We are Told by our Spirit Benefactors to Exhibit a Gesture of Kindness

Some of our fondest memories are of little acts of kindness shown toward us. I remember when I was about five years-old and was stung by a bee. I was crying, then a policeman came up and put some cold mud on it and made it feel better. I have never forgotten that small gesture. The spirit world asks us to replicate that moment, on a worldwide basis, every day. Imagine if each person could give and receive tiny offerings of gratitude on a daily or weekly basis. It would truly change the earth.

This is precisely what the spirit realm desires. To change our focus from struggling to earn the money required to pay for shelter, food, and small pleasures to seeking out opportunities to please others.

In heaven, kindness is always present. From the spirits who welcome new souls to their level to the Prince of a city, who is always open to receive visitors and help them solve their problems. To change our planet from a world of inequality and danger, we must start acting like we belong in a planet closer to heaven.

Kindness Begins Close to Us

The spirit Joanna stresses that kindness and love begins in the family. It is where parents teach their children to be warm and kind individuals. She explains:

“The home is not only the place of duties, but also of joy, the joy of living and feeling the family, of experiencing good times and planning festivities that can facilitate fine social relationships.

It is for this reason that it is fair that the home possess a pleasant and balanced emotional climate, rather than being a place filled with discontentment and complaints, in a way that the ambient is always contaminated by bad mood and pessimism.

Even in the presence of difficulties and problems, which are perfectly normal, they should be examined with naturalness, without the extremes of rebellion or concealment, giving a false impression that everything is well. When trust and loyalty are not present in the home, the family begins to destabilize advancing toward its collapse. It is essential, therefore, that before such occurrences all family members be informed of what is happening in the family nest, so that they can work together, as best they can, to resolve the difficulties and extend the good results of the work accomplished.”[i]

Good parents create an atmosphere of calmness and direction for families. Children raised in an atmosphere of mutual trust and looking out for each other, naturally bring these attributes to not only their own future family, but also to the outside world.

Creating a habit of reasonableness first and foremost is extremely important. It sets the stage for possible spiritual enhancement based on logic and not as an emotional reaction to unsolvable problems.

The state of being reasonable and kind is one of the antidotes to our superficial materialist culture. A culture which thrives on fake outrage and signaling for any type of attention. If, instead of yelling and stomping of feet at any perceived digression, a gentle response was offered, it would be one small step for the spiritual advancement for humankind.

The merry-go-round of heightened emotions, the search for an enemy, the need to label oneself as a victim, would all subside if everyone focused on kindness. Because then, the search would be how to create a calming and supportive atmosphere for the other person, as opposed to degrading a person for an act or idea which you don’t agree with.

The spirit world sends us messages. They don’t waste words, they don’t over exaggerate, they try not to mislead. Everything that comes from Spiritist mediums has some meaning – we may not fully understand the entire meaning – but it is relevant.

The words “a gesture of kindness” means so much more than the mere act. It implies a reappraisal of our approach and an examination of our inner core. A modification to change ourselves, whereby kind gestures are natural acts we perform every day.

Training for Kindness

The spirit Joanna send us the message that the method to train ourselves is through healthy thinking. We should review our actions with our conscience and our knowledge of the good before speaking or acting. She notifies us:

“One, who is careful, commits fewer mistakes. One, who establishes goals and commit to them, makes right choices.

Such programming decrees the need to think with righteousness, even when circumstances and people suggest another way, possibly sudden and unhappy one which may later yield to guilty consciousness.

To cultivate confidence and joy in dealing with members of society, starting at home, despite moral defections and treacherous shocks to which everyone is subjected to.

To radiate pleasantness and hope in order to produce an aura of peace that encourages and pleases all.

To use conversation as a catalyst element of new noble and virtuous ideas that will simulate creativity, courage, and perseverance in wellness.”[ii]

In essence, our entire mindset should transform, from one inwardly directed at ourselves – thinking about our poor state of affairs – to how we may support others.

By doing so, we establish positive thoughts going outwards, which will reflect back on us and increase our strength. For as our good intentions radiate, those around us will pick them up and start to mimic our warm vibrations. Which will, in return, enter our mind and add more force to our will.

We have all encountered a person who seem to light up the room. It is never a case of pure physical beauty, it is beauty composed of an inner radiance, character, attitude, and glowing personality. That person comes, more interested in those about them, than concerned about their own presence. Their light causes everyone else in the vicinity to somehow feel better, more excited, and yet calm.

Therefore, to be kind, is more than a nice word or a helping hand. Kindness must start from within. Once it is securely lodged in your heart, it will become a beacon to all.

The spirit Joanna tells us the affect that kindness may have:

“With rare exceptions, the great figures of humanity possessed a greater behavioral awareness based on what was learned at home, and on the care of parents, grandparents and teachers, who became examples worthy of emulation. Their reminiscences were rich in beauty, kindness and love, which made them strong for the grand endeavors of existence, and those who were the victims of supreme sacrifice were at peace for having died to benefit posterity.”[iii]

Kind Words

The spirit Neio Lucio recounts a conversation held in Peter’s house, where the disciples of Jesus were discussing how one could perform charitable acts without money.

Jesus told the gathering about a man who was truly devoted. He wished with all of his heart to shower gifts upon the poor. Unfortunately, he too, lived in extreme poverty. So he gave the only thing he could – himself. He gave kind words and personal gestures of support. He talked with those in ill-health and in hardship.

He was unhappy he couldn’t give directly. Clothes to cover those in rags and food for the hungry. He knew that he couldn’t perform any public acts of charity, so he tried to be a bulwark against difficult times for others, in any manner he could.

Jesus continued the story:

“This was how he began to pay continual attention to extinguishing all of the inferior thoughts that were suggested to him. Whenever he came in contact with people who liked to speak ill of others, he would politely leave, and when responding to any sort of direct inquiry about someone, he would remember this or that small virtue of the absent victim. If someone was easily angered in his presence, he would consider the anger an illness that needed treatment, and he would quietly withdraw. Insults from others beat down on his spirit like stones on a honey barrel, because, besides not striking back, he treated the offender with his usual fraternity. Slander found no access to his soul, such that any kind of obscene accusation was lost without effect in his great silence. Whenever he saw threats against someone’s peace of mind, he tried humbly to undo the clouds of misunderstanding before they gathered into a storm. If some type of condemning statement was prancing around his neighbor, he would spontaneously do everything he could to defend the person tactfully and inauspiciously. His zeal against the incursion and the spread of evil was so highly detailed that he would even remove debris and stones from public roads so that they would not pose a danger to pedestrians.

Having adopted these guidelines, he reached the end of his human journey, unable to attend to the world’s suggestions for beneficence. He had never been able to offer a bowl of soup or a woolen coat to his neighbors in need.

This was his situation when death brought him before the divine tribunal, where the humble servant appeared apprehensive and despondent. He was dreading the judgement of the heavenly authorities, when suddenly he was crowned with a brilliant diadem. When he tearfully asked the reason for this unexpected reward, he was told that the sublime recompense was due to his triumphant position in the war against evil, in which he had made himself an invaluable worker.”[iv]

There is nothing more important than displaying kindness. It accomplishes two objectives. It conditions you to retain love and warmth in your heart for every occasion. And, it serves as an example of others how they should behave.

Giving money is a nice gesture, but it’s easy. Yes, one must work to earn the money, but the act of giving is simple, fast, and direct. The feeling of actually helping another person doesn’t persist. It doesn’t penetrate into your character. Ask yourself, how many times you remember giving cash versus actually helping a person?

Whereas, taking care of a person or talking to a person and giving comfort exercises your heart and your brain. It forces you to suspend your own world for a minute and see from another perspective. It enables a better understanding of the human condition. It makes you look at the person and analyze their spiritual maturity and their character.

Exposure to others brings great benefits. Your horizons are broadened and your database of people, circumstances, actions and reactions is expanded. Your conscience is presented with gray areas which must be figured out. All crucial steps for spiritual growth.

Kindness benefits the receiver, but it also is of immediate use to the giver. The installation of the habit of kindness does so much for self-improvement. Habits are retooled. Positivism replaces negativism. Personal viewpoint is turn outward instead of inward. And, most impactful, your personality begins to shine, so that when others talk about a person who can light up a room … they mean you.

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