Spirits – Helping a Child Pass Over – And her Parents Cope

The spirit Arnel tells of a time when he and a young spirit, Habdi, was called to assist the transitioning of a child from the earthly to the spirit life:

“So we went without delay and came upon them where they were gathered about the bed of a little girl-child. She was of some six summers. I could see that she was about to come hitherwards. The home was that of a man of moderate wealth. He was not rich but worked to earn his bread. The room when I arrived there was full of lights of many colors.”[1]

Colors, lights; the emanations which come from spirits. The level of brightness denotes their spiritual purity. During medium meetings I have attended, I have heard some mediums talk about how bright was a particular spirit; they knew then they were in the presence of a high spirit. They could see and feel the calming vibrations surrounding them, just by being in the same area as one who lives at the most harmonious level.

Arnel shared this story with the Rev. G Vale Owen, who wrote of this account in Book Five – The Outlands of Heaven. He received the message in 1920.

Arnel tells us more about the parents of the little girl:

“There were but few strains of dullness in their auras. The woman was not quite so spiritual as the man. But both were very good people. Only, as the child grew weaker and they began to understand that she was slipping beyond their grasp, there gathered about them colors more somber and the radiance became more dim. Their faith began to fail somewhat, their faith in the goodness of God.

They were earnest souls, however, and that is why these high beings had come down to help them in this dark hour.

There were one man and two women spirits tending the child. These were there to see that all went well with her in her passing. To them I led Habdi. The company who had called me meanwhile stood in a group aside and concentrated upon the man and his wife to help them.”[2]

The spirit realm takes special care of children when they pass over the veil. Their love for the more innocent creatures among us is boundless.

Love for Children

Benevolent spirits help children from all environments, even those raised in a household devoid of spirituality. Their attention is not limited to children who are leaving the physical life, but even to children who had a near death experience. And just like the spirits who requested Habdi to come and help them with another child, the spirit realm knows that children seeing other children feel more comforted at certain times.

A woman named Sandy, had a near death experience when she was five-years-old, years later, wrote an account of her NDE (near death experience):

“In August of 1985 when I was only 5 years old, I was on a boat trip on a local lake. I was bitten by a mosquito and developed encephalitis. ‘I died’ and drifted into a safe black void of comfort and ease, no pain and no fear. This was a place where I felt right at home. Off in the distance I saw a very small light. It was drawing me to it. I felt myself rushing towards this light with a great amount of speed. I was not frightened. When I came into the light, it represented peace and joy, but most of all a deep unconditional love. The light was a sparkling, glowing cloud. From inside I heard a voice in my head and I knew it was God. Since my parents never discussed God or took me to church, I really don’t know how I knew, but I did. Furthermore, I felt like this was my real home, this place where I was with this beautiful light which was God. I felt surrounded by the light and was one with it. The feeling was like being scooped up and held by my daddy when a barking dog was biting me just a few months earlier, only more so.”[3]

As with so many other accounts by children, upon separation from their body, their soul is bathed in a sea of warmth. And like others, Sandy felt love, a love which saturated every pore.

At the time Sandy was a five-year old with no concept of the afterlife or a Supreme Being. Her parents never felt the urge to expose her to any type of prayer or devotion, yet immediately, as her soul rose, she knew she was in the presence of Divinity.

To comfort the innocent child another child appeared, a girl who seemed to be about ten years old:

“Another beautiful light, only smaller, joined us. It was a girl about 10 years old. She looked somewhat like me. I could tell she recognized me. We hugged and she said, ‘I am your sister, I was named after our grandmother, Willamette, who died one month before I was born. Our parents called me Willie for short. They were waiting to tell you about me later when you were ready.’ I was talking to her and she to me without words. It was too strange looking back on it, but it seemed natural at the time. She kissed me on the head and I felt her warmth and her love.”[4]

The spirit realm takes care of us when we emerge from our restrictive bodies. Guides are on hand to help children and assist those who have demonstrated their adherence to the Golden Rule. People who have lived an honest and compassionate life toward others are not left alone in the great transition back to the real world, the spirit world, where we shall spend the vast majority of our immortality.

When Jesus declared, in Luke 9:60, “Let the dead bury the dead, but you go and proclaim the Kingdom of God”, he wasn’t, as many believe, only telling us to ignore all else and perform our duty to God. He also gave us a glimpse as to how the spirit realm operates. He knew the extent of the care the newly deceased were given. He wasn’t telling us to neglect our obligations, He was telling us there is a support group around us the moment our soul begins to detach from our corpse.

Sandy’s sister met her in the light to make her feel comfortable and to send her a message. Her message was that she must return. Like so many other NDEs, the aura of the spirit world was enticing, as if you had dived into a sea of warm love and felt the glow of complete tranquility. A feeling one only has for fleeting moments during our sojourn on earth. Moments like lying on a beach, the hot rays of the sun penetrating your skin, the sound of the waves and birds mixing to create a harmony of bliss.

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Habdi Helps a Child

As Sandy was met by her sister, the little six-year-old girl was given the same loving treatment. There are no coincidences in the spirit realm, each death, each NDE is planned and orchestrated by the powers that watch over us.

Arnel recounts the last moments of the small sweet child:

“At length the little one breathed deeply, and did not breathe again. By this time her spirit body had risen from out of the body of the flesh, and was almost free. So the two women attendants took her in their arms and laid her to rest for a few minutes. Then they roused her and Habdi came to her and took her by the hand and smiled upon her and kissed her upon her brow and called to her merrily. Soon she smiled in answer and so, hand in hand, the two children went away, the man and the two women following in their wake.”[5]

The child, as all children do, followed the pleasant and intriguing path. She saw another playful friend and immediately gave over her will to his; to be led into another world, where love was the oxygen they would breathe and nothing bad would happen to her.

Even older children are carefully guided to the other side.

A Teen Passing to the Spirit World

In the book Message from a Teen in the Spirit World, by the spirit Neio Lucio, psychographed by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, we are presented with how a young boy, Carlos, fourteen years old, felt as he was passing away from a severe disease. He couldn’t speak because his lungs were no longer supplying the amount of oxygen required to maintain his life.

Carlos’ mother and father were next to him by his bed. Other family members and the doctor were in the room, waiting for his last breath. He could only think, how sad everyone looked and he wanted to help them. He begun to be afraid of dying, when an event occurred:

“When everything seemed beyond hope, something happened that grabbed my attention. A faint noise aroused my curiosity.

I looked toward the doorway and saw that, in some unexplainable way, delicate flakes of a phosphorescent substance had begun appearing there.

Those points of light seemed to be forming a fine cloak of airy gauze and it looked like someone was moving beneath it …

I was watching this oddity in amazement, when the light curtain split apart and a pretty young lady appeared. I recognized her right away.

She was the same lady that was in the big painting that Mom kept in the house. It was Aunt Eunice, Mom’s little sister, who had died when you and I were still small.

She was wearing a light green dress decorated with shining lace. A beautiful, radiant, bluish light surrounded her, especially her head and upper body, as if she were holding a hidden lamp. Her dark eyes radiated unlimited sympathy and kindness.

I was greatly surprised as Aunt Eunice entered the room, gave Mom a hug (without Mom seeing her), and then sat down beside me and said, ‘Well, little Carlos, you are so brave. Are you afraid now?’

If it had been any other occasion, I think I wouldn’t have behaved so well, because I had always heard that the dead are ghosts and our aunt was already dead. But I was so distressed that I felt greatly comforted by her words of encouragement. I needed someone to cheer me up.

I noticed Dad’s nervousness, Mom’s tears, and Dr. Martinho’s discouragement and sadness as he sat beside me, and I concluded that Aunt Eunice’s good mood was just what I needed.

Actually, in the good old days when I had been well, I had heard strange stories about ‘hauntings from the other world.’ Which had left such an impression on me that I couldn’t sleep, but Aunt Eunice couldn’t inspire fear in anyone. She was beautiful and smiling, filling me with trust and optimism.

So I felt alive again, although I noticed an unpleasant stiffness in my body, which I couldn’t move, not even a bit.”[6]

Carlos couldn’t move his physical body, which would no longer be possible, he was freed of his ties to earth and taken to a shelter to rest by his loving Aunt. As Carlos was sent a caring family member to help his transition, the little six-year-old was taken care of by another child who could help her accept her new world.

The Grieving Parents Comforted

The spirits who focused their minds on the parents did so for a purpose. As their precious daughter, the love of their life, slowly faded away from their embrace, both parents were permitted to glimpse an aspect of the spirit realm.

The mother, sensing her child had breathed her last, was about to give way to deep emotional pain. Arnel tells us what happened next:

“But instead the woman put her left hand on her bosom and, starting back, placed her right upon the shoulder of her husband, and looked steadfastly at that place which was above the head of the bed, and a little to the left of the center as she viewed it. There she saw her little one looking eagerly into the laughing eyes of a boy who seemed to be talking to her of something very pleasant to think on. He was clad in a cream-colored tunic belted with gold; and the little girl was much like him in her tiring. The boy had given her a beautiful spray of flowers of white and blue which she held in one hand, the other clasped in the hand of her young companion to give her strength. Slowly they went away, he talking, and she smiling her prettiest. Then there arose from the bedside a man and two woman in radiant dress who followed after the children.”[7]

In essence, the mother was given the gift of peering into the spirit realm. She accurately saw what occurred in the other dimension. After the vision ended she asked her husband if he saw the same thing. He didn’t, he felt a different kind of other-worldliness; he told his wife:

“’I felt a strong breeze about me. It was not quite like wind, but rather was a kind of influence – a stream of influence, I might call it. It seemed to go through my very being and carry away all bitterness and sense of loss. And I heard, or seemed to hear, some voices talking together. One said somewhat after this fashion, “The boy knows the way right well and will not err away from it. We will let him guide her and ourselves will follow after and aid them with our strength for the journey.” It was in no language I know, dear, and yet I understood quite clearly. But I saw nothing but a faint cloud of light exactly in the spot where you were looking. It seemed first to gather about our little one, then to rise above the bed and float to the left as I looked at it. That is the spot where you saw your vision, was it not?’

‘Yes, dear,’ she replied, ‘and I thank God for that, for had I not been given that vision I do not like to think what wicked thoughts I would be thinking at this moment.’

Then she went to him and, kneeling by his chair, laid her face against his breast and burst into tears. They were a simple-minded pair, those two, and moreover, their mode of life had been such to enable these high angels to come and do service to them. Nor did they deem it of so small importance as that it should not have enlisted their concern. Nay, my son, we do not reckon matters greater or lesser by the gauge which men have made. We have our own measures, and they are more true than those of earth.”[8]

A simple couple, not simple in native intelligence, not simple in faith and caring, but simple as in honest and straightforward folk, whose word is their bond and always helpful to their neighbors. They came to earth, they respected their fellow beings, they didn’t fall for the lure of rampant materialism; in other words, they were working hard in learning the lessons they were assigned.

And such devotion and demanding toil is rewarded. Certainly, not on earth, where the good and decent are often overlooked, or worse, denigrated. Where steadfast couples, individuals, and families go about their daily jobs, doing the best they can and caring for others. This is victory on earth. This is success.

There was a reason for the couple to lose their child. There was a reason for the child to come and stay for a short time on earth. Nothing was done to punish, only to benefit and instruct. No life was taken away forever, no future struck down, since mother, father, and child are all immortal souls … who are still alive at this moment and for all the millennia to come.

They like you, experienced a chance to grow, to mold their character to be loving, charitable, fraternal, and honest. And in their deepest trial, the spirit world was right there, beside them, working to smooth out the pain and to let in the knowledge that God is good and all flows from that.

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Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at www.nwspiritism.com.

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