist literature) in Book Three of the book The Life Beyond the Veil called The Ministry of Heaven. She tells the Rev. G. Vale Owen how her friend worked to rise toward the light.

Kathleen begins her communication with G. Vale Owen by explaining about the power of signs and the power of a name. The name of God and Jesus, she expounds, must be held in the higheststatue-of-liberty reverence, on earth and in the spirit realm. Knowing the name of a high angel also has great force and consequence. It must be used carefully. When you possess a name of a spirit – the true name – it allows you to call out to them wherever they are. Whether in the next room or a billion miles away in another dimension.

While names can be invoked, so can symbols, and like individuals, some symbols are more powerful than others. Kathleen tells us about one of the most potent symbols on earth:

“Make the sign of the Cross when you feel at all doubtful of our presence with you. It will help you both to realize our protection and your own freedom from all intrusion of those who would prevent us by coming in between. Not bodily, but by projection of their thought – influences which make a mist to obscure. You will mind, friend, that in degree they come nearer to you then we do, and have there a vantage ground which we want.”[i]

The cross itself isn’t the key, it is the representation of what the cross signifies. It denotes love, forgiveness, charity, and fraternal protection of all. Kathleen is telling G. Vale Owen, that when inferior spirits are deliberately attempting to cloud his mind to distance him from communicating with higher spirits, he should ask for assistance to clear the veil that was constructed by those wishing to block him.

The Rev. G. Vale Owen asked for an example of the intrinsic power of the symbol of the cross. Kathleen told her story of her colleague:

“I was once sent to search for a man who had, strangely enough, been brought, on passing from earth, into the second sphere. But he was not fitted to dwell there and gravitated to the spheres below. I will not pause to explain this in matter in particular. It is rare that such a thing comes to pass – not unknown. Such mistakes are made here and there by guides of lesser knowledge. Their zeal outruns their powers of discernment and of penetration, and, when a difficult and entangled personality comes over, mistakes are sometimes made. I descended into the spheres of gloom, therefore, and when somewhat conditioned thereto I began my search. I went from city to city, and at last I came to a gate where I felt his presence within. You will perhaps not readily understand that I have but just given you. Let it pass, you will one day. Passing within I came by the murky glimmering of light prevailing to a square wherein a large crowd was gathered. The air seemed ruddy of hue, like a smith’s working house, flickering and faltering as the crowd were uplifted or depressed, grew angry or grew weary. Standing on a stone block was the man I sought. He spoke to the people in a harsh voice earnestly, and I stood behind them and listened awhile.”[ii]

According to Spiritism, spirits who are in the Lower Zone (and those who are even lower in the Dark Abyss, or Purgatory) are there because they have not learned how to let the love of God permeate their beings. They still harbor materialistic bonds to earth and allow the baser emotions of envy, hate, and thirst for revenge rule over them.

The person that Kathleen was looking for had descended. His mind must not have been ready to release all selfishness and material longings. Invisible stings still tied him to the earth. Hence, he didn’t feel comfortable where the spirits thought he would fit in, instead he journeyed to where others were like himself. And this is where Kathleen found him … speaking to the crowd about:

“He was telling them of the Redemption and of the Redeemer – not by name, mark you, but by allusion. Twice or thrice I saw the name upon his lips, but it never came forth, for whenever it happened there, I saw a wave of pain sweep over his face and his hand gripped inward on themselves, and he became silent a space and then proceeded. But of Him of Whom he spoke no one there could doubt the Personality. For a long time he urge them repent, and told them what Christothe lack of spirit-leaning had done by him, bringing him down, willy-nilly, from his short glimpse of Heaven and light into the thick gloom of these underworlds of pain and remorse. What he was urging them was to do this: he said he had come hither with open eyes, and had marked the way well enough to go back upon his steps and reach the light at length. But the way was long and of painful ascent and very gloomy. He therefore called upon them to be willing to make their departure with him, and all together, as a flock of sheep, for company and mutual aid, and they would come to rest at the end. Only let them not go astray by the roadside, for ravines and rank forest lands they must pass beside, and those who stray might lose the track for ages and wander lonely whither he could not tell, but always in darkness and peril from the cruel who lurked in those regions to wreak their frenzy on any who came within their power. So let them follow the Banner he would bear before them and they should then have naught to fear. For the Banner he would make for them would be a symbol of great strength to them for the way.”[iii]

The crowd wanted to know what Banner he was talking about. The man attempted to trace the sign of the cross but couldn’t bring himself to finish the vertical line after he traced the horizontal line with his hand. Kathleen gave him strength to finish the cross and she made it shine in the air. The reaction of the gathering wasn’t what Kathleen expected:

“But I heard a wild cry and a great wailing and looked out again. The Cross had grown more dim, and7Tenets-Front-small I saw the multitude were prostrate and writhing in the dust of the great square, seeking to hide their faces and blot out the memory of that sign. It was not that they hated it – these were come through that stage of remorse – but it was the very progress they had made towards repentance that caused their present pain. Remorse was blending into sorrow for sin and ingratitude in these, and that progress added bitterness to their sorrow.”[iv]

Kathleen saw, first hand, the power of a symbol. She knew she should have held back the making of the cross until the crowd was ready. She helped to calm the people.

Kathleen told G. Vale Owen, that the group did indeed leave on their long and arduous journey. Their Banner was a cross; not a perfectly fashioned cross, but two misshapen tree limbs tied together with a red cloth. The entire pilgrimage lasted a long time, but they all eventually made it to the lower regions of heaven. Always following the cross, that symbol of hope and love.

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Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at www.nwspiritism.com.

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