The Christ Sphere

Various spirits came to the Rev G. Vale Owen in his years of recording communications from the other side. His mother came first, then other spirits, from higher levels than his mother, initiated conversations: Castrel, Astriel, Zabdiel, and Arnel.

They all agreed on how they would describe the different levels of heaven circling the earth. They were quite explicit in saying that their numbering system was not universal or perfectly accurate – only that it provided a good approximation of the steps of paradise.

Arnel told G. Vale Owen:

“The spheres are constituted both as to content and bounds, as to be not competent of any rigid tabulation in your philosophic habit of thought. If we and others speak of them we must divide and classify them, however; and this we do for your better understanding. But the method of classification is not of universal acceptance. It is no dogma with us. Yet if you search beneath the outer wording you will find a certain agreement among those who transmit their messages.”[1]

Hence, throughout the voluminous messages received by G. Vale Owen, the labeling of the levels is consistent. Therefore, level one is the beginning stage of heaven. It exists, in physical form, above the Lower Zone.

Imagine the earth as a flat circle, with the Dark Abyss, a type of purgatory, below the outline of the earth, while the Lower Zone begins at the crust and extends upwards, until it meets the boundary of the first level of heaven.

Then think of additional rings around the earth, one above the other, these are the levels of heaven surrounding earth. The same occurs for each planet occupied by life. The rings flow outward so far that for some planets the circles practically intersect.

For those who incarnate on earth, they shall spend thousands of years climbing up the ladder; first from possible stays in the Dark Abyss, to the Lower Zone, then to the first glorious sight of heaven. As they are incented to learn and educate themselves and modify their character towards love, fraternity, and charity – they shall climb from one level to the next.

Within each level, attaining new knowledge and attributes. For moving up a stage doesn’t just imply additional wisdom, but a physical transformation. A spirit becomes less matter and more energy in each graduation. With each new step, a spirit has more tools and resources at their disposal to travel, retrieve data, use their will for creation, and access additional functionality.

Like any student on earth, the more one learns and proves oneself, the more resources and responsibility will be put at their disposal.

We are told that levels one through ten are primarily for accumulating knowledge and skills. Concurrent with education and refinement, spirits are involved in helping other spirits – incarnates and discarnates – to evolve, to learn to follow the light. Either by missions to earth, to the Lower Zone, to the Abyss, or to other levels of heaven.

Everyone has work to do. Even if it is administration of heavenly cities, constructing buildings by will, or guarding outposts in the Lower Zone. The jobs are infinitely more varied than one can find in our largest metropolises.

Above level ten is where the real work begins. The job of creation starts … seeding planets, developing different types of plants which conform to the environment of a certain planet, and on and on.

Above level ten, you are a professional. It is as if you have completed your medical residency and are now ready to treat patients without a more experienced doctor at your side.

Level Fifteen

“In our enumeration the Sphere Fourteen – or the twofold Seven – is the highest Sphere of which we of Sphere Eleven have any real cognizance. We are not yet capable of assimilating instruction of what obtains in those Spheres superior to the Fourteenth. So we say that, inasmuch as we know the Christ to be omnipresent in that Sphere, needs must that He personally be of a Sphere at least one beyond. For there is no mite of all the circumference of that Sphere where He is not found in presence. If He, then, contain that Sphere in whole within Himself, Himself must also be produced beyond. Thus the two Sevens and the One. That is so far as we here are able to reach in our reasonings on what instruction we have been given. So we say that, in this manner of reckoning, the Sphere of the Christ is the Sphere Fifteen which includes within itself all those fourteen Spheres inferior. This much we say, and yet refrain from definition of the Sphere Fifteen, either as to its bounds or conditions, for of them we know not. But whatever it bounds be set, if set they be, it is from that Sphere Fifteen that power and authority are given to those who rule in the Spheres below.”[2]

The hierarchy circling the earth is set. All spheres underneath sphere fifteen are child spheres. All are owned and directed by the parent sphere – Sphere Fifteen.

What is not known is whether the fifteenth sphere surrounds the earth or if it is on a different plane entirely. Does it rest above all of the other heavens of countless number of planets in our universe, so multiple heavens may be commanded?

If one interpolates the existence of support groups for each planet, which are responsible for that globes health and destiny – then a higher level of control is required for multiple groups of planets, solar systems, and galaxies is required. At some point, the false sense of physical placement must be abandoned and a central control of each orb of influence must be established.

It may be that from sphere fifteen, Christ could command the planet earth, or another planet that resides in a faraway galaxy, just by diverting his attention to whatever child level of heaven He so desires. While we on earth see vast distances … from sphere fifteen, each grouping is just a logical node on an inverted tree. Spreading its branches from the trunk on high, down to the various collections of control, ending in the ring of heavens for each planet.

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