The Temple on the 5th Level of Heaven

crossSpirits who come to earth to watch over and guide us, aren’t omnipotent and ever-powerful creatures, they too require periods of rest and relaxation. After their long and arduous labor in the dense atmosphere of earth, a replenishment of spiritual grace is warranted. Such is one of the uses of a Temple in the fifth level of heaven.

I wrote about the construction of the Temple in a previous article. The spirit Kathleen in the book Life Beyond the Veil, in The Ministry of Heaven section told the Rev G. Vale Owen how the temple was built on the fifth sphere of heaven above the earth.

In the communication in which she described the actual construction, by means of will-power and thought, she described the intended use of the Temple:

“It is now beginning to be used for the storage of energy into which those will be baptized who come from the different parts of Sphere Five, and also from those spheres below, from time to time. They are immersed in its vibrations of color, laved in the streams and fountains of waterNossaLar-city which are within, or swathed in web and woof of music, the while, their nature responding, they are strengthened in the parts where strength is lacking, or enlightened in those parts where intelligence is dimmed. But, mark you, it is not a sanatorium merely, but of, shall I say, higher quality. Its use will be both for body and for personality, to fit the spirit for the journey onward, not alone in bodily strength, but also in intellectual clarity, by which he may the more readily and the more greatly profit by the knowledge it is his to come at. But also himself is attuned to those whose love and life are focused on that Glorious Temple, and who await the pilgrims coming to their own higher places.”[i]

In our places of worship, there is an opportunity to cleanse the soul, to meditate and relax. In our sanitariums, or health resorts, the body is given a combination of rest, healthy activities, and sustenance to enable it to heal itself – to restore harmony and balance. The Temple on the fifth level is all that and more.

When the spirit Kathleen states “to fit the spirit for the journey onward”, she is talking about not only healing and restoring, but modifying and adding to the body. As one ascends, one transforms in character, personality, and form. The spirit body actually changes. Not only does it lose its density, but it acquires new capabilities.

In a subsequent communication to G. Vale Owen, the spirit Kathleen further explains the uses of the Temple:

“For they who lack leisure for quietness and peace are not able to respond to the thoughts of us who come from realms so different, and coming, bring with us, even to the verge of your plane, much of what calm strength we had in us when we started on our journey. Not all of it is dispersed from us into the spheres as we come hitherward; and of what remains we always seek to impart to those of earth who respond to our seeking, and who need so greatly what peace we have to give. When we, too, become deplete of our grace and of the power to impart it to you, what little is left to us, then we return homeward to replenish the cistern in the free, clear air of the Heaven of God, from which all strength and peace go forth.

This has bearing on the matter of the Temple, for that is one of its uses: to be a reservoir in which shall be accumulated such power and blessing from the higher realms for use as occasion serves to those of earth and the spheres next in order of ascent.”[ii]

Hence, the Temple is also a reservoir of spiritual energy. Like water standing still behind the dam, waiting to be utilized as needed, the Temple stores the love of God – ready to rain down on spheres below to send power to restore peace and calmness in those who require assistance.

The existence of the Temple illustrates the difference between the physical and the spirit realms –BookCover-Reincarnation thoughts, feelings, love are all actionable. They are definite objects of weight and usage. While our minds don’t seem to be more than containers to control our body and process information from outside; they are powerful tools, lying dormant until we learn how to use them.

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